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Download:Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel (UNKLE Reconstruction)

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Bombay Bicycle Club - Feel
This remix is available as a free download for the next 24 hours.

Download new album So Long, See You Tomorrow on iTunes


Ame -Live (May 2nd, 2012)

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After claiming the top spots in numerous best-of-year lists in 2011, Âme reach their 10thanniversary in 2012. To celebrate the infamous duo release the first CD with their own material in 6 years – ‘Âme Live’. All tracks are exclusively produced in new versions for this record, including remixes forUnderworld, UNKLE and Roy Ayers and a previously unreleased remix for Kompakt´s Gui Boratto.

Almost exactly ten years ago, Âme, the duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, was officially born. The two artists had met a year earlier and began working on music not long after, homing in on a style of house that was classically informed yet totally modern, as inspired by jazz, funk and soul as it was by Detroit techno. It was the beginning of a musical project that would define the next decade of their lives, with dozens of records, countless performances around the world, and perhaps most importantly, the creation of a signature sound that would help define an era of electronic music.

‘Âme Live’ takes stock of everything that’s happened since then, connecting the dots between early records on Sonar Kollektiv, later works on Innervisions and still unreleased material. It also serves a much simpler purpose: documenting their exceptional live act. Âme started playing live in 2010, and in doing so devised one of the most idiosyncratic performances in club music today. Despite being limited to their own compositions, their live routine is at least as dynamic as their DJ sets: each performance is a vivid sequence of moods and styles, unhinged by genre and tempo and delivered with a kind of mad scientist intensity.

For 8 years now, Âme have toured the world and played in dynamic spaces such as London’s Roundhouse and landmark clubs like Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), Space (Ibiza), Eleven & Air (Tokyo) and Trouw (Amsterdam) as regular guests.

The new album is made up of the best recordings from the road, reedited in the studio and woven into a continuous mix. Taken as a whole, it has a way of transcending space and time, with the duo’s lithe productions forming a stage for South African folk lyrics (“Ku Kanjani”), Portugese spoken word (“Insomnia”) and the music of 70’s funk icon Roy Ayers (“Tarzan”), not to mention Âme classics like “Where We At” and the all-mighty “Rej” – charted in the Top 10 single charts in several European countries and named one of the 3 most influential electronic music tracks of the decade according to leading online magazine Resident Advisor.

Label: Innervisions

Cat no: IVCCD07
Distribution: !K7
Released: Wednesday May 2nd, 2012


  1. Roy Ayers – Tarzan (Ame Remix)
  2. Ame & Amampondo – Ku Kanjani
  3. Ame – Nia
  4. Osunlade – Envision (Ame Remix)
  5. Ame – Enoi
  6. Unkle – Hold My Hand (Ame Remix)
  7. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – D.P.O.M.B.
  8. Rodamaal – Insomnia (Ame Remix)
  9. Ame – Junggesellenmaschine
  10. Underworld – Crocodile (Ame Remix)
  11. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon – Where We At
  12. Ame – Rej
  13. Ame – Setsa
  14. Gui Boratto – This Is Not the End (Ame Beatless Mix)

Though it’s heavy on familiar tracks, each one takes on a distinct new character in live form. One noteworthy new production is the “Beatless Mix” of Gui Boratto’s “This Is Not the End”. Without attachments to particular methods and patterns, Âme use a free and fluid approach to develop an overarching view of what dance music could be and pursue it through various moods, timbres and even genres. But if one stylistic point shines through it´s the group´s penchant for orchestral instrumentation and composition, albeit deconstructed and enmeshed in vintage synth tones and spectral vocal samples.

Released on the seminal Innervisions, the collective/label they run with Dixon, Âme (pronounced “AHM”) offer glimpses of the future of electronic music through their live project, genre-melding sound, and an independently run shop that completes the connection between artist and admirer. In a genre obsessed with reliving the past, Âme are focused on what´s still to come.

For fans, ‘Âme Live’ is a fresh take on Âme’s celebrated oeuvre. For everyone else, it’s a perfect introduction to one of house music’s most imaginative duos.


