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new Dubstep mix for the vast Podcast by Shape

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This is a brand new vast Podcast (#9) by resident Shape…Future Bass Heavy Dubstep tunes with African Rhythms. Don´t sleep on this one! Tracklist is promising and mix is dope. Feel free to leave some feedback

Download (right mouse-click | save target as…)

01. James Blake – Foot Notes
02. Anonymous – Black Out
03. 2562 – Love In Outer Space
04. TRG – Back In The Days
05. Joe – Level Crossing
06. Flying Lotus – Recoiled
07. Agoué – Dambala Skit
08. Blawan – Fram
09. Octa Push – Quebu Sabe
10. The Bug – Skeng (Kode 9 Remix)
11. Africa Hitech – Blen
12. Scuba – Three Sided Shape
13. Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand
14. Robot Koch – Gorom Sen
15. Zed Bias – Cosmic Minefield
16. Phokus – Inta (Wadadda Remix)
17. Unknown – Tuff Africa
18. Sbtrkt – Laika
19. Addison Groove – Footcrab
20. Ramadanman – Glut
21. Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)
22. Joe – Digest
23. A Made Up Sound – Closer
24. TRG – Since Last Night
25. Jose James – Blackmagic (Untold Remix)
26. Jose James – Warrior (Sbtrkt Remix)
27. Africa Hitech – Sound Of Tomorrow


Gerry Read -Patterns EP (preview)+Download:Dark Arx Podcast #4

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DKX003: Patterns EP by Gerry Read
Released 22nd November 2010
DKX003: Patterns by Gerry Read

Gerry Read EP on November 22nd preview

Dark Arx Recordings’ third release comes from new signing Gerry Read, who is already generating huge online buzz. “Patterns EP” showcases his skills across three tracks, each a different lens into his sound. Gerry’s gift is his ability to pull apart the sounds and patterns of ghostly 2-step, house, techno and electronica – and create genuinely original, warm and emotive music.
The track “Patterns” spearheads the EP with a web of delicate percussion,vocal ticks and dub atmospherics, before a charging woodblock drum pattern and locked synth chords launch the track. It’s an usual blend of moody dub atmospherics and euphoric dancefloor energy.
“Dreamer” harks back to first wave dubstep. The track is a game of hold-andrelease,with a stuttering half-step break dropped and cut over a bed of dub patterns. A track for the deeper dances.
“Climb” is an older track of Gerry’s and the missing link between his dancefloor tracks, and his electronic-focussed releases. A wandering bass line and loose-limbed break travel through a sea of lo-fi atmospherics and submerged vocals. Both ghostly and uplifting, it neatly sums up the release.

Bio & Influences
Gerry is now back in the UK after spending several years in Australia. The separation from the UK bass scene has no doubt helped him craft his unique sound, while retaining a deep understanding of his musical influences. Sonically, comparisons range anywhere from Actress to James Blake, with a
love for dusty, crushed, vintage sound. But in his new focus on the dancefloor, Gerry is rubbing up against Martyn and others who can combine sonic warmth with real dancefloor energy.

Dark Arx Recordings
Dark Arx Recordings is a home for artists on the fringes of the dubstep/bass/techno scenes. Previous releases have drawn praise from the likes of Hard Wax, Boomkat, Sonic Router, Bassache, onethirtybpm,
mnmlssgs, Get Some and many others.

Download: Dark Arx Podcast #4 – by Dark Arx


Group Niob- Vector [Version] (Phlox, 2010)
Gerry Read – Last Time (Dubplate)
Ill Blu – Dragon Pop (Hyperdub, 2010)
Gerry Read – Patterns (Dark Arx Recordings, 2010)
Shed – 44A (Ostgut Ton, 2010)
TRG – Liebe Suende (Rush Hour Recordings, 2010)
Kowton – Looking At You (forthcoming on Keysound)
Group Niob – Vector (Phlox, 2010)
2562 – The Windup (Monkeytown, 2010)
Will Saul & Mike Monday – Sequence 1 (AUS, 2010)
Santonio Echols – Sources (React, 1996)
Gerry Read – Dreamer (Dark Arx Recordings, 2010)
Asusu – Countenance (Dubplate)
Jack Sparrow – Loveless (Tectonic, 2010)
Dark Arx – Blood Vein (Dark Arx Recordings, 2010)
The Martian – Stardancer (Red Planet, 1993)
Group Niob- Vector [Version](Phlox, 2010)
Gerry Read – No Risk (Dubplate)

