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Giana Factory -Lemon Moon

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GIANA FACTORY LEMON MOON ALBUM QACD007_Often, the best bands make their own luck. That’s certainly the case for Danish trio Giana Factory. Loui Foo (vocals and drum pads), Sofie Johanne (bass and synths) and Lisbet Fritze (guitar) came together after an offhand encounter in 2008 and haven’t looked back since.

“We met each other through the Copenhagen music and art scene. We found out that we shared a vision of creating our own sound, and that we had a mission of getting the music out there.” Giana Factory’s vision morphs into rich, sonic narratives that use tight vocal harmonies and dance-friendly percussive elements to create their experimental and dreamy music.

The record is produced by electronic music maverick Anders Trentemoller. It incorporates personal stories and musings on the interconnectivity of relationships between people and their relationship to the world. “Our intention with the new songs was to cut them to their bones by trusting the melodies, lyrics and sounds enough to let the songs stand naked and uncontrolled’. They likened Lemon Moon’s creative process with building a screenplay, as new characters and storylines entered the picture until the final product materialized, exploring and playing with the concept of time and place, dream and reality.

1. Right Or Wrong / 2. I Live At Night / 3. Walking Mirror / 4. Lemon Moon / 5. Don’t Fall In Love / 6. Head Up High / 7. Downtown / 8. It´s Your Life / 9. My Power Obey
10. Our Hearts Are Pounding / 11. In Between


Trentemøller – “Lost Reworks” September 1st, 2014.

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Trentemøller - Lost Reworks. September 1st, 2014.Trentemøller’s recent album opus Lost already served as the logical continuation of his varied work and delivered his signature sound intact, yet it really didn’t sound like anything he’d ever produced before. Streamlined, song-structured and guitar-driven, whilst still sporting electronic twists Lost boasted a dozen tracks, each offering something of interest for anyone who has ever been a fan of the Copenhagen producer.

As original as it is classic, Lost mixed the tried-and-tested with all sorts of sonic surprises, merging the extrovert and introvert qualities the man has in his command. Also notable for being his most collaborative effort yet, Lost paired him with a vibrant and varied cast of guests – the legendary duo Low, Jonny Pierce from The Drums, Marie Fisker, Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, Jana Hunter of Lower Dens, Ghost Society and Sune Wagner of The Raveonettes.

Now the new ‘Lost Reworks’ release gleefully rips up the rule book again and adds further electronic elements, as Trentemøller is joined by some carefully-chosen conspirators – Toydrum (aka James Griffith and Pablo Clements of UNKLE), Jenny Wilson, T.O.M. And His Computer, Unkwon and Trentemøller – in dismantling the intricate musical tapestry of the album, recontextualising the instrumental experimentation, the trashed analog consoles, and the entire sweep of influences, from krautrock to classical.

The original version of “River Of Life” abandons its throbbing guitars and soaring strings for dark and retro electroclash tones on Trentemøller’s own remix, and introspective, electro-gaze in the hands of T.O.M. And His Computer. “Come Undone” stalked at a slow and measured pace, and Trentemøller’s steamy new version recalls vintage Goldfrapp in marrying sultry vocals and seductive machine music, while Toydrum beefs up the raw, spiky electro rock elements. The melancholic pop beauty of “Candy Tongue” is remade with ghostly atmospherics and evocative, exotic instrumentation via Jenny Wilson’s version, and while one remix of “Deceive&rdquo ; made its debut in a stunning EP package from earlier this year – Unkwon’s misty, dusty broken beat version – it is counterbalanced by Trentemøller’s own glitchy, cinematic Lost & Found Remix.

For the digital version of Lost Reworks, even more treats abound: Trentemøller’s extended, frisky Club Mix of “Deceive” which turns up the pressure on the beat and the bass; re-arranged melodies and a hypnotic build on Pinkunoizu’s “Gravity” remix and a stripped-back instrumental version of Toydrum “Come Undone” rework. Prior to the album release Unkwon’s stunning re-lick of “Deceive (feat. Sune Rose Wagner)”

imr18lp – 01.09.2014
Vinyl tracklisting

A1 River Of Life (Trentemøller Remix)
A2 Come Undone (Toydrum Remix)
A3 Candy Tongue (Jenny Wilson Version)
B1 Come Undone (Trentemøller Remix)
B2 Deceive (Trentemøller’s Lost & Found Remix)
B3 River Of Life (T.O.M. And His Computer Remix)
B4 Deceive (Unkwon Remix)