09.03.12 Ame DJ & LIVE @ Robert Johnson
10.03.12 Ame Live @ excuse me Valencia
24.03.12 Ame Live @ Manchester
16.03.12 Ame Live @ Freiburg, Waldsee
16.03.12 Ame DJ @ Madrid Motel
18.03.12 Ame DJ @ Panoramabar Berlin
06.04.12 Ame Live Pratersauna Vienna
07.04.12 Ame Live & DJ  Perron Rotterdam
12.04.12 Ame Live Modernity @ Caprices Crans-Montana (CH)
14.04.12 Ame DJ Loftus Hall Berlin
20.04.12 Ame Live THE CIRCLE, Salerno
21.04.12 Ame Live Nuit Sonores / Rex Paris
30.04.12 Ame Live Leises Rauschen Bielefeld
30.04.12 Ame DJ @ Neuss 102
01.05.12 Ame DJ Beach Club, Ludwigshafen
12.05.12 Ame DJ sfinks, Sopot
19.05.12 Ame Live, Krush, London
26.05.12 Ame Live Rakete, Nürnberg
01.06.12 Ame Live, Inntakt, Innsbruck
01.06.12 Ame DJ Neckarslust, Heilbronn
02.06.12 Ame Live Free Your Mind Festival, Arnhem
08.06.12 Ame DJ, Watergate, Berlin
10.06.12 Ame DJ & LIVE @ Space, Ibiza
22.06.12 Ame Live , Luna, Kiel

Ki:Theory – I Wanna Run (feat. Maura Davis)

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The official video for the Ki:Theory single “I Wanna Run” featuring Maura Davis of Denali, off the new Ki:Theory album scheduled for release in early 2012. Download “I Wanna Run” now for free at

A classically trained singer, multi-instrumentalist, and talented producer, Ki:Theory has officially remixed Daft Punk for Tron: Reconfigured, Sasha, Queens of the Stone Age, Ladytron, UNKLE and Brazilian Girls, among others. His music is also consistently licensed and has appeared in various spots, such as a Shaun White TV spot and Audi and Converse advertisements.

UNKLE – Money And Run (feat. Nick Cave) (Video)

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It has a sort of Clockwork Orange-esque feeling about it,” says UNKLE’s James Lavelle to Mashable. “It follows the idea of taking the money and running — how vulgar and gratuitous we are financially at this point in time. The story follows the excesses of rich individuals preying on the weak and poor.”

It is not intended as a direct broadside to any particular politician, though borrows from the iconography and styling of the Bullingdon set who reign supreme,”says director Tom Haines. “I suppose it’s a crude allegory, but in that sense it allows us to have a lot of fun with the scenarios and settings. The kind of fun that makes you feel uneasy in hindsight.”

Ki:Theory Teams Up With Holy Fuck, Release “Holiday Heart” Single MP3!

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Ki:Theory (a.k.a. Joel Burleson) is a recording artist and producer who walks the tightrope between electronic and indie/alternative rock. Ki:Theory has also lent his adventurous sound  to remixes for Daft Punk, Queens of the Stone Age, Ladytron, and Brazilian Girls among others. Having already rocked Bonnaroo and djed for Betsey Johnson’s during NYC fashion week, Ki:Theory has returned to the studio to work on new material. Today, May 24, he has released the single for “Holiday Heart.” For the B-side, he teamed up with Holy Fuck for a remix of UNKLE’s track “Natural Selection” which features The Black Angels.

Check out the “Holiday Heart” MP3  HERE!

“Holiday Heart” has a bright vocal melody, skittering beat, and an instantly memorable hook with something a little darker brewing beneath the surface. “(Holiday Heart) is actually a medical condition you get when you’ve been hitting the whiskey and summer sausage a little too hard (commonly around the holidays).  I’ve always thought it makes a great metaphor for ‘to much of a good thing.”, explains Burleson. The b-side is an Olympian collaboration between Ki:Theory, UNKLE, Holy Fuck, and The Black Angels. “Natural Selection” is such a great song to start.  I’m a huge fan of UNKLE, The Black Angels, and Holy Fuck. I did a remix for UNKLE once before [2007’s “Hold My Hand”], so getting asked to contribute to something all these great artists had collaborated on was just phenomenal.  Holy Fuck had already laid some really nice textures and ambient soundscapes for the remix so getting in there with big drums and some leads seemed like a cool direction.”, says Burleson.
Ki:Theory has also recently contributed a remix of Daft Punk’s “The Son of Flynn” to Daft Punk/Tron: Legacy remix album “Reconfigured”. His song “Arms for Legs” is also featured alongside Sleigh Bells and Silversun Pickups in the trailer for John Singleton’s new film “Abduction”. This month, his remix of  the song “Angelica” is also featured on  the “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” soundtrack by Rodrigo y Gabriela with Hans Zimmer.
The “Holiday Heart” single is available at:

