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Blu Mar Ten announce new album ‘Famous Lost Words’

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Blu Mar Ten  new album 'Famous Lost Words'Blu Mar Ten
‘Famous Lost Words’
(Blu Mar Ten Music)
Release Date: 18th November 2013


After establishing their own label, Blu Mar Ten Music, in 2009 and releasing the critically acclaimed albums ‘Natural History’ (2009) and ‘Love is the Devil’ (2011), winter 2013 sees the arrival of Blu Mar Ten’s highly anticipated new LP, ‘Famous Lost Words’.

Featuring 13 tracks of pure and unapologetic drum & bass, the album inhabits a similar territory to the previous two; full of emotional movements fused with tough beats that reinforce BMT’s position in the genre as originators of complex, atmospheric music.

 Brooding dancefloor destroyers like ‘Ariel’ and ‘Holding Pattern’ deliver rugged basslines and harsh drums, contrasting beautifully with the more fragile and otherworldly soundscapes of title track ‘Famous Lost Words’ and ‘Night Shift’. ‘Big Shots’ and ‘Motor City’ serve up frantic layers of euphoria while ‘Remembered Her Wrong’ wanders off into the bizarrely abstract.
‘Famous Lost Words” 71 minute duration also features an impressive roster of collaborators. ‘Thin Air’ layers the alluring vocals of Robert Manos atop a bed of whirling synths and rolling bass. Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Agné Genyté injects a dose of soothing lullaby tones into ‘Somewhere’, ‘Break It All Apart’ and ‘In Your Eyes’, while long-time friend and label mate Seba makes an appearance on ‘Hunter’ whose growling bass and Bladerunner synths play to the strengths of both artists.



Accompanying the ‘Famous Lost Words’ project is a set of live dates around Europe. Beginning at pivotal label/club night, Hospitality in Bristol, the mini tour then travels to the likes of Russia, Germany, Ireland, Finland and BMT’s native London.


Track List:
1. Somewhere (feat. Agné Genyté)
2. Hunter (feat. Seba)
3. Big Shots
4. Famous Lost Words
5. Thin Air (feat. Robert Manos & Yosebu)
6. Holding Pattern
7. Break It All Apart (feat. Agné Genyté)
8. Half The Sky
9. Remembered Her Wrong
10. Motor City
11. Night Shift
12. Ariel
13. In your eyes (feat. Agné Genyté)

Blu Mar Ten


Kruse & Nuernberg – Let’s Call It A Day

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Kruse & Nuernberg release their debut artist album through Lazy Days Recordingsin October.  ‘Let’s Call It A Day’ sees the Hamburg based pair – who have previously released on labels such as Noir Music, Liebe*Detail and their own Save Room Recordings – step outside their boundaries to present an eclectic journey through their musical influences, including Indie luminariesLittle Dragon, Metronomy and Pheonix. Live pianos and guitars meet their electronic world with finesse through 11 songs, moving through genres and tempos seamlessly in what Lazy Days’ boss Fred Everything has called “a classic dance album in the making”.

The album features singer Stee Downes, who collaborated on last year’s #1 ‘Want You In My Soul’ from Lovebirds, Nathalie Claude, who featured on Andre Lodemann’s ‘Searching’ and Japanese singer Miwaki. They also co-produced a piece with Florian Kruse’s brother, and deep house legend, Vincenzo (Dessous, Poker Flat).

Kruse & Nuernberg have been on the forefront of the revival of the Deep House scene in the past few years.  As remixers, they have put their magic touch to artists like Dennis Ferrer and Groove Armada as well as being remixed by legendary producers such as Tom Middleton and DJ Sneak. They are also part of the successful outfit ‘Wiretappeur’, who released on John Digweed’s Bedrock label.

The links between Kruse & Nuernberg and Fred Everything stretch back several years with each being a fan of the other’s work.  Their first release on Lazy Days came in May 2010 and they have now recorded three EPs for the label, including a recent collaboration with Fred.

