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Download: 3:33 – The First Thousand Days

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3:33  – The First Thousand Days (June 21st , 2011 Parallel Thought LTD)

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The art of Storytelling is as ancient and universal as humanity itself. Here begins
3:33’s own tale of Creation. Throughout history, our need to understand where we come from has been evidenced in hieroglyphics, mythology, fairy tales, folklore, and religion. With The First Thousand Days, 3:33 explores this mystery of existence and leads us down its enchanted yet haunting path. If EP-1 was an introduction to 3;33, this is the prequel taking the listener to the beginning of time, to the birth of 3;33.

With The First Thousand Days 3:33 has created yet another intensely experiential album. On this journey, you will encounter, hooded figures, invisible trap doors opening and snapping shut. You will find yourself in the midst of  a drum circle and watch your inner being twisting, bending in half, head banging,folding into itself and finally blossoming with relief. You will step into new worlds,into icy lands, cold and windy with flickering lights, an eerie woman in the shadows warning you not to enter.” Those that do, may find themselves on the edge of a cliff, vultures circling above.

When the music hits the listener, there is an undeniable alchemy. A communion
is formed leaving listeners lost in percussive rituals and atmospheric ceremonies.
The music serves as a guide, leading you through growling gates and into the
dark wooded depths of your mind. The journey taken is unique to each listener
and his/her own imagination; in the end, they become the storyteller. The group describes the album as the beginnings of a tapestry. The First Thousand Days is a story told by the sounds of 3:33, what they call “an entrance into the past by exiting from the future”.
1. A1
2. B2      
3. C3
4. G4
5. D5
6. S6
7. U7
8. V8
9. P9