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Metronomy – ‘LateNightTales” September 3rd

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Metronomy cover Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Hypnose’

Featuring Outkast to Cat Power, Doctor Octagon to Autechre

Limited edition vinyl version includes CD and cover art print

Acclaimed pop experimentalists Metronomy compile the latest Late Night Tales, the third of 2012 and 29th in the decade long series.

Metronomy, the effective alias of the talented Joseph Mount, have thus far released three albums, starting with the jagged electro manoeuvres of their debut ‘Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)’, through to their two albums on Because, ‘Nights Out’, where Mount first sang, and last year’s brilliant Mercury-nominated ‘The English Riviera’.

As a pop group, Metronomy are more Four Tet than Fab Four, though with a sense of adventure that would’ve made the Fabs proud. Their outing under the Late Night Tales banner journeys through the inspirations of the bands’ ever moving sound – along with a few surprises.

Mount’s old favourite Autechre is present and correct, but then so are Kate and Anna McGarrigle and the Sun Ra of hip hop Sa-Ra Creative Partners. Joining Sa-Ra on the hip hop front, we’ve got Tweet’s ace ‘Drunk’ from her Hummingbird album alongside OutKast Prototype’, spiced with some Doctor Octagon.

For pure pop, they don’t come more refined than Alan Parson’s Eye In The Sky’, who is buffeted by outbreaks of unsettling weirdness, among them the sadly departed Mick Karn’s supple bass figurines on ‘Weather The Windmill’ or Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – the guys that brought the funk to synthesizers with Stevie Wonder – and ‘Cybernaut’. And just when you think you’ve got it figured, Pete Drake arrives with his 1964 pedal steel novelty hit ‘Forever’. This is a maze rather than a journey.

Naturally enough, there is the Late Night Tales special with a sparkling Metronomy rendition of Jean-Michel Jarre’s Hypnose’. We’ve always had a soft spot for Devon and her cobbled street delights, but seen through the prism of Joseph Mount, it takes on a new hue that makes Brigitte Bardot and that other, lesser, Riviera seem somehow pallid. To paraphrase Buzzcocks: another music in a different riviera.

Label: Late Night Tales
Cat no: ALNCD29
Released: Monday September 3rd, 2012


  1. Outkast – Prototype
  2. Tweet – Drunk
  3. SA-RA Creative Partners – Cosmic Ball
  4. Chick Corea – El Bozo (Part 1)
  5. Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers
  6. Lonzo & The World Class Wreckin Cru – Cache Vocal
  7. Metronomy – Hypnose (Exclusive Jean Michel Jarre Cover Version)
  8. Alessi Brothers – Seabird
  9. Autechre – Fold4,Wrap5
  10. Mick Karn – Weather The Windmill
  11. The Alan Parsons Project – Eye In The Sky
  12. Geneva Jacuzzi – Love Caboose
  13. The Lone Swordsmen – You Are…
  14. Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Cybernaut
  15. Pete Drake – Forever
  16. Appaloosa – The Day (We Fell In Love)
  17. Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Complainte Pour Ste Catherine
  18. Herman Dune – Winners Lose
  19. Cat Power – Werewolf
  20. Paul Morley – Lost For Words Pt.4 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)


Info on Metronomy:

Various Artists -Movement 2012

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The ground-breaking Movement-Detroit festival celebrates its 13th year withMovement 2012, a collection of Detroit´s newest techno talent, curated by Paxahau Event Productions and D Records.

In the world of electronic dance music (EDM), few places hold the historical gravitas of Detroit. Since the birth of techno in the 1980s, the struggling metropolis has seen innumerable milestones in the realm of electronic music, including the hometown triumph of the Movement techno festival.

As Detroit enters it´s fourth decade as a leader in electronic music innovations (and America experiences it largest ever audience for EDM), it is time to add D Records to the long list of leaders who inspire a global audience of music fans that span generations. The compilation you hold in your hand is but an introduction to the latest future sound of Detroit, soon to receive worldwide acclaim.

Movement 2012 offers a formidable roster of fresh-faces and veteran techno talent who are activating yet another wave of Detroit techno innovation. Core artists on the D Records roster, including Joshua Harrison,Ataxia, Keith Kemp, and Secrets (Matt Abbott), are joined by fellow Detroit techno travelers Brian Kage, YOS, Noel Jackson and Kevin Reynolds, as well as Movement talent booker Chuck Flask, and even a new tune by Paxahau co-founder Jason “Jaos” Clark.

