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Future Disco 8 Nighttime Networks

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Future Disco 8_artwork-600x_Inspired by the people behind nightlife institutions and featuring many of its faces, Needwant present the eighth episode of the award­winning Future Disco series, ‘Nighttime Networks’

“Clubs have always been a reflection of the people that inhabit them. From the DJ to the lighting technician, the bar staff and the security, it takes a whole host of like­minded people to make a special venue work. Whether it be Trouw, Fabric, Plastic People, Sub Club, Space, DC10 or hundreds of other unique and remarkable venues across the world, they all connected by shared characteristics: a dedicated team working behind the scenes, front­ of ­house personalities and the unwavering, fun­loving crowds, all with a shared vision, establishing and framing their own culture. It’s the people that inhabit them that make the venues what the are, the feelings created and expressed in them, not the cold walls of the building itself.” Sean Brosnan on Future Disco 8

Future Disco is renowned for heralding forthcoming heroes and were among the first to recognise the talents of artists such as Tensnake and Todd Terje, yet still unafraid to probe the more unexplored corners of electronic music. ‘Nighttime Networks’ goes further and examines those behind the scenes and the mystery contained in those lost nights and cavernous spaces. This is a musical odyssey that boldly entwines rare and feisty remixes of Hot Chip, Zoot Woman and Crazy P’s Danielle Moore through to intriguing material from newcomers MUSK, Johannes Brecht, VIMES, Weval and Few Nolder, in a coherent and connected sequence that pays homage to the networks that create those special memories.


CD1 – Mixed

1. Andras Fox – Your Life
2. Musk – Waters (feat. Merveille Mubakemeshi & Avidus)
3. Ron Basejam feat. Danielle Moore – Dippin’ In
4. HNNY – 12.00
5. Zoot Woman – Don’t Tear Yourself Apart (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
6. The Working Elite – Freedom (Tuff City Kids Acid Over Remix)
7. Bufiman – Running (The Chase)
8. Krystal Klear – Fumer Tue
9. Johannes Brecht – Another World
10. VIMES – Celestial (Gardens of God Remix)
11. Few Nolder – Clouds (Boso Reversion)
12. Fur – Pulp (Linkwood’s Stargazer Mix)
13. Hot Chip – How Do You Do? (James Zabiela Remix)
14. Portable – Surrender feat. Lcio
15. Weval – Something (Live)

CD2 – Unmixed

1. Bufiman – Running (The Chase)
2. The Working Elite – Freedom (Tuff City Kids Acid Over Remix)
3. Few Nolder – Clouds (Boso Reversion)
4. Johannes Brecht – Another World
5. VIMES – Celestial (Gardens of God Remix)
6. Hot Chip – How Do You Do? (James Zabiela Remix)
7. Musk – Waters (feat. Merveille Mubakemeshi & Avidus)
8. Ron Basejam feat. Danielle Moore – Dippin’ In
9. Weval – Something (Live)
10. Portable – Surrender feat. Lcio


21­-28th March Snowboxx festival, France
11-­14th June Gottwood festival, UK
1­8th July The Garden festival, Croatia

BBE pres.Best of Disco Demands compiled by Al Kent

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Released: January 2012
The Disco Demands series started sometime in the early 2000s – I couldn’t give you an exact year because it didn’t feel like a big deal, so I never noted it. I simply wanted to put out a compilation of some records I really liked and maybe make a little of the money back I was spending on them. Buy some food and stuff.
There’s always been Disco comps around of course but there was rarely anything that strayed too far from the standards.. the same songs kept appearing over and over again, or the comps would feature records you could pick up anywhere for little money. I’ve never seen the point in that. I gave up judging a record on its value or rarity a long time ago but surely there’s more to disco than Exodus, Martin Circus, Mass Production and all those Salsoul, West End and bloody Prelude records. So it was a nice surprise to find that there were other people out there who thought the same way.
Volume 1 was pretty straightforward – just some nice records, with ! the only edit being an instrumental of Disco Socks; a strange, thinly veiled reference to the disco sucks movement. Then on Volume 2 I included a few of my edits and introduced the cover up concept to the disco world. That caused a bit of controversy, which of course I loved. And so it continued for five volumes.
What we have here then is the full series, give or take one or two cuts, all remastered, many re-re-edited, with lots of nice naked pictures to boot. For those who’ve asked since day one “will there be vinyl” I can finally say yes, you’re holding it!