Cosmin TRG -Tower Block / Béton Brut (Hemlock Recordings 12″ Vinyl -HEK009)(preview)

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TRG drops the bpm but stands tall for his first outing on Hemlock. Eschewing any notion of ‘feminine pressure’ in favour of a new stripped-back, brutalist sound. A- Side ‘Tower Block’ Straight-estate and 808s. This is the sound of Croydon, Sheffield and Detroit past, demolished and re-built in Cosmin’s unique style. On the flip ‘Beton Brut’ Let’s get brutal. An unsteady climb through some seriously dark space towards a pounding climax. Straight-up his most bare and jacking tune to date.

a TRG – Tower Block
b TRG – Béton Brut

Baobinga / TRG / Ginz – Build003(preview,video+free download mix)

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A: Ginz & Baobinga ‘The Good Stank’
AA: Baobinga & Cosmin TRG ‘I Get Ruff’

Digital release exclusively here
Vinyl here

Download Cosmin TRG vs Baobinga MiniMix Battle:

Promo Video

Press Release:
We’ve really pulled out the stops on this one. After the first two releases, ‘Tongue Riddim’ (w/ Roska RMX) and ‘Ride It’ (w/ Untold RMX), the third Build plate comes with two unique and original riddims, attracting (as per usual) the support of all your favourite DJs, and a few more besides.

For this third release, stylishly trimmed in a delightful red hue, we have an A side whereby Ginz (of Purple City fame) and label boss Baobinga team up to create their own crunked-up take on the Purple sound. Long time collaborators, their highly accomplished production skills and well established studio rapport are immediately evident in the crunching analogue synth processing, tuffer-than-tuff hip-hop drum patterns, Timbaland-esque percussion and almost-wonky basslines… Not to mention the soaring melodic content and dynamic arrangement. One for the thugs, but also their gyal dem. And it’s all about the gyal dem.

Meanwhile, on the AA (and it really is a double A), Baobinga flexes on a different tip with Romania’s very own Cosmin TRG. Fresh from releases on Tempa and Rush Hour, ‘I Get Ruff’ was built through the swapping of files from Bristol to Bucharest and back again. Taking as a starting point Cosmin’s new take on house and funky, this 128bpm smasher adds layers of Baobinga’s exuberant bass and percussion, with TRG’s trademark nod to classic chopped up garage vocals providing the icing on the dancefloor-friendly cake. Pure energy, but zero cheese.

Mungo’s Hi Fi – ‘You can add Mungos to your support list these are the boom!! Gonna play these both tonight!’
Martyn – ‘I like the TRG and you one’
Simbad – ‘Bruv that I Get Ruff is a baaaaaaaaaaanger!!!! Fuckin siiiiiiick dancefloor mayhem, another winner for my box yo, you rock!’
Untold – ‘Been dropping I Get Ruff tune in my sets – it’s a tough beat and sounds big on a system’
Rossi B – ‘I Get Ruff is heavy’
Starkey- ‘Played the Ginz collab on the radio show Monday’
Hot City – ‘I Get Ruff is KILLER!!’
Bok Bok – ‘I like the you and Ginz track a lot man, managed to download it the other night when you gave me the link (club wifi is large, should be standard), had a listen, liked it so i played it and it tore it up. Great tune.’
Sinden – ‘Hey I love both tracks, the one for me is the collab with cosmin, really really good.’
Jackmaster – ‘Yo I played I Get Ruff on Ustream the other night and people were going fucking nuts! It’s really good. You should release that asap. if you don’t, I will 🙂 Defo gonna be a staple in my sets for a long time.’
MJ Cole – ‘Cheers Sam. Loving them all. Especially I Get Ruff – Ruff! Will be spinning this weekend for sure!’
Mumdance – ‘All the Build’s have been great, but this one is the best yet – amazing!’
Mary Anne Hobbs- ‘I love the Cosmin and Baobinga collab’
Kalbata – ‘The Cosmin collab is the one’
Drop The Lime – ‘Yoyoyo!!! Loving these! Biiig nasty bad bwwwaa’
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Deadboy – Cash Antics Volume 1(Preview)+Original Songs

