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Drop The Lime – Enter The Night

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NYC-based producer/DJ DROP THE LIME—born Luca Venezia–is branching out.  For his album ENTER THE NIGHT, out July 2 on Ultra Music, he adds songwriter, guitarist and vocalist to his credits.  With passion for bass and a thirst for blood, he weaves a baroque nighttime fantasy, riding the range from the ashes of rave into the dark heart of rock & roll.

His music (like his life) is an epic adventure of mystery, heartbreak and magic, combining the gun-slinging swagger of Ennio Morricone, the techno grandeur of Underworld, and the storytelling prowess of Johnny Cash.  As influenced by Richie Valens as Richie Hawtin, the album’s first single “Bandit Blues” finds Venezia marrying his blues guitar licks and unmistakably sultry croon to the sheer dance music wizardry that has become his trademark. It was New York City—where, in addition to New Orleans and London, he recorded the album–that was the draw for “Bandit Blues.”

“Being born there and having so much love for the city means I wear it on my sleeve,” says Venezia of ENTER THE NIGHT’s first single.  “It’s an incredible inspiration for me, but right now, it feels like there’s a lot of struggle going on with the economy and the people. The economy being a mess, politics being a mess–everything is a mess. The only way to really enjoy it is through music.”

Track listing:

1. Not The Only One
2. Bandit Blues
3. Darkness
4. No Sleep For The Wicked
5. Stay Up Late
6. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
7. Devil’s Eyes
8. State Trooper
9. Circles
10. Leaving


Ame -Live (May 2nd, 2012)

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After claiming the top spots in numerous best-of-year lists in 2011, Âme reach their 10thanniversary in 2012. To celebrate the infamous duo release the first CD with their own material in 6 years – ‘Âme Live’. All tracks are exclusively produced in new versions for this record, including remixes forUnderworld, UNKLE and Roy Ayers and a previously unreleased remix for Kompakt´s Gui Boratto.

Almost exactly ten years ago, Âme, the duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, was officially born. The two artists had met a year earlier and began working on music not long after, homing in on a style of house that was classically informed yet totally modern, as inspired by jazz, funk and soul as it was by Detroit techno. It was the beginning of a musical project that would define the next decade of their lives, with dozens of records, countless performances around the world, and perhaps most importantly, the creation of a signature sound that would help define an era of electronic music.

‘Âme Live’ takes stock of everything that’s happened since then, connecting the dots between early records on Sonar Kollektiv, later works on Innervisions and still unreleased material. It also serves a much simpler purpose: documenting their exceptional live act. Âme started playing live in 2010, and in doing so devised one of the most idiosyncratic performances in club music today. Despite being limited to their own compositions, their live routine is at least as dynamic as their DJ sets: each performance is a vivid sequence of moods and styles, unhinged by genre and tempo and delivered with a kind of mad scientist intensity.

For 8 years now, Âme have toured the world and played in dynamic spaces such as London’s Roundhouse and landmark clubs like Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), Space (Ibiza), Eleven & Air (Tokyo) and Trouw (Amsterdam) as regular guests.

The new album is made up of the best recordings from the road, reedited in the studio and woven into a continuous mix. Taken as a whole, it has a way of transcending space and time, with the duo’s lithe productions forming a stage for South African folk lyrics (“Ku Kanjani”), Portugese spoken word (“Insomnia”) and the music of 70’s funk icon Roy Ayers (“Tarzan”), not to mention Âme classics like “Where We At” and the all-mighty “Rej” – charted in the Top 10 single charts in several European countries and named one of the 3 most influential electronic music tracks of the decade according to leading online magazine Resident Advisor.