UNKLE to release Only The Lonely EP(ft Nick Cave Stream) and Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out (special edition) album

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UNKLE to release Only The Lonely EP and
Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out
(special edition) album
(April, Surrender All)
I always had a huge soft spot for UNKLE – their pop sensibilities, their hooks, big choruses, their super-treated production – so when they sent me some music to sing over I jumped at the chance. The song they sent was great too – something wonderfully dense about it, like T Rex’s Metal Guru or something. I wrote a lyric – something desperate sounding to run counterpoint to the joyful racket of the music. It’s a fucking hit.” Nick Cave


UNKLE will release a digital-only five track EP Only The Lonely and an extended version or their 2010’s Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out in April in North America. The Another Night Out physical album will come in an exclusive, very limited edition box set of the extended version worldwide this Spring (date tbd) and is available now to pre-order at
All the songs on the EP are new and are headed up by collaboration with Nick Cave. In addition there are great collaborations with Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), long time UNKLE vocalist Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan (ex Sleepy Sun). The EP is rounded off with a classic UNKLE instrumental.
 UNKLE’s opening track “Money And Run” as an “raucous opener” which features the exquisite Nick Cave

The Only The Lonely track listing is:
01. Money and Run (feat. Nick Cave)
02. The Dog Is Black (feat. Leila Moss)
03. Only The Lonely (Dub)
04. Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
05. Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)
The limited edition box set of the extended version of ‘Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out’ has a disc that is comprised of 6 exclusive unreleased songs, all the songs from Only The Lonely, selected tracks from September 2010’s The Answer EP and UNKLE’s track featuring The Black Angels from the Twilight: Eclipse movie. Last year’s limited edition was in silver; however this new version is in gold and features a fully re-worked 32 page booklet and 16 page board book with new exclusive shots from the original photo shoot with Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.     
The release of the Only The Lonely EP and the extended version of Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out are accompanied by UNKLE Live performing at London’s Brixton Academy on April 1st supported by The Duke Spirit. Various special guest vocalists will be performing throughout the night. UNKLE Live then tours throughout Europe before heading to Australia for a tour that includes a performance with strings at the Sydney Opera House.
Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out  – track listing:
01. Nowhere
02. Follow Me Down (feat Sleepy Sun)
03. Natural Selection (feat The Black Angels)
04. Joy Factory (feat Autolux)
05. The Answer (feat Big In Japan (Baltimore))
06. On A Wire (feat ELLE J)
07. Falling Stars (feat Gavin Clark)
08. Heavy Drug
09. Caged Bird (feat Katrina Ford)
10. Ablivion
11. The Runaway (feat ELLE J)
12. Ever Rest (feat Joel Cadbury)
13. The Healing (feat Gavin Clark)
14. Another Night Out (feat Mark Lanegan)
01. Somewhere
02. In My Mind (feat Gavin Clark)
03. Money and Run (feat Nick Cave)
04. The Dog Is Black (feat Liela Moss)
05. Only The Lonely (Over Dub)
06. Wash The Love Away (feat Gavin Clark)
07. Sunday Song (feat Rachel Fannan)
08. With You In My Head (feat The Black Angels)
09. Country Song (feat Gavin Clark)
10. Not A Sound
11. When The Lights Go Out/We Own The Night
12. Every Single Prayer (feat Gavin Clark)
The standard 2CD is a jewel case.
The limited edition GOLD box comes in a gold outer slipcase featuring a fully re-worked 16 page board book and 32 page booklet with new exclusive shots from the original photo shoot with Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.
UNKLE live dates are:
03/25 KD Vltavska – PragueCZ
03/26 Refresh The Venue – IstanbulTR
04/01 Brixton Academy- London UK
04/08 Principal Club – ThessalonikiGR
04/09 Fuzz Club – Athens, GR
04/29 Billboard – Melbourne, AUS
04/30 Groove In The Moo – Bendigo, AUS
05/01 Groove In The Moo – Townsville, AUS
05/03 Hi-Fi Brisbane – Brisbane, AUS
05/05 Powerstation – Auckland, NZ
05/07 Groove In The Moo – Maitland, AUS
05/08 Groove In The Moo – Canberra, AUS
05/09 Sydney Opera House – Sydney, AUS
05/11 Bakery – Perth, AUS
05/14 Groove In The Moo – Bunbury, AUS
04/30 + 05/01UNKLE art installation at the Camden Crawl
UNKLE – Money And Run (feat. Nick Cave)
 free download :
MP3: UNKLE – The Answer (Trentemoller Remix)

