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Marc Mac Presents Visioneers -Hipology(Stream)

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Since the late 80s Londoner Marc Mac has been converting audiences with his sophisticated take on urban soul. A hybrid concoction of breakbeat, nu-jazz, neo soul, drum and bass, and Hip Hop, its a polished sound plugged directly into the emotional highway of 21st century city living. Working under a variety of guises, his prodigious output includes his work as one half of 4hero, Visioneers, Natures Plan and Nu Era. In the late 90‘s Marc signed to Gilles Peterson’s Talking Loud Records with 4hero. 4hero went on to produce two classic albums with Talkin Loud icluding the award winning “Two Pages” & “Creating Patterns” they then set up their own label where the critically acclaimed “Play With The Changes” was released. Somewhere in this timeline, between producing music for Jill Scott to Roy Ayers, Phonte to Terry Callier, Marc started another pro! ject called Visioneers releasing a set of limited 7” singles getting the attention from top eclectic DJ’s including Jazzy Jeff, Kenny Dope, Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay. Visioneers was then picked up by BBE records who released the debut album “Dirty Old Hip Hop”.
While recording this new Visioneers record, Mac began thinking how hip-hop had been a (sometimes invisible) guiding hand in his life. “The music, the fashion and culture. Although producing all kinds of music from jungle to jazz, hip-hop (or at least what is was) has always been a part of what I do in some strange and sometimes very subtle way.” Documenting this influence on, his very own digital scrapbook (that has also spawned the record of the same title), it’s easy to see the depth of Mac’s appreciation of hip-hop. HIPOLOGY; the album includes hand picked guest John Robinson, Notes To Self, TRAC & Baron alongside some featured musicians Luke Parkhouse, Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra & The Support Horns. The result is a real cool, funky eclectic mix of breaks, beats, soul/jazz and freaky squeaks a great follow up to the debut


BBE presents TRAC produced by MARC MAC

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Released: 2011-04-25
At a time when technology seems to run most of the world and has become part of our daily bread, there are still some moments left of true human spirit and emotion. Enter an album which was started by 2 individuals over the waves of the internet.
T.R.A.C. was first introduced to Marc Mac by a good friend who sent him a copy of the earlier BBE released “Visioneers – Dirty Old Hip hop” album. He then found his way to Marc Mac via MySpace and after several email back and forth the relationship was forged.

Through the Mc’s narration the album centers around todays personal world and societies troubles. All of which are metaphorically thrown into the fantasy of a cable TV Station. Think of each song as an episode on television that you might watch complete with the news, stories, adverts, reality and…. good music!… Some songs were inspired by the phenomenal “”Network” movie as well as the sending of many wave files back and forth through the broadb! and.

The album starts off with “Top Of The Morning” which is an intro song that explains its time to start the day so get up and network. On “Like The Heavens” T.R.A.C. tells a funny but self reflective story of a struggling individual reaching for the top. On “Fine Tunin” He uses famous TV titles and famous phrases to describe a love for his women. On a more real and darker side of the album TRAC reflects on some of evils growing up in a tough NYC “Wicked City”, “Over My Shoulder” and “The Rising”. The more positive songs like “It’s Alright”, “Step Rite On In”, and “Somn For Your Ears” show off a very good natured personality of the MC. The album eventually closes with an outro that is strong but simply titled “For The Love”.

The combination of Marc Mac’s melodic production and TRAC’s exceptional lyrics make these compositions a very worthy and addictive listen. Like it says on “Radio Heroes” they are” here to save you from the same old things”! … Through “The Network”