Label: Innervisions

Cat no: IVCCD07
Distribution: !K7
Released: Wednesday May 2nd, 2012


  1. Roy Ayers – Tarzan (Ame Remix)
  2. Ame & Amampondo – Ku Kanjani
  3. Ame – Nia
  4. Osunlade – Envision (Ame Remix)
  5. Ame – Enoi
  6. Unkle – Hold My Hand (Ame Remix)
  7. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – D.P.O.M.B.
  8. Rodamaal – Insomnia (Ame Remix)
  9. Ame – Junggesellenmaschine
  10. Underworld – Crocodile (Ame Remix)
  11. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – Where We At
  12. Ame – Rej
  13. Ame – Setsa
  14. Gui Boratto – This Is Not the End (Ame Beatless Mix)

Though it’s heavy on familiar tracks, each one takes on a distinct new character in live form. One noteworthy new production is the “Beatless Mix” of Gui Boratto’s “This Is Not the End”. Without attachments to particular methods and patterns, Âme use a free and fluid approach to develop an overarching view of what dance music could be and pursue it through various moods, timbres and even genres. But if one stylistic point shines through it´s the group´s penchant for orchestral instrumentation and composition, albeit deconstructed and enmeshed in vintage synth tones and spectral vocal samples.

Released on the seminal Innervisions, the collective/label they run with Dixon, Âme (pronounced “AHM”) offer glimpses of the future of electronic music through their live project, genre-melding sound, and an independently run shop that completes the connection between artist and admirer. In a genre obsessed with reliving the past, Âme are focused on what´s still to come.

For fans, ‘Âme Live’ is a fresh take on Âme’s celebrated oeuvre. For everyone else, it’s a perfect introduction to one of house music’s most imaginative duos.


09.03.12 Ame DJ & LIVE @ Robert Johnson
10.03.12 Ame Live @ excuse me Valencia
24.03.12 Ame Live @ Manchester
16.03.12 Ame Live @ Freiburg, Waldsee
16.03.12 Ame DJ @ Madrid Motel
18.03.12 Ame DJ @ Panoramabar Berlin
06.04.12 Ame Live Pratersauna Vienna
07.04.12 Ame Live & DJ  Perron Rotterdam
12.04.12 Ame Live Modernity @ Caprices Crans-Montana (CH)
14.04.12 Ame DJ Loftus Hall Berlin
20.04.12 Ame Live THE CIRCLE, Salerno
21.04.12 Ame Live Nuit Sonores / Rex Paris
30.04.12 Ame Live Leises Rauschen Bielefeld
30.04.12 Ame DJ @ Neuss 102
01.05.12 Ame DJ Beach Club, Ludwigshafen
12.05.12 Ame DJ sfinks, Sopot
19.05.12 Ame Live, Krush, London
26.05.12 Ame Live Rakete, Nürnberg
01.06.12 Ame Live, Inntakt, Innsbruck
01.06.12 Ame DJ Neckarslust, Heilbronn
02.06.12 Ame Live Free Your Mind Festival, Arnhem
08.06.12 Ame DJ, Watergate, Berlin
10.06.12 Ame DJ & LIVE @ Space, Ibiza
22.06.12 Ame Live , Luna, Kiel

Lone “Galaxy Garden” on R&S Records,May 7th

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Over the past couple of years, Manchester-based producer Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) has become a fully fledged reinvention of his former self. Leaving behind the hip-hop seasoned abstraction and hazy beatscapes of his notable Ecstasy & Friends and Lemurian albums for a quicker-paced sound that draws on a much heavier Chicago house / Detroit Techno and early 90’s London rave/hardcore sound. With his last album proper Emerald Fantasy Tracks & last year’s R&S debut Coreshine Voodoo, we saw a honing of these styles. Continuing his ethereal journey through space and time where these previous two outings left off, new album Galaxy Garden – that you will hopefully have in your ears right now – is without doubt his most complete body of work to date.

Artist: Lone
Title: Galaxy Garden
Label: R&S Records
Release: 07.05.2012

01 New Colour
02 The Animal Pattern
03 As A Child (With Machinedrum)
04 Lying In The Reeds
05 Dragon Blue Eyes
06 Crystal Caverns 1991
07 Raindance
08 Dream Girl / Sky Surfer
09 Earth’s Lungs
10 Cthulhu (With Machinedrum)
11 Stands Tidal Waves
12 Spirals (With Anneka)

The varied excursions on display unearth new corners to the wunderkind, whilst maintaining his signature sound and cinematic overtones. Opener New Colour lays down the album’s mandate with layers of symbiotic sound-scapes. On into The Animal Pattern, a rolling 8-bit bastardisation where visions of Out Run’s Splash Wave come flooding back again. Nomrex label head machine drum makes an appearance on two tracks adding his hazy vocals to As A Child & Cthulhu. The latter evolving into a mid tempo broken roller with key stabs which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Japan record.