Label: D Records
Cat no: D020
Distribution: Baseware
Released: Tuesday May 22nd, 2012


  1. Joshua Harrison – Dissipation of Heat
  2. Ataxia – INRIhab
  3. YOS & Carrera – Gone Deep
  4. Brian Kage – Past Echos
  5. Noel Jackson – I Gave You Everything
  6. Keith Kemp – Cosmic Grooves (Detroit Mix)
  7. V.S.O.P. – FTV
  8. Eric Sutter – We Keep It Movin
  9. And Low – We Dance In Mud Puddles
  10. T & A – Herbacide
  11. Secrets – Explore My Body
  12. Infospace – Super Melt
  13. Kevin Reynolds – On A Clear Day
  14. Prosthetic Hands – No Turns Unstoned
  15. Erika – A Cellular Meltdown
  16. Homak – Welcome Back
  17. Rob Lloyd – The Gorilla
  18. Jaos – In All The Right Ways


Founded in 1999, D Records began life as the first sub-label of techno superstar Richie Hawtin´s M-nus imprint. Formed by a close-knit crew of friends who had dedicated their lives to the city´s ´90s underground party scene, D came into being alongside the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival, a gathering of electronic music performers and fans that drew an unprecedented number of fans in 2000. Since then, the annual festival (renamed Movement) has served as both a celebration of Detroit techno´s history and a showcase for newly matured talent year after year.

Compiled by label manager Ted Krisko (who also appears as one half of Ataxia), Movement 2012 is a collection of tunes, destined to be heard across the stages of Hart Plaza and in clubs around the world. Some of these names may be new to even the most dedicated techno fan, but rest assured that the same tasteful curators who have managed theMovement Festival for nearly a decade have used their unmatched ear for electronic music to collect only the finest of Detroit´s current crop of unsung producers. One listen will have you convinced that the talent coming out of Detroit in 2012 can confidently stand along side the city´s already sizable list of techno legends.

MAL032: Saucerface 2(stream)

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MAL032: Saucerface 2 (25 BAD ASS TUNES)
From its headquarters nestled in the bustling cityscape of San Francisco, MalLabel Music is poised to unleash an incredible compilation. At a colossal 25 tunes, this whale of an anthology is a perfectly balanced collection of some of the brightest rising luminaries in the business of beats and bass. Artists on the camp are global in origin, ranging from Bay Area heads all the way to South Africa and Russia. Whether you are a seasoned DJ looking for choice new drops to slay the dance or just looking for some boss new beats to get your groove on to, Saucerface 2 is must have.

The musical milieu is impressively robust, the artists and work selected scratch a satisfyingly wide array of musical itches. Off the top, there are some hard hitters on this album worthy of attention such as South African artist Real Mad, who represents his skills with club banger “In the Flow.” Following suit, young badman from the Bay Area Taso adds a sweat inducing, hyper drive bass burner to the mix with “Yogabooty.” The compilation boasts much in the way of progressive, lavish, listenability in tracks such as Bleep Bloop’s deep and sultry “AM,” SF artist Porckchop’s lusciously moody “Purpose,” and Skriptah’s “True Enemy,” worthy of comparison to early Eskmo or Distance. MalLabel resident Skulltrane provides a bit of her token mojo in the mechanical and slithery “Time Machine,” while El Diablo & Mycho kick out a hyphy bouncer with their track “Little Pills.”

Releases of this size can often become less a listening exercise than a simple pocket of different bits of music, but Saucerface 2 is a true music lover’s comp. This compilation is 25 tracks than you can set on repeat and let define the backdrop of your springtime. From start to finish, Saucerface 2 is a testimony to the veracity and staying power of MalLabel music, now living out its third year in full effect with a release schedule that would whet the appetite of any bass junky who could catch a glimpse. Be on the lookout for Saucerface 2 wherever you download music.

Artwork by Ben Keyser.

Late Night Tales – Belle and Sebastian -(Listen Mini Mix)

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Check for more HERE

Late Night Tales Compiled & Mixed by Belle & Sebastian (March 26th, 2012)

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The celebrated Scottish indie pop group Belle and Sebastian are welcomed back for a second Late Night Tales, the 27th in the esteemed compilation series. Belle and Sebastian formed in Glasgow in 1996 where the success of college recorded cult debut album ‘Tigermilk’ led the band to signing to Jeepster for ‘If You´re Feeling Sinister’; listed by Pitchfork at #14 in its top 100 albums of the 90s and is widely considered the band´s masterpiece. Following the critically acclaimed ‘The Boy With The Arab Strap’ B&S signed with Rough Trade (UK) and Matador (US) and have released a further five albums, most recently ‘Belle And Sebastian Write About Love’ in 2010. Other accolades include being voted Scotland´s greatest band in a poll by The List in 2005, their own Bowlie Weekender festival, a Brit Award and Mercury Music Prize and Ivor Novello Award nominations. The current line-up is founder Stuart Murdoch, Stevie Jackson, Chris Geddes, Richard Colburn, Sarah Martin, Mick Cooke and Bobby Kildea.