1. Kruse & Nuernberg – Let’s Call It A Day (3:57)
2. Kruse & Nuernberg – For My Life feat. Stee Downes (4:29)
3. Kruse & Nuernberg – Elsewhere feat. Nathalie Claude (5:41)
4. Kruse & Nuernberg – Music Does The Talking feat. Vincenzo (7:16)
5. Kruse & Nuernberg – People Like Us (3:56)
6. Kruse & Nuernberg – Last Chance feat. Stee Downes (7:34)
7. Kruse & Nuernberg – Interacid (Interlude) (3:45)
8. Kruse & Nuernberg – Love Can’t Break You Down feat. Stee Downes (6:54)
9. Kruse & Nuernberg – Float feat. Nathalie Claude (5:40)
10. Kruse & Nuernberg – Leaves Falling feat. Nathalie Claude (5:19)
11. Kruse & Nuernberg – White Smoke feat. Miwaki (3:28)


Orbital ft. Zola Jesus ‘New France’ – Full EP (inc Tom Middleton, L-Vis 1990 remixes)Stream now

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Ahead of the release of their new album, Wonky (released April 1st), Orbital have released their stunning collaboration with Zola Jesus. New France. The original version of the track is available now from iTunes, and a remix EP will be released on March 19th featuring versions by Tom Middleton, L-Vis 1990 and Hydraulic Dogs which the band have now shared the entire EP on their Soundcloud page.
New France EP
Released March 19th
1) New France – Album version
2) New France – Tom Middleton mix
3) New France – L-Vis Mix
4) Straight Sun
Orbital | New France (feat. Zola Jesus)

Orbital | New France (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)

Orbital | New France (L-Vis 1990’s Rewound Mix)

Orbital | New France (The Hydraulic Dogs Remix)

Guy J-1000 Words 3xCD Artist Album On Bedrock(BEDGJ002)

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Guy J is a young, much-in-demand, innovative producer, DJ and live act, whose infectious production talents, busy worldwide touring schedule, electric live shows and groundbreaking debut album on Bedrock (released in 2008) have all led to this point and the creation of his stunning new masterpiece: “1000 Words”.
Guy J
1000 Words
(Bedrock) BEDGJ002
3 x CD LP
Release: 25/04/11

Along with a handful of his fellow countrymen, this young Israeli (now based in Antwerp, Belgium) is now at the forefront of a movement towards the melody-rich and emotionally charged roots of the house music spectrum. “1000 Words”, spread over 3 CDs on John Digweed’s forward thinking Bedrock label showcases the extraordinary talents of Guy J.

His productions have constantly earned praise and gained many fans for their tight, driving beats, shimmering, warm synths and blossoming, journey like arrangements. Across 3 CDs he is given the space to explore the exciting, timeless space between ambient, experimental electronica, house, techno and beyond. Throughout, he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core, creating a body of work structured and presented in a highly creative way.

CD1 gives a nod to classical composition, taking the form of a series of movements, as Guy J mixes, segues and joins the dots between individual tracks to create an end result that is greater than the sum of all its parts. Opening with a swirl of muted bells and atmospheric pads, the lush opening 3-track sequence is concluded with the gorgeous, heavenly vocals of Miriam Vaga. Just when you think you know what’s coming next, the soaring, melodic shower of “Fall Star”, Guy J lets the spirit of the Mad Professor into the studio and spins into a fizzing dub experiment (“The Right Place”), before getting horizontal and beatless with the melancholy beauty of “My Organ Friend”, to draw the second movement to a close.

“Spica” wouldn’t be out of place on the Bladerunner movie soundtrack, as it cuts to the pulsating disco swing of “Electric Tale” with a nod to Giorgio Moroder and morphs and breaks down into the spiralling, ecstatic chords of “Lamur”, before flowing into the distant storm of a perfect sunrise moment (“I Lost My Head”). The majestic beats reprise of “Stay Cow” and the stunning finale of “Fly” (once gain featuring Miriam Vaga), bring to a close what can only be described as a listening experience that has been heaven sent.
Imagine being able to create your perfect DJ set; having the skill as an artist to create all the music you want to play; all the subtle emotional nuances, mood swings and changes of direction at your fingertips. CD2 is packed with expansive dancefloor creations. In classic Guy J fashion this is a musically dense and diverse trip that is as dynamic as it is organic, gradually progressing, turning up the pressure, keeping you hanging on until the very last drop has poured out of the speakers!