imr18 – 01.09.2014
digital tracklisting

01. River Of Life (Trentemøller Remix)
02. Come Undone (Toydrum Remix)
03. Candy Tongue (Jenny Wilson Version)
04. Come Undone (Trentemøller Remix)
05. Deceive (Trentemøller’s Lost & Found Remix)
06. River Of Life (T.O.M. And His Computer Remix)
07. Deceive (Unkwon Remix)
08. Gravity (Pinkunoizu Remix)
09. Deceive (Trentemøller Club Mix)
10. Come Undone (Toydrum Instrumental Remix)


22.08.2014 FR, Paris, Rock En Seine
07.09.2014 D, Berlin Festival, Berlin
19.09.2014 BE, Leffinggeleuren Festival, Leffinge
20.09.2014 D, Täubchenthal, Leipzig
21.09.2014 D, Manufaktur, Schorndorf
22.09.2014 AU, Posthof, Linz
26.09.2014 FR, Straßburg, Festival Osophere
27.09.2014 FR, Marsatac, Marseille
28.09.2014 CH, Bern, Bierhubeli
30.09.2014 CRO, Zagreb, Culture Factory

Trentemøller Reveals New Album Details feat. Low, The Raveonettes, and More

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Trentemøller lostTrentemøller Reveals Details of Third Album Lost (Out 9/24)
Guest Appearances by Low, Blonde Redhead, Lower Dens, The Raveonettes, Jonny Pierce of The Drums and More

Danish electronic artist Trentemøller has revealed the details for his forthcoming third album, Lost, outSeptember 24th on In My Room. A more streamlined and intricate musical tapestry woven over sleepless nights in his Copenhagen studio, the followup to Into The Great Wide Yonder (2010), documents an artist really hitting his stride. Collaborating with a host of esteemed peers, personal influences and sprouting talent, Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead)Jana Hunter (Lower Dens), Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes),and Low, among others, are to be found on this new effort. A genuine study in the art of attention to detail,Lost is the kind of record one can only produce after endless months of studio isolation, long nights invested in instrument experimentation, and trashed analog consoles. Though the Trentemøller sound is left intact, as a whole, this album doesn’t sound like anything he’s ever produced before. “People might have wanted something similar to the last album, but if you get to the point where you’re listening to what other people think your sound should be like…well, that’s not for me,” says Anders Trentemøller.

01. The Dream (feat. Low)
02. Gravity (feat. Jana Hunter of Lower Dens)
03. Still On Fire
04. Candy Tongue (feat. Marie Fisker)
05. Trails
06. Never Stop Running (feat. Jonny Pierce of The Drums)
07. River Of Life (feat. Ghost Society)
08. Morphine
09. Come Undone (feat. Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead)
10. Deceive (feat. Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes)
11. Constantinople
12. Hazed

Damian Lazarus -Day Zero Sound Of The Mayan Spirit

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  • – Assembling thirteen exclusive unheard tracks made for this special release for Crosstown Rebels
  • – Marks the debut Day Zero festival happening in Mexico on the special Mayan calendar prophetic date 21st December 2012
  • – Day Zero features the label’s past, present and future artists such as Jay HazeAcid Pauli. Mathew Jonson, Fur Coat & more

Damian Lazarus, the Crosstown Rebels spearhead infamous his idiosyncratic nature embarks on a daring new project with Day Zero. On 20th – 21st  December 2012 he will stage a festival in sun-soaked Playa del Carmen, Mexico that will celebrate the momentous end of this world cycle, as decreed by the ancient Mayan civilisation.

To commemorate this enigmatic event he asked thirteen artists to create a new track for a special Day Zero compilation. His peers and comrades stepped up to the challenge with Rebel’s artist past, present and future contributing to this momentous collection compiled by Damian Lazarus.

Pier Bucci opens with the eerie and captivating ‘Mayas’ full of his Latin-American spirit. He was introduced to the music world by Crosstown, releasing his first two albums on the label. Next up, Quenum shares his‘Prophecy’ and Mathew Johnson returns to the label with the driving pulses of ‘In Search Of A New Planet With Oxygen’. Johnson delivered a huge remix early in the label’s history from Hiem ‘She’s The One’ and is a pioneer of the underground house movement.