Their scene straddling 2006 Late Night Tales included pure pop, 60s psyche, 70s rock, West Coast harmonies, beat groups, folk balladering, punk, indie, girl groups and bossanova. This new 2012 selection delves deeper into their shared influences and inspirations, along with a subtle nod to digging for rare sampled beats: not perhaps a characteristic usually associated with B&S. World-wise psychedelic breaks thread the mix together; significantly so with two tracks from Broadcast bookending a first half that includes late 60s dreamers The Wonder Who? and Joe Pass, father of Ethio-jazz Mulatu Astatke, harpist Dorothy Ashby and the 21stcentury beats of Gold Panda.

Following a mid-section detour through dissonant post-punk and deep jazz courtesy of The Pop Group and Stan Tracey Quartet; recent releases from fellow Scots Remember Remember and South Carolina’s Toro Y Moirub shoulders with Ce´cile’s 2002 Cure referencing riddim ‘Rude Bwoy Thug Life’ and Blood, Sweat & Tears classic version of ‘Spinning Wheel’. For the obligatory Late Night Tales cover version, Belle and Sebastian have chosen The Primitive’s 1988 pop-punk classic ‘Crash’, recreated in the band’s own inimitable style. Two beautiful records close the mix: Steve Parks haunting soul vocal ‘Still Thinking Of You’ and an excerpt of the calm improvisation ‘On The Other Ocean’ from David Behrman’s 1977 experimental album. As ever, the trip concludes with our bedtime story with the third part of Paul Morley’s ‘Lost For Words’.

This is music for the Celt in all of us. Holed up in a West End of Glasgow apartment, the wind yowling mercilessly about us, we drift off to the sound of bliss. There is only warmth here and, obviously, a draft or two fired in the direction of Belle and her good friend Sebastien.

Label: Late Night Tales
Cat no: ALNCD26
Distribution: Worldwide via EMI / Balance (Australia) / Southbound (New Zealand) / Beatinc (Japan) / Love Da Records (Hong Kong) / NEWS (Benelux)
Released: Monday March 26th, 2012


  1. Broadcast – Ominous Cloud
  2. The Wonder Who? – Watch The Flowers Grow
  3. Joe Pass – A Time For Us
  4. Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew (A Man Of Experience And Wisdom)
  5. Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges – Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
  6. Marie Laforêt – Et Si Je t’aime
  7. Bonnie Dobson – Bird Of Space
  8. Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations
  9. McDonald And Giles – Tomorrow’s People
  10. Gold Panda – Quitters Raga
  11. Broadcast – Chord Simple
  12. The Pop Group – Savage Sea
  13. Stan Tracey Quartet – Starless And Bible Black
  14. The Lovin Spoonful – Darlin Be Home Soon
  15. Belle And Sebastian – Crash
  16. Roland Vincent – L.S.D. Partie
  17. Toro Y Moi – Still Sound
  18. Ce’cile – Rude Bwoy Thug Life
  19. Remember Remember – Scottish Widows
  20. Trees – Streets Of Derry
  21. Blood, Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel
  22. Pete Shelley – Homosapien (Dub)
  23. Steve Parks – Still Thinking Of You
  24. David Behrman – On The Other Ocean
  25. Paul Morley – Lost For Words

Grime: The Compilation -Teddy Music

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Artist: Teddy Music
Title: Grime: The Compilation
Label: Teddy Music
Release Date: 30.01.12
Format: CD & Digital
Catalogue Number: TMCD001

1. Teddy Music – Grime Feat. Dot Rotten, Ghetts, Lil Nasty & Griminal
2. B-Live – Modern Warfare 2 Feat. Newham Generals, Skepta & Spyda
3. P Money – Hot Ones (O.G’z Madness)
4. JME – JME
5. Stutta – Hype Ting (DPMO) Feat. Mercston, Tinchy Stryder & Ghetts
6. Guvnor – Martian Attack Feat. Scorcher
7. Lethal Bizzle – Don’t Run It Up
8. Ghetts – Salute Me Feat. Badness & Delusion
9. Badness – Silencer
10. Teddy Music – Dat Feat. Trim
11. Tiny – Stratford To Plaistow Feat. Griminal
12. Ironik – Falling In Love Feat. Jessica Lowndes
13. Teddy Music – Confidence Feat. Dot Rotten
14. Tinchy Stryder – Barclays Freestyle
15. Ghetts – We’re Moving Along Feat. Maxsta
16. Skepta – Gingerbread Man
17. Ghetts – My Sperm
18. JME – Over Me (Teddy Music Remix)
19. Stutta – Final Lap Feat. Ghetts
20. Teddy Music – Down With Us Feat. Marcus, Kozzie & Scrufizzer
21. Tempa T – Spray Dem
22. Teddy Music – Doomed Feat. Newham Generals

“So wha’d you know about Grime?” sings Dot Rotten over a 808-led instrumental on the opening track of Grime: The CompilationTeddy Music (formerly known as Silencer) should be one of the producers you’re familiar with if you’ve been paying attention to the UK’s grime scene over the last few years, as his uncompromising sound palette of sinister synths and menacing drum patterns have been a staple on a variety of artist’s albums and DJ sets.