Thing of beauty, Lying in the Reeds finds Cutler in one of his more melodic, melancholic and reflective moods. This gives way to the ambient drone of Dragon Blue Eyes and through to Crystal Caverns 91; revival stabs, hardcore remnants, a frenetic cadence and we’re already half way through the album. Two uptempo, blissed out stuttered motion bangers – proceed in the form of Raindance & Dream & Girl/Sky Surfer. It’s Raindance and the incredible Earth’s Lungs where he wears his love of Aphex Twin and Warp most prominently, all the time maintaining a very Lone take on it. The album closes this Lone chapter with vocalist Anneka – who’s worked with the likes of Falty DL, Starkey, Ital Tek, Vex’d – and the track Spirals, which is the closest you’ll get to Cutler writing a pop song.

A rollercoaster ride of playful nods to a plethora of scenes and influences past, present and future, a residency at Manchester hot-spot Hoya:Hoya, upcoming shows all over the place, support for his tracks from the likes of Caribou, Diplo, Kode 9, Dark Sky, Rustie, James Holden, Martyn, Joy Orbison – to name just a few – remixes for Radiohead, Tensnake & Underworld already under his belt; it’s going to be quite a year for Lone. Cutler ended 2010 with his tracks Pineapple Crush and Once In A While featured in every respectable ‘Best of 2010’ roundup (Resident Advisor, Phonica, Juno & Fact Magazine). This an album to be treasured and one that will no doubt, end up in even more polls come the end of twenty twelve.

Underworld Releases ‘A Collection’ and ‘1992 – 2012 Anthology’

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1992 – 2012 ANTHOLOGY

20 Years, Two Compilations
All the Hits and a Handful of Rarities
US Release Date: January 31, 2012

Underworld begins a hectic 2012 by announcing the release of two career spanning compilation albums in January.

Firstly, A Collection is a single disc set which features edited highlights of the band’s 20-year career. A Collection features radio versions of many of the band’s best known tracks alongside recent collaborations with High Contrast & Tiesto (‘The First Note is Silent’), Mark Knight & D. Ramirez (‘Downpipe’) and Brian Eno (‘Beebop Hurry’).

The second compilation – the three-disc 1992-2012 Anthology – radically updates the band’s previous singles compilation by complimenting 16 full-length Underworld classics with nine rare/previously unreleased tracks. From pre-‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’ outtakes through to newly mixed live recordings, 1992-2012 Anthology’s third disc is an essential purchase for any Underworld fan.

Both compilations are available now from (among other places) the band’s website as digital downloads with physical CD versions will available from 23rd January. CD copies pre-ordered from the website will instantly receive an MP3 download of the album for no extra cost. Pre–ordered CDs will ship w/c January 16 to arrive on or very shortly after the official street date of January 31, 2012.

In December 2011, Underworld were announced as Music Directors for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The appointment sees Rick and Karl reunited with the ceremony’s Artistic Director Danny Boyle as they continue their 15-year relationship. The band have previously worked with Boyle on the films Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary, The Beach and Sunshine and, most recently, the hugely acclaimed British theatrical production of Frankenstein.

1. The First Note Is Silent (w. High Contrast & Tiesto)
2. Scribble
3. Beebop Hurry (w. Karl Hyde & Brian Eno)
4. Downpipe (w. Mark Knight & D. Ramirez)
5. Crocodile
6. To Heal
7. Two Months Off
8. Jumbo
9. Born Slippy (Nuxx)
10. Dark and Long (Dark Train) (2011 Edit)
11. Mmm Skyscraper I Love You (2011 Edit)
12. Pearls Girl
13. Cowgirl (Live 2000)
14. Rez (2011 Edit)
15. King of Snake
16. Moaner

1. Big Mouth
2. Mmm Skyscraper… I Love You
3. Rez
4. Cowgirl
5. Spikee
6. Dirty Epic
7. Dark and Long (Dark Train)

1. Born Slippy (Nuxx)
2. Pearls Girl
3. Jumbo
4. 8 Ball
5. Moaner
6. Two Months Off
7. To Heal
8. Crocodile
9. Scribble

1. The Hump
2. Big Meat Show
3. Minneapolis
4. Why Why Why
5. Oich Oich
6. Second Hand
7. Parc (Live)
8. Simple Peal
9. JAL to Tokyo

Underworld announced as Music Directors for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games

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Underworld announced as Music Directors for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) today announced that British electronic music pioneers Underworld have been appointed Music Directors for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The appointment completes the team of senior creatives that will lead the direction of the London 2012 Ceremonies.