Listen closely to the messages hidden in the knocking drums and trembling tones of ‘Jeel, k´eex’ from Mexican native Metrika. Crosstown’s newest first lady Francesca Lombardo’s contribution ‘Cosmic Dancer’ swells with femininity and allure while Fur Coat, who concocted the last artist album for CR, explain a little more about the significant date in their cut ‘Greed, Insanity’.

Fosky & Bog and the newcomer to the label Jay Haze both contribute epic dancefloor monsters to the collection. Haze is boss of legendary techno imprint Contexterrior and has been living in South America of late, fascinated by its mystical pull.

Supernatural cuts from Eduardo Castillo featuring his baritone opera trained voice and the Israeli Navid Izadi ft KMLN align up with Mike Shannon for his ‘Sunrise’ and the closing moments from Thugfucker & Shaun Reeves and Acid Pauli & Nu bring this otherworldly assembly to a flourishing close

The Day Zero album arrives on the dawn of the 24 hour event that brings together the best electronic music and entertainment from some of the world’s finest DJs as they embrace a new moment in time. The occasion will mark the end-date of a 25,625-year-long cycle and the final cycle of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. At this moment the galactic alignment will occur, the earth will align with the centre of the Milky Way creating a moment for transformation, renewal and change.

Joining Damian Lazarus at the event are Massive Attack’s Robert “3D” Del Naja, UNKLE’s James Lavelle, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Jamie Jones, Trentemøller, Art Department, and more alongside artists from the album including Metrika (live), Acid Pauli, Francesca Lombardo, Amirali (live), Fur Coat, Thugfucker, and outstanding alternative performances, workshops, games from Mayan Culture, and jaw-dropping 3D visuals and projections.

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD021
Distribution: Above Board Distribution
Released: Monday December 3rd, 2012


  1. Pier Bucci – Mayas
  2. Quenum – The Prophecy
  3. Mathew Jonson- In Seach of a New Planet with Oxygen
  4. Metrika – Jeel, k’eex
  5. Francesca Lombardo – Cosmic Dancer
  6. Fur Coat – Greed, Insanity
  7. Fosky & BOg – Chestionabil
  8. Jay Haze -2012
  9. Eduardo Castillo – Ahometa Kuyaxi
  10. Navid Izadi ft. KMLN – Kurandero
  11. Mike Shannon – Sunrise
  12. Thugfucker & Shaun Reeves – Timewave Zero
  13. Acid Pauli & Nu – 12

The Crosstown Rebels started their mission in 2003 powered by a modern electronic canon spearheaded by Damian Lazarus. The label has inspired countless unforgettable dance floor moments and nurtured many universally adored music makers. Soon to be entering its tenth year at the forefront of future-moving dance music, Crosstown Rebels remains the electronic pioneering force of the past decade.

Trentemøller Debuts New Video For “My Dreams (feat. Marie Fisker)” +EP Stream

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Trentemøller Debuts New Video For “My Dreams (feat. Marie Fisker)”

Releases Single on 7″ for Record Store Day

“…one of the most talked about producers working in electronic music.” -ZiNK

Coachella’s ultimate underdog, stunning all onlookers and becoming the toast of the fest…the biggest revelation of the entire weekend.” – Yahoo! Coachella ’11 Live Review

Danish electronic artist Anders Trentemøller has debuted a brand new video for his new single, “My Dreams,” featuring previous collaborator Marie Fisker. Directed and edited by Michael Schwanenflügel, the video is compiled of behind the scenes and live footage from their successful US tour last fall. Featuring his lauded full band and guest appearances by expert theremin player Dorit Chrysler and Coco Sumner (I Blame Coco), the tour concluded with the band’s late night TV debut on Late Night with Carson Daly. On April 23, Trentemøller will release “My Dreams” digitally and on 7″ via his own In My Room label and the vinyl will be available worldwide on April 21 for Record Store Day. The single is “a soft, euphoric pop-ambient cover of the bluesy 1984 rocker by influential Hollywood punks the Gun Club,” explains SPIN.

