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Scuba – Phenix 1 (PNX001)

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scuba phenixPaul Rose’s Scuba project has seen him make some of the most pertinent and exciting music of the past few years, and through his legendary Hotflush imprint he continues to push innovative, exploratory new club music in every way he sees fit. From winning a coveted DJ Mag award for ‘Best Live Act’ to the release of ‘Update’, a collection of tracks exploring his rich and diverse back catalogue, Scuba enjoyed a remarkable 2013. Now back with ‘Phenix 1’, his first new material since 2012’s acclaimed Hardbody single, expect him to enjoy an equally successful year this time around.

‘Phenix 1’ is the first in a series of three releases that represent a bold new chapter in an already diverse career. “After ‘Triangulation’ I made a conscious effort to do the opposite thing that people expected of me”, Scuba himself explains, “..which is obvious in the contrast between that album and the ‘Adrenalin’ EP, the ‘Personality’ album and then the ‘Talk Torque’ and ‘Hardbody’ singles – those two tracks especially were the furthest I could push that approach. I feel like it’s time to move on now and the Phenix series is quite a large step away from that sound and that approach to things.”

Having originally made his name as a pioneering dubstep producer in the genre’s formative period, Scuba has since gone on to develop a distinctive sound incorporating elements of house, techno and even disco. Inspired (though not defined) by a move in 2007 to Berlin and close ties to it’s revered Berghain club, he has continually set the benchmark for others to follow in the world of underground electronic music. Now intent on exhibiting a different sonic approach to that which made him a fixture in top clubs across the globe, Scuba is ready to make waves with the first installment of the Phenix series.

“There’s still a strong dance floor element to it all but with a much greater emphasis on mood and atmospherics”, Scuba himself says of the EP. “There are elements of all the different stages my production work has taken in previously too, but the result is a bit different to all of them.”

Full to the brim with ingenuity and underpinned by a firm desire to tread it’s own path, Scuba’s ‘Phenix 1’ ranks as some of the most intriguing work of his career to date.

A1. Throb
A2. Cyanide
B1. Time Relentless Time
B2. Curious Paradox

Release date: April 14th, 2014

Arum Rae -Warranted Queen EP+Free Download

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Arume Rea Warranted Queen EP CoverArum Rae (formerly known as White Dress) has announced the details of her new Warranted Queen EP, which she’ll be releasing on April 22nd.

With a minimal use of instrumentation, combined with Sanford’s electronic production that he’s tailored around Arum’s compelling voice and lyrics, the EP is a brilliant fusion of their mutual influences. Arum Rae’s music and her voice is here to inspire, to empower, to urge women to be women, and men to be men. It is honest at its core, so you can do with it what you please, with no regrets. Everything Arum has lived through and all the songs that have been born from it, are not meant to impress. They are meant to lead.

Although being a new endeavor, Arum Rae is no stranger to the stage. She’s toured extensively over the past several years, opening up for, and sharing stages with legends like Willie Nelson, Gary Clark Jr., Dan Auerbach, BB King, The Civil Wars, Peter Bjorn & John, to name a few. With a renewed energy and passion, Arum looks to 2014 to embolden artists and singers like herself to pursue their passions with pause, regret or fear.

Warranted Queen Tracklisting:

1. 2001 2001 Download
2. Warranted Queen
3. Something’s Happening To Me
4. I’m Smoke
5. Proof

Monkeytown Records pres. Alex Banks debut EP ‘All You Could Do’ (Stream Now)+Debut album “Illuminate” out June 2nd

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alex banks extramusicnewSigned to the illustrious Berlin label Monkeytown, Brighton based producer Alex Banks will release his All You Could Do EP on May 2nd.
Streaming online now is single b-side, Alex’s own All You Could Do (Alternate Version) featuring vocals from Elizabeth Bernholz of Gazelle Twin.

The new ‘All You Could Do’ EP from Alex Banks sees him exploring similar territory to his eclectic Monkeytown label bosses Modeselektor, fusing techno crunch with the electro-indie songwriting suss of groups such as Animal Collective. His debut long player will follow on June 2nd, having been enthusiastically snapped up by the label….

When Alex Banks sent us his demo we were stoked!
We were so enthusiastic that we did not hesitate to meet and sign him on Monkeytown for the next three albums.It’s really rare to find an artist who has never released something before and who comes up with such a great album!We wish the world big fun with it!!
” (Gernot Bronsert / Monkeytown Records / Modeselektor)
All You Could Do EP available on 12″ Vinyl and Digital Download from May 2nd:

A1 – All You Could Do feat. Elizabeth Bernholz
A2 – Phosphorus
B1 – All You Could Do feat. Elizabeth Bernholz (Phon.o Remix)
B2 – All You Could Do (Alternate Version)

Picked acoustic guitar comes together with pulsating machine rhythms, all made emotive and human by the melancholic vocals of Alex’s Brighton associate Elizabeth Bernholz of Gazelle Twin.