Underworld duo Rick Smith and Karl Hyde will work alongside Oscar winning British filmmaker and producer Danny Boyle, Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony and will be responsible for all the music in the three-hour ceremony taking place on 27 July next summer.

Underworld and Danny Boyle have enjoyed a long and diverse collaboration since Underworld’s track ‘Born Slippy’ featured in Boyle’s film ‘Trainspotting’. Over the following fifteen years the three developed a close relationship, with Smith and Hyde supplying specially created music for ‘A Life Less Ordinary’, ‘The Beach’ and co-scoring the 2007 sci-fi film ‘Sunshine’. In 2010 they came together again to work on the critically acclaimed National Theatre production of ‘Frankenstein’.

Danny Boyle said: ‘Appointing Underworld to direct the music in the Olympic Opening Ceremony is the final piece of the jigsaw for the team of leading British creatives who will deliver the ceremonies.

‘What’s interesting about working with them is how much broader their taste is than you might imagine. With ‘Frankenstein’ we really saw how far we could take a broader approach than we’d used together on the films.’

Rick Smith said: ‘The ‘Frankenstein’ project at the National Theatre was our opportunity to test ourselves as writers and music directors in a completely new environment – Danny asked us to take responsibility for every aspect of the sound and music and encouraged us to draw on a wide musical palette. It was a challenging piece of work with its roots in classic literature, that turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had.’

Karl Hyde said: ‘We want to leave people with a musical memory of the show rather than a purely visual one. It’s a great honour to be asked to do this and one we’re taking very seriously – it’s certainly not something we’ll get the chance to do again.’

LOCOG has put in place a talented team of leading British creatives to lead the direction of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies.

In May 2010 Stephen Daldry, Mark Fisher, Hamish Hamilton, and Catherine Ugwu, were appointed as Executive Producers across all four Ceremonies, and Danny Boyle, was appointed as Artistic Director for the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

In February 2011 Take That’s creative director Kim Gavin was appointed Artistic Director for the Closing Ceremonies of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. He was joined by multi-award-winning stage and costume designer Es Devlin and Bond film composer and record producer David Arnold as part of the Closing Ceremonies team.

In June 2011 Jenny Sealey MBE and Bradley Hemmings were appointed as Artistic Directors of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

High Contrast feat Tiësto and Underworld – The First Note Is Silent – OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Written, shot and directed by High Contrast himself, this is the official video for “The First Note Is Silent”. The single is due out on the 31st October 2011 on Hospital.
“The First Note Is Silent” is taken from High Contrast’s forthcoming album, due for release in early 2012. The track brings in the talents of stadium trance maestro Tiësto and legendary UK electronic outfit Underworld. Both beautiful and thought provoking, check out the video below.

Movement Torino Music Festival 2011

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Movement Torino Music Festival 2011

Line Up

Underworld, Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig & Guy Gerber live Visionquest, Green Velvet, Stacey Pullen, Space Dimension Controller, Circo Loco & many more

  • Date: Thu 27th Oct, 2011
  • To: 31/10/2011
  • Time: Various
  • Location: Various cultural spaces in Turin, Italy
  • Price: €10 – €234 (including 5* hotel)


Now in its sixth year, Movement Torino Music Festival, the Italian cousin of the cult Detroit Electronic Music Festival Festival (DEMF), continues on its path of exponential growth. Hosted over five days of round the clock activities between October 27th and 31st 2011, Movement once again brings original performances from the pinnacle of electronic talent and explores the depths and boundaries of contemporary electronic music culture.