Making his name via the self-released Wow Bass EP series that featured bonafide grime instrumental classics such as World War 4 (which features here on Lethal Bizzle‘s Don’t Run It Up), Teddy Music rapidly became one of the most sought after producers by MC’s and DJ’s alike.

Grime: The Compilation features an all-star cast of Grime’s elite that includes SkeptaJMENewham GeneralsP MoneyTinchy StryderGhetts, Scrufizzer and Kozzie. Theses collaborations speak volumes about his pivotal role in the grime scene and the genuine admiration from his peers, and tracks such as Gingerbread Man, Modern Warfare 2 and Hot Ones showcase exactly why his trademark “Teddy” scream (which appears in all of his productions) is a stamp of quality whenever you hear them.
One of the four exclusive tracks on the compilation features Dirtee Stanks’ Newham Generals on the aptly titled Doomed, where they trade verses over a militant production where squelching bassline stabs create an unorthodox melody. Other new material comes in the shape of Tempa T’s Spray Dem, which is a brutal exercise in lyrical warfare which we’ve come to know and love from the Slew Dem member over the years.
Other notable new cuts come from BBC Sound of 2012 nominee Dot Rotten, as he exercises his vocal chords once again on Confidence explaining how his self-belief has propelled him to greater heights, and Trim who he proves that the one-line flow is still effective when done the witty and playful manner that he does on the zany Dat.
This compilation is a snapshot of Teddy Music’s most essential tunes to date with a sprinkling of new material to give us a hint of where he’s looking to take his music in 2012 and from the evidence on show here his uncompromising style is here to stay.
Check out the brand new video for Doomed featuring Newham Generals by clicking the link below:
For more Teddy Music:

Diskotopia Various Artists Volume One (Diskotopia)

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Released date: 6th February 2012
Format: CD / Digital

Coming at the start of a second year of releases, ‘Diskotopia Various Artists Volume One’ is a showcase of the Diskotopia sound.

The label has been grouped together with labels like Night Slugs, Numbers, Hessle Audio, but Diskotopia take a more borderless approach to electronic dance music. Not just for the club, but also made to be appreciated in any setting, the artists represented on this compilation reference a variety of styles from house, techno, UK garage, post-rock, boogie, R&B, grime and even jazz. Although standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the most current and cutting-edge music around, the Diskotopia output has a strong sense of timelessness, meaning that as well as being very “now”, the sound has a longer shelf-life. The label has rapidly been gaining great support and high praise from likes of Addison Groove, Hyetal, Om Unit, Rinse FM, Boomkat, XLR8R, Fact, Numbers.

Set up by UK ex-pat Matt Lyne (A Taut Line) and Japanese female DJ Am Rhein in Osaka in 2005 as a DJ and visual collective, Diskotopia ran frequent events for four years before moving to Tokyo in 2009. BD1982 joined the crew in late 2010, and helped evolve it into a record label. The ethic behind the label comes directly from the premise of the Diskotopia events: a barrier-free approach to quality music. In 2011 Diskotopia released singles and EPs by A Taut Line, Hong Kong In The 60s, BD1982, Visionist, Greeen Linez and Slackk. Diskotopia remixers have included Optimum + Ikonika (Planet Mu, Hyperdub, Night Slugs), Starkey (Ninja Tune, Planet Mu), 80s legendary post-punk act Dominatrix, Royalty, BNJMN (Rush Hour), Photomachine, Murlo, Pacheko.

01) BD1982 – Sunshine
02) Visionist – Tropics
03) Savage – I Want It All (BD1982 Refix)
04) RLP – Kreep
05) Optimum – Ghost House
06) Shy One – 40,000
07) A Taut Line – Clouds At Night
08) Hong Kong in the 60s – You Can Take A Heart (Diskotopia Dub)
09) Awa – She Sea
10) Greeen Linez – Sallot Ski
11) Bun / Fumitake Tamura – Ri
12) LDFD – Wumpa Fruit
13) DJ Maar – Acid Clapperz (Diskotopia Dub)
14) Greeen Linez – Feel The Pressure (The Phantom Remix)
15) Lamin Fofana – Nia Long
16) 80kidz – Miss Mars (Diskotopia Dub)
17) Greeen Linez – Feel The Pressure (Nites Remix)
18) BD1982 – VHS Nite (Starkey Remix)