From the deep, swinging, handclapping grooves of the opening sequence of “Doves”, “Limbo” and “Easy Can Be”, with their subtle, uplifting, intelligent beauty, this is a true journey by DJ, a master artist at work. As the mood moves towards the deep, throbbing intensity with lights down low (“My Thought Of You”, “Sahara” and “Teva”), it’s easy to become lost in the swirling electronic music as Guy J pushes emotion buttons, exploring the psyche of the dance, exploring possibilities, forging ahead into the future.

The full-length club mixes gathered on the unmixed CD3 rounds of this superb package in style, dedicated to bringing any self-respecting DJ’s record collection up to speed with a selection of some of Guy J’s finest moments from 1000 Words. From the majestic opening notes of “Doves”, he first explores deep house vibes with an opening trio of low-slung grooves sprinkled with melodic flourishes, Detroit techno influences and dub drops. “My Thought Of You” turns up the energy levels and gets a little twisted, alongside “Teva” exhibiting no nonsense big room floor pressure. “Sahara” lightens the mood with ethereal beauty, while the stunning, gorgeous voice of Miriam Vaga will prove to be a highlight in any set anywhere. The heavenly atmospherics of Detroit techno bring CD3 to a close with the moody magnificence of “Azimuth”, which is preceded by the pure melodic beauty of “I Lost My Head” and energetic techno styling of “Heliscope”, showing that Guy J is one of the stand-out electronic artists in the world today.

LP Tracklisting:

CD1 – Mixed
3.Guy J & Miriam Vaga – You
4.Fall Star (Rising Mix)
5.The Right Place
6.My Organ Friend
8.Electric Tale
10.I Lost My Head (AM Mix)
11.Stay Cow
12.Guy J & Miriam Vaga – Fly

CD2 – Mixed
4.Easy As Can Be
5.My Thought Of You
8.Guy J & Miriam Vaga – No Under But You
10.Personal Haze
12.I Lost My Head (PM Mix)

CD3 – Unmixed – Full-Length Club Mixes
3.Easy As Can Be
4.My Thought Of You
7.Guy J & Miriam Vaga – No Under But You
9.Personal Haze
10. I Lost My Head

Guy J Tour Dates:

11 March Absolut Club, Lisbon
12 March Studio Martin, Bucharest
24 March Bedrock @ WMC, Miami
26 March Vagabond Downtown, Miami
26 March Eden Terrarce, Miami
09 April La Rocca, Lier
15 April India TBC
16 April India TBC
21 April Bedrock @ Arcadia, London
23 April Bedrock @ Arches, Glasgow
29 April Bedrock, Tel Aviv TBC
30 April Noize, Falsterbo
14 May H2O, Mexico City
21 May The Proud Bird, Los Angeles
12 June Cafe D’Anvers, Antwerp
25 June Boat Party, London

Further Information:

Guy J – Azimuth / Heliscope EP Remixes(Bed95R)(Preview)

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Guy J – Azimuth / Heliscope EP Remixes
Remixes from Tom Middleton & Egbert
1. Guy J – Azimuth
2. Guy J – Easy As Can Be (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
3. Guy J – Heliscope (Egbert Remix)
(Bedrock) Bed95R
12″ Vinyl / Digital Download
Release: 28th March 2011

Emblazoned with hissing percussion and the heavenly atmospherics of the finest Detroit techno, the moody melodic magnificence of “Azimuth” is hard to beat. As one of many highlights on Guy J’s forthcoming “1000 Words” artist album (coming out at the end of April), this is a perfect taster of the incredible talents of one of the moist exciting, innovative young producers in the world today.