Headlined by a stellar live show from worldwide heroes Underworld, Movement Torino 2011 welcomes an all star team of talent from across the spectrum including US heavyweights Green Velvet, Lil Louis and Detroit’s Movement founders Derrick May and Carl Craig, alongside the phenomenon of the moment Visionquest (Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson), and a sea of new and well championed faces with John Digweed, Damian Lazarus, Steffi, Cassy, Guy Gerber, Shinedoe and Art Department all on the programme.

The European edition of the festival was staged for the first time outside the U.S. on December 15th, 2006 in Torino to celebrate the closing of the Winter Olympics. Since then, during the week before Halloween, Movement has engulfed Torino’s most symbolic locations, taking place in Olympic arenas, clubs, museums and universities and become the most anticipated event in Italy for electronic music lovers. Each year the event attracts a growing audience from all over Europe and places Torino as a cultural exchange on par with Detroit and other electronic music communities such as Berlin, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

A dense schedule of meetings, workshops and special events are sandwiched between superior live and DJ sets. The five-day program transforms the city into a hub of new sounds, new technologies and contemporary art. The special 2011 episode will connect quality and entertainment through creative ways that will astonish the public.


The Movement Festival comes alive on October 27th with an exceptional cast, which will culminate in a crescendo on Monday, October 31 with the final show at the Turin Palalsozaki. The inaugural happening on Thursday 27th will feature two rising stars of electronics world, the Irish visionary Space Dimension Controller and the enfant prodige Kyle Hall from Detroit.

On Friday 28th tackling new genres and modes of experimentation at the Conservatory of Torino are Aufgang, born from an encounter between Rami Khalifè pianists, Francesco Tristano and drummer Avmeric Westrich, and emerging as a concert of piano, drums and electronic contamination.

Saturday 29th hosts the exclusive Circoloco party, voted the best party in Ibiza and founded by Italian locals. Circo Loco programme four diverse eclectic artists from their pool. Reaching from the beat of Detroit techno, Stacey Pullen, into the acid, minimal and Chicago experiments of the French master, DJ W!ld, through the freshness and raw energy of Tania Vulcano and concluding with the talented grooves of David Squillace from Naples.

Sunday 30th brings two appointments to capture the attention of the masses and lead the way for grand finale scheduled for Halloween night. Commencing with the Superga Day, this Happy Happening marks 100 years of the oldest Italian brand of shoes accompanied by the sound of Lil´Louis. This legendary Chicago producer needs no introduction as he is known to be one of the founders of house music. This great day for music will end in the mythical place of Murazzi Po, a landing boathouse on the river Po.

As in previous years the Palaolimpico Isozaki structure, built for the 2006 Winter Olympics and now the temple of the best international music, will reveal itself as a perfect space for the final ritual of Movement on Monday, October 31st. Its shimmering mirrors, frosted glass, metal surfaces, and ultra-slick setting will spill over with chic and passionate revellers from all over mainland Europe. Taking over four rooms at Palaolimpico will be the biggest names from the international electronic community, all earning their place in this special rite of passage. The highly anticipated English duo riding the world scene for two decades, Underworld will make their only Italian performance this autumn, presenting exclusively for Movement the new record Barking and a concert promising to inscribe into the history of contemporary music.

Live showcases also come from Carl Craig with his project 69, Green Velvet, Guy Gerber, and Laurent Garnier. The great talents of John Digweed, Cassy, Shinedoe, Mirko Loco, Tama Sumo and many more will form a cast that unites Europe and the USA fusing together the peak of current acts and forging their inventive and unique personalities.


For the second year Movement will mark this special event with a CD compilation release featuring music from the repertoire and an exclusive mix from iRobots. Listen at

Armed with a broad ranging entertainment format, Movement aims to become the most consumer-friendly festival in Italy. Paying close attention to the accommodation and reception, circulation of information and ticket sales, being the first festival in Italy where tickets can be purchased via mobile phone. Partners with Movincom‘s Bemoov Movement ask for a simple registration to make this smooth process.

Movement Hospitality System also this year renews their commitment to ensure hospitality and sustainable mobility in collaboration with Ac Hotel, Hotel Boston, Guala, Continental and Camplus with MobiGio, ProntoTaxi 5737 and Gtt to eat, sleep and move around safely at a competitive price.


Tickets and info at

Full programme:

Information and reservation: +39.011.3189896 or–ticket