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artist: deadboy

label: well rounded

cat no: WRND004


For release no.4 Well Rounded Records proudly present Deadboy with his effortlessly hype ‘Cash Antics Volume 1’ EP. Three R&B re-rubs that showcase his adeptness at different styles to suit all. The new tracks he has built to support the accapellas sound fresh, natural and exciting. On the A ‘Way that I luv u’ is a breathtakingly, heartbreakingly epic rework at dubstep tempo. Over pon the flip ‘Unofficial Girl’ is a gloriously anthemic Soca-step bomb that is pure fiyah for the dancefloor. This is followed by ‘Long way 2 go’ – a sultry crunk-hop rebuild with some serious soul. DJ support from Martyn, TRG, Bok-Bok, Hot City, Doc Daneeka, Greenmoney, Ramadanman, Blackdown, Hackman, Ikonika…. This year is going to be a big one for Deadboy.
Preorder HERE

More Deadboy + Mixes

Track 1 :Ashanti -The Way That I Luv U

Track 2:Official Girl

Track 3 Cassie -Long Way 2 Go

Cosmin TRG -See Other People (Preview)

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The DC series continues with Cosmin TRG, known for his releases on Hotflush and Tempa a.o. ‘See Other People’ is an infectious garage stepper, announcing the future of r&b. Big tune! ‘Groove Control’ continues on a techno tip. It starts off deep and mysterious, evolving in a pulsating, acidic bassline driven killer.

1. See Other People Listen
2. Groove Control Listen

Buy Here

Free Download V.A – Buzz.RO! 2010(Electronic Sound Of Romania incl.TRG)

Posted in Deep House, Deep Tech, Dub Step, Electronic, Experimental, Promotions, Tech House, Techno with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 29, 2010 by dk, a lead Romanian electronic music blog, launched Buzz.RO!, the first local music compilation under Creative Commons license. The compilation appears on CD, in 1000 copies, with 12 electronic music composers from Romania, and also in digital form, with another six tracks, for a total of 17 artists.
All the songs could be shared and downloaded from the net for noncommercial use and part of them could be sampled and remixed. The CDs are not for sale. They will be used to promote the artists and the digital compilation and will be distributed to labels, promoters and other artists form Romania and abroad.

Romania is very known for Dance Pop (S)Hits like Inna,Morandi…
This is something different -Its fresh,good and minimal,+our favorites TRG,Alien Pimp… All for Free
Download NOW V.A – Buzz.RO! 2010


01. Sillyconductor – Woolfia [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
02. Cristi Cons – Couch Revenge [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
03. Bogdan – Beginnings [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
04. Inner – Azotool [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
05. Ion – Master-Freier [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
06. Poor Relatives – Sanie [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
07. Vlad Caia – Random#9 [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
08. The Model – The Simple Life [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
09. TRG-Belgraded [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
10. Alien Pimp – The Original [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
11. Makunouchi Bento feat. Selfmademusic – Nukekubi [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
12. Michi – French Kiss [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
13. Alexandrina – Noi Doi (Silent Strike Remix) [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
14. Candlestickmaker – Take Me Elsewhere (And Back Again) – Contorsionist Remix [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
15. Minus & Ion – One Time Only [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
16. PoorRelatives – a a a [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
17. Discoballs – Str. Ongfeeling [cc by nc sa 3.0 ro]
18. Suie Paparude – Belladonna [cc by nc nd 3.0 ro]
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