As well as the original ‘All You Could Do’, in all its moody fierceness, there’s a beautifully stark pulsating remix by German DJ-producer Phon.o, a haunting slow techno ‘Alternate’ take, and a brand new tune called ‘Phosphorus’ that comes on like the mighty Crystal Castles raving it up at a Polish warehouse party.

All in all, it’s a package that presents Alex Banks as a name to watch and makes his new album, ‘Illuminate’, all the more eagerly anticipated, with its release on June 2nd.


Album tracklisting:

01 – Silent Embrace feat. Elisabeth Bernholz
02 – Solar
03 – All You Coul Do feat. Elisabeth Bernholz
04 – Initiate
05 – Lights
06 – Phosphorus
07 – A Matter of Time feat. Elisabeth Bernholz
08 – Sheya
09 – Hush
10 – Unknown
Debut album Illuminate out June 2nd on Monkeytown Records.

Massive Attack co writer & producer Davidge announces debut album & premieres title track, plus video

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Slo Light davidgeDavidge announces debut artist album and premieres title track, plus accompanying video trailer
Album: ‘Slo Light’
Released: 2nd March 2014
Label: 7Hz Recordings

7Hz Recordings / Shamrock Solutions Ltd. is proud to announce the stunning debut album by Davidge, AKA award-winning producer / musician Neil Davidge, renowned previously for his production, co-writing and sonic-sculpting of music for Massive Attack, David Bowie, Snoop Dog, Damon Albarn, Primal Scream, Elizabeth Fraser and Mos Def.

The album’s title-track ‘Slo Light’ launches the epic journey and clearly demonstrates Neil’s stamp on latter Massive Attack albums.

The video trailer was directed and shot by Gustavo Andrade for China Dolls Films and was co-directed and starred-in by singer and collaborator, Stephonik Youth (whose band Living Days are signed to Dave Sitek’s label Federal Prism).

An album deeply-schooled in Bristol beats, electronica, soundtracks, orchestral music and more, the ‘Slo Light’ album creates a fantasy world in which tension, darkness and beauty find the perfect equilibrium. The record is sky-high on production value with an unparalleled clarity and sonic depth typical of Davidge’s unique style and sound.

‘Slo Light’ full track listing:


  1. Slo Light featuring Stephonik Youth
  2. Gallant Foxes featuring Cate Le Bon
  3. How Was Your Day featuring Karima Francis
  4. Home From Home featuring Low Roar
  5. They Won’t Know featuring Stephonik Youth
  6. That Fever featuring Claire Tchaikowski
  7. Riot Pictures featuring Sandie Shaw
  8. Zero One Zero featuring Stephonik Youth
  9. Sleepwalking featuring Emi Green
  10. Anyone Laughing featuring Claire Tchaikowski
  11. Hummingbird featuring Patrick Duff  (Itunes bonus track)
  12. Sensor featuring Jhelisa Anderson (Digipak bonus track)
  13. Forty Days In The Wilderness featuring Patrick Duff (12” Vinyl bonus track)
  14. Slo Light Davidge vs. Rob Smith Lovas Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)
  15. Sensor Davidge vs. Quadrant, Kid Hops and Iris Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)
  16. Sleepwalking Davidge vs. Michael Mortlock Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)

Los Macuanos – Pasado y Presente feat. Lucrecia Dalt(Video)

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Los_MacuanosThis is the debut release from Los Macuanos, a Tijuana trio of DJs and producers who bring together traditional Latin rhythms with electronic beats. Their new video “Pasado Y Presente” has a melancholic trip-hop vibe with heartbreaking vocals, perfectly paired with the video’s gorgeous though tristful visuals.

Los Macuanos belong to a generation of producers that came of age in a violent and rapidly-changing political climate in Tijuana, Mexico. Like many of their contemporaries, their productions echo a once hedonistic lifestyle, taking cues from the rave styles of the era, with elements of minimal techno, dubstep and glitch. Their music has since evolved with a more nuanced, stylistic approach that incorporates live instrumentation and elements of cumbia and norteño.
The album was released last week and premiered exclusively at Los Angeles tastemaker radio station KCRW.

A Band Of Crickets – Ask What It Is!(Preview)

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Two boys and girls on the spur of the moment. They are wearing masks to hide their faces. No one should know who they are. All members are old hands at different music scenes. Now the world has to face a new artist called “a band of crickets”! It’s the first release (vinyl, cd and digital) of a new label “behind the black curtain rec”.
Label. Behind The Black Curtain
Artists. A Band Of Crickets
Title. Ask What It Is!
Format. Digital & Vinyl
Cat.Number. BTBC001
Release Date. November 21st (Digital & Vinyl) , 2013

01. Humming One
02. Ask What It Is
03. Black Cat
04. Hot Slugs On Acid


Josef Salvat – Every Night(stream)

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