UNKLE – The Answer EP(incl.Lupe Fiasco), US Tour and New Videos

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Available 9/28 on Surrender All Featuring Tracks With Lupe Fiasco & Tim Goldsworthy; Performances In LA, NYC, SF, Mexico City, Guadalajara

Starring Ray Winstone & Directed By John Hillcoat; Watch Them @ UNKLE.COM

UNKLE returns September 28 with the six song ‘The Answer’ EP which includes two new songs, a collaboration with hip-hop prodigy Lupe Fiasco and a remix by original UNKLE member Tim Goldsworthy. Pre-order ‘The Answer’ EP limited edition 12″ vinyl and limited edition CD now at In support of the release of The Answer EP, UNKLE will be embarking on their first US appearances in several years at select cities in the US and Mexico during the month of October. Pre-sale tickets available via starting Wednesday, Aug 18 at 12 pm EST. General public on sale is Friday, August 20 at 12 pm EST.

The hip-hop reworking of ‘The Runaway’ off UNKLE’s most recent album ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ sees Lupe Fiasco rhyming with an untouchable, laid-back cool as splintered synths and a shuddering bass-line envelope around him. Original UNKLE member, Tim Goldsworthy (LCD Soundsystem/DFA), morphs the subtle, desert-scorched previous single ‘Follow Me Down’ into a breathless, urgent 8-minute epic. The cinematic ‘Separate Half’ featuresSan Francisco quartet Lumerians with vocals by Rebecca Coseboom. Pulsating and airy, ‘Separate Half’ takes listeners on a journey passing through kaleidoscope worlds. The quiet, dusty lament of ‘Country Tune’ builds to become vast and expansive in scope, anchored by fragile vocal from UNKLE collaborator Gavin Clark.

‘The Answer’ EP served as a catalyst for inspiring a variety of high profile and creative artists to make works of art, video, fashion which will be exhibited at James Lavelle’s pop-up art exhibition ‘Daydreaming with…James Lavelle’ at Haunch Of Venison gallery in London, 27 – 30 August.

To accompany the release of ‘The Answer’ EP, UNKLE unveil two music videos. Acclaimed film director John Hillcoat, whose last major motion picture feature was the critically heralded ‘The Road’, directs the first of two videos for ‘The Answer’. His vision begins with Ray Winstone (The Departed, Sexy Beast, Cold Mountain) relaying a memory from years past. It is a provocative anecdote and an intimate snapshot of an event that changed the actor’s life. Wrapped up in the all-encompassing reach of the song, a kaleidoscopic slide show then screens a series of fantastical, psychedelic images, some bleached and distorted, some drenched in hyper-visual colours, all whilst Winstone narrates.
The second video is directed by Ross Cairns and features footage from the Relentless ‘Lives Of The Artists’ documentaries of legendary snowboard free-riders Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue who climb and ride near vertical faces of the harsh Antarctic plus surfers Tom Lowe and Fergal Smith in Tahiti where they ride one of the world’s most revered heavy waves: Teahupoo, (known locally as ‘Wall of Skulls). The highly anticipated new installment, ‘Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down” premiering this September profiles James Lavelle with music scored by UNKLE.


01. The Answer (ft. Big In Japan – Baltimore)
02. Separate Half (ft. The Lumerians with Rebecca Coseboom)
03. Country Tune (ft. Gavin Clark)
04. The Runaway: Lupe’s Revenge (Lupe Fiasco vs UNKLE Reconstruction)
05. Follow Me Down (ft. Sleepy Sun) (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
06. Heavy Drug (Reprise)

10/23 New York, NY – Webster Hall
10/25 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theater
10/28 San Francisco, CA – Regency
10/30 Guadalajara, Mexico – Teatro Estudio Cavaret
10/31 Mexico City, Mexico – WODA

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