That master of global communication and legendary Jedi Knight – Tom Middleton – has taken low-slung, understated and atmospheric album track “Easy As Can Be” and injected it with a dose of pure joyous house music as only he can. His Liquatech Mix is an awesome creation. Meanwhile, the fast-paced, energetic album track “Heliscope”, is given a further dancefloor treatment by rising Dutch star of the trechno scene, Egbert. Two excellent remixes of two album tracks that appeared in their original form as the “Heliscope EP” (Bed95) at the tail end of last year.

If you like the sound of these tracks, we heartily recommend you check out the 3 x CDs that make up Guy J’s “1000 Words” artist album. You won’t be disappointed!



Further Information:

Exceptional Records presents… From Disco To Dubstep( Special £1 2CD album) +free downloads

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Various – From Disco To Dubstep
It’s released this week exclusive through iTunes and as a very special 2CD album through discerning retailers, in fancy-pants packaging and for the price of around £1. There are only 250 copies out there though and they’re going fast! It’ll be out in all other stores from 12th July.

Buy at JUNO for £0.84 HERE

Free Download HERE (first four tracks from the album)

Full Tracklisting:

1 Plej Borderline Mock & Toof Remix
2 Oblong Playing On My Mind (feat. Adam Parker) Maelstrom Vocal Mix
3 Plej Safe Place Toby Tobias Dubbindelay Mix
4 Butti 49 Alan Accelerates Fenomenon Mix
5 Cloud Innocence (feat. Lucien Etori) Falconcrest Remix
6 Ken Ishii Awakening Jimpster Remix
7 Cloud Turning AlphaMotive Remix
8 Blu Mar Ten All Over Again (feat. Ernesto) Tom Middleton Mix
9 Superpumas Hiph Olav Basoski Urban Haze Remix
10 Blu Mar Ten Why Me Why Now Cicada Mix
11 The Rogue Element Panic Attacks King Roc Remix
12 Nursery of Naughtiness Electrified The Rogue Element Remix
13 Culprit 1 No Need To Ask Reso’s Resurrection Mix
14 The Rogue Element Hive Raffertie’s S.W.A.R.M. Remix
15 Culprit 1 Screamer Planas Mix
16 Tubbs New Way Of Life Marlinspike Mix

Release Note

After 10 years of exploring the highways and byways of electronic music exceptional records proudly presents a lovingly assembled sonic collection the likes of which you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

 With a heartfelt belief that there is much much more to electronic music than four to the floor and formulaic hands in the air twelves the label has consistently released a determinedly unpredictable selection of artists and mixes carving out a path lying somewhere between mainstream and experimental along the way

 This deliberately wilful approach is neatly encapsulated in “From Disco to Dubstep”  a wide ranging electronic exploration which joins many of the dots in an ever mutating series of scenes. Released as part of the label’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the double-CD release features an eclectic selection of 16 remixes of artists that currently call exceptional home. Touching on disco, lounge, electronica, house, electro, breaks, dubstep and more it throws down a challenge to narrow minded purists daring them to look, listen, and leave their comfort zone behind to explore just some of the possibilities that define electronic music.

 This is a celebration of a series of genres that may perhaps seem quite disparate, yet find common ground thanks to their roots in electronic software. Amongst some of the more familiar names on the tracklisting you can find Mock & Toof’s exuberant, 80’s-tinged deep house remix of Plej’s “Borderline”, typically impressive deep 4/4 action from Jimpster with his remix of “Awakening” by Ken Ishii, Tom Middleton’s up for it remix of “All Over Again” by Blu Mar Ten, the bazooka-bass dubstep of The Rogue Element with his remix of Nursery of Naughtiness’ “Electrified”, Reso and Raffertie trading punches,and Planas’ drastically different electronica restyling of Culprit 1’s “Screamer”. and the soulful dubby rework of Tubbs’ “New Way of Life” by Marlinspike (aka hot property Red Rack’em/Hot Coins ), featuring the chocolatey vocals of Joe Dukie. The whole package is completed with CD 2  providing the many splendoured original versions of the remixes featured on CD 1.

 “From Disco to Dubstep” then – proof positive that all is not lost in the world of compilations, and a sparkling showcase for Exceptional’s eponymous output.
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
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