For more info, please visit:

Trentemoller -Into the Great Wide Yonder+Sycamore Feeling (Official Video)

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Danish producer Trentemoller has revealed more details about his forthcoming album, Into the Great Wide Yonder.

The full-length will be released on June 7th, and will come out via his own In My Room imprint. Composed of ten tracks, the record sees Trentemoller experimenting with “more organic and analog” textures, in contrast to the “crisp, digital sheen” that made him famous on his debut, The Last Resort. Reportedly including instruments like bass mandolin, theremin and a music box, Trentemoller nonetheless admits that computers were utilized at some point in the process. “I recorded most of the album in my computer, but in the final stages I transferred all the parts to analog tape through a lot of vintage EQ’s and pre-amps. The tape saturation and the analog outboard really helped getting the warm sound that I was after.” Solveig Sandnes, Josephine Philip and Guillemots singer Fyfe Dangerfield all feature. A single, “Sycamore Feeling,” will precede the album; for a teaser of the results, the official video is below.

01. The Mash and the Fury
02. Sycamore Feeling
03. Past the Beginning of the End
04. Shades of Marble
05. …Even Though You’re With Another Girl
06. Haxan
07. Metamorphis
08. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
09. Neverglade
10. Tide

Trentemoller will release Into the Great Wide Yonder on In My Room on June 7, 2010.(RA)

Aman Ellis: All The Things – EP+Free Mix

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Aman Ellis

After the dismemberment of his successful band “The Great Big No!” in 2008, Aman Ellis turned to his side project “Crunkasaurus Sex.” After finding solace with midi controllers, studio monitors, and electronic production, he decided to get out of Alabama and move to the Big Apple. He landed in Brooklyn, NY, and changed his production name to the one he was born with, Aman Ellis. His first official release, All The Things – EP, was issued on February 11, 2010 on Abstract Logic Recordings.

All The Things – EP

1. All The Things
2. Dawn On The Red Planet
3. Five Days Til Jupiter
4. In Tune With Neptune

Label: Abstract Logic Recordings
Catalog Number: ALR-046

“All The Things” is the freshman release from Brooklyn resident, Aman Ellis. This EP is sure to please both music fans and critics alike. His electronic music production has come a long way since the beginning, and it shows on “All The Things.” Ellis brings a melodic quality to tech house that doesn’t happen very often. The combination of groove and melody make this an easy choice for any house music lover or deejay who is trying to set the mood right. “All The Things” is something worth checking out, and we’re looking forward to his next one.

All The Things – EP on iTunes

All The Things – EP on Beatport

Download Aman Ellis – BKMS (Brooklyn Minimal Science) Winter Tech Mix

01. Trentemoller – Serenetti (Hemmann and Kaden remix)
02. Dubshape – Pieces
03. Trentemoller – Nam Nam
40. Booka Shade – Vertigo
05. Gui Boratto – Paralelo
06. Marascia & Dusty Kid – Attre
07. Aman Ellis – Five Days Til Jupiter
08. Dusty Kid – Milk
09. Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns
10. Eelke Kleijn and Nick Hogendoorn – Luigis Magic Mushroom (original_mix)
11. Booka Shade – Double Identity
12. Mark Knight and Funkagenda feat Dru – Runnin (done or dusted instrumental mix)
13. Robert Babicz ~ Sin (Gui Boratto remix)
14. Jack Rock – Formation Flying (Guy Gerbers jet lag remix)
15. Zoo Brazil – Stars
16. SCSI-9 – Little Leaves Fall
17. Ristoker – Woodwalk
18. Joris Voorn – The Deep (Jimpster remix)
19. Kiko – Alone in the Dark
20. Session 6 – Drum
21. D-Formation – Signs and Portents 09 (Rework Part 1)
22. Max Frederick – One Way
23. Robert Babicz – Astor (Gui Boratto remix)
24. Aman Ellis – In Tune with Neptune
25. Fitalic – Shadow Run (Moonbeam Remix)
26. S Groove – Lisbon Sunrise
27. Sydney Blu & Matteo Dimarr – Panic Attack
28. ? – Cruise Control Original Mix
29. Bansi Riktam – Bass Master Zorro (Jerome IsmaAe Remix)
30. Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia miix)
31. Trentemoller – Miss You

Aman Ellis on MySpace
Aman Ellis on Facebook
Aman Ellis on Twitter