Track listings:
1. Cheryl Berdell – Giving It All To You
2. Executive Suite – Why In The World Do They Keep On (Funk’in With Me)
3. Disco Warriors – Cumbaya Disco
4. Sandpebbles of Barbados – Suntan
5. The Fans – Ballad of Dr J
6. TC & Company – Let’s Go Disco
7. Chocolate + Joy – Dog It
8. Omni – Disco Socks
9. Curtis -! How Can I Tell Her

1. Silver, Platinu! m & Gold – Just Friends *
2. The Peoples’ Workshop – Funkathone
3. Chocolate City Connection – Take The Music To The Party
4. Universal Robot Band – Disco Boogie Woman
5. Stringfield Family – Sound of Disco Rock
6. The Firebolts – Everybody Party (Get Down)
7. Living Proof – Theme From Living Proof
8. Puff – In The Mood
9. Cordial – Wave

1. Don Renaldo Strings – Fiddlin’ Around *
2. Jimmy Sabater – To Be With You
3. Crosstown Traffic – Party People
4. Alex And His Soul Messengers – Hail To Guyana
5. Harold Butler & The Connection – Gold Connection
6. Ike Noble – Dance, Dance, Dance To The Music (Y’all)
7. The Legal Defense – The Disco Stomp
8. Panaché – Sweet Jazz Music
9. Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion – Get Ready *

1. Arts & Craft – I’ve Been Searching
2. Hot Ice – Dancing Free
3. Volstarr! – Dancin’
4. Superbs – Party Together
5. Gordon’s War – The Rock Is Gonna Get You
6. Alice Street Gang – Bahia
7. Althea Forrest & Togetherness – Hey Mister
8. Mirror – Give It Up
9. The Live Experience – Disco Joint

1. Bobby Sanders & Magic – Strung Out *
2. The Good Life Ltd – I Got It
3. Al Tanner – Doing Our Own Thang
4. Arthur King – Fear
5. Sylvano Santorio – We’ve Got It
6. Mr Q – Party Party
7. Power of Attorney – You Got Over On Me
8. Sizzle – Love Is All Around
9. Brooklyn Express – Back In Time *

All tracks edited by Al Kent except *(original studio version)

Don’t miss the chance to see and hear Al Kent live:
Dec 10 – Amsterdam – Canvas:
Dec 31 – Chicago – A Love Supreme

Preorder HERE

Tiefschwarz -Watergate 09

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Release date 31-Oct-2011
In a world of ever recycled trends, Tiefschwarz (deep black) is that most classic of shades. Its timeless style is testament to its staying power, and with a DJ and production career spanning over 14 years, this German deep house duo have proven just how apt a moniker can be.

Born and bred in Stuttgart, brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz’s passion for techno and deep house flourished their initial experience as DJs in the early 90’s at the now legendary clubs that Ali ran in their home town, ON –U and Red Dog. This led to the formation of Tiefschwarz in 1997, from which they found rapid success with their debut single ‘Music’ and album Ral 9005. By 2002, this had been licensed to the London label Classic Recordings from where they springboarded to international recognition. They decided to make the move to Berlin, at the time fast becoming the epicentre of a true electronic music renaissance, from where they pursued a hectic touring schedule and remixing the likes of Cassius, Missy Elliott, Kelis and their personal heroes Masters At Work. They then scored a double whammy with their all-conquering crossover hit remix of Spektrum’s ‘Kinda New’ and the single ‘Isst’ off their 2005 long-player, ‘Eat Books’. This was also the year that electrohouse dominated the charts and minimal the clubs, but Tiefschwarz have never allowed themselves to be tied down to a certain sound, staying true to their love of melody as demonstrated on their addition to the Fabric mix series.

A series of high profile mixes in 2006, including Depeche Mode ‘John The Revelator’, Madonna’s ‘Get Together’, Roxy Music’s ‘Rain Rain Rain’ and Booka Shade’s ‘Darko’ saw them continue perfecting their distinctive sound. Yet this was also the year in which Ali and Basti gravitated back to Berlin to found their own label, Souvenir, with their French partner Arthur Vélasquez. Basti explains “We like the idea of seeing music as a souvenir, an impression you take from somewhere. Something intimate that you remember”. After years of constant touring they wanted a place to foster talent, both young and old, with releases from the likes of Riton, Tom Mangan, Ziggy Kinder, Ruede Hagelstein, The Psychonauts, and the brothers Re.You. They haven’t let this slow down their impressive production workload though, with a ten year anniversary compilation and a 2010 follow up album ‘Chocolate’ made in collaboration with Santé, and featuring Cassy, Seth Troxler, and Dave Aju. At a perfect time to take stock of their career, the brothers are proudly contributing the ninth installment in the Watergate mix series, and have chosen a number of tracks that simultaneously pay homage to the beginnings of their career whilst also remaining very much forward looking.


01. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE – FALL FOREVER (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – K7!
07. MK – BURNING (Jay Haze Edit) – Defected
08. ALTON M – I LIKE HAVIN’ YOU- Cyren America Records
09. RON & CHEZ D – Untitled – KMS
10. DJ ASSASSIN – A FACE AMONGST THE CROWD (Chris Simmonds’ Intellidred Remix) – Cross Section Records
13. GEMINI – WHERE DO I GO (1997 Mix) – Robsoul Recordings
14. MANUEL TUR Feat. HOLLY BACKLER – MOST OF THIS MOMENT (Isolée Remix) – Freerange Records
15. AFRO CELT SOUNDSYSTEM – RELEASE (Master At Work Remix) – Real World Records
16. MAJOR MAL’FUN’CTIONS – MYSTERIOUS MOMENTS (4-W.D. Motherland Mix) – Djax-Up-Beats
17. G STRINGS – IMAGES – Seventh Sign Recordings

Heartbeats (Supplement Facts) October 3rd

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Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts mark the next episode for the label with a enduring collection of their best-loved and future classic releases on ‘Heartbeats’.

 Featuring label stalwarts dOP, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson & Guti and Guy Gerber himself, ‘Heartbeats’ weaves through the intricacies of Supplement Fact’s diverse sound. An embodiment of the ethereal yet always consistent and steadfast this special collection illustrates how label has shaped its character around a string of timeless creations.

“For a long time we have worked the label on a feeling, and that feeling has served us and our artists well and led us to believe that we can help careers, even make them,” explains Israeli label head Guy Gerber of the ethos of his Supplement Facts label. “I would say we try to be as original and diverse as possible, sometimes focusing on the artistic side of electronic music and sometimes releasing strictly dance floor tracks.” 

Opening ‘Heartbeats’ are the Brooklyn based musical partnership, No Regular Play, and their forthcoming synth led creature, ‘Fall Up To The Sky’ featuring the vocals of Maya Hatch.  The label’s 20th release from Til Von Sein ensues, a melodic tapestry of house, before Visionquest man of the moment Lee Curtiss presents his illustrious style in ‘I Can Hear You Arthur’, a sumptuous number that tows the line between the light and darkness of contemporary dancefloor music. Curtiss alongside fellow Visionquest member Ryan Crosstown have both released much original music on Supplement Facts and heralded key releases on the imprint.

Label: Supplement Facts
Cat no: SFR026CD
Released: Monday October 3rd, 2011


  1. No Regular Play ‘Fall Up To The Sky’
  2. Till Von Sein ‘Sundowna’
  3. Lee Curtiss ‘I Can Hear You Arthur’
  4. Michel Cleis ‘Dark Glasses’
  5. Ryan Crosson & Guti ‘You’ve Got Me’
  6. dOP ‘The Genius Of The Crowd’
  7. Guy Gerber ‘Nothing Can Be True’
  8. dOp ‘Half Naked’
  9. Seuil ‘ Ultravision Feat. Jaw’
  10. Guy Gerber ‘Hate Love’ (Kate Simko’s Liquid Disco Remix)

The broody nature of Supplement Facts rumbles in Michel Cleis’ ‘Dark Glasses’, presenting a driving track echoing with chimes echoes and tribal calls and smoothed down with sweet saxophone solos. Crosson collaborates with South American creative, Guti on ‘You’ve Got Me’, a tantalizing affair teasing its flavours out slowly. Its skipping beats and sassy vocal licks culminate in an encompassing bass and a swirling breakdown to get lost in. 

The enigmatic French trio and Supplement Facts label staples, dOP unleash a unique sonic assault of deep and visceral house music in ‘The Genius Of The Crowd’ and ‘Half Naked’. In typical style, dOP flirt with whispered vocals and massage the energies of the body with a playful and soothing approach. Seuil’s ‘Ultravision’ brought the talented Parisien to Supplement Facts for the first time earlier this year. The mesmeric progression of liquid bleeps and deep rhythms is heightened by the poignant and husky drawl of Jaw bleeding through this enveloping crisp record.

Guy Gerber rounds of the compilation with two of his own releases, the new ominous siren filled ‘Nothing Can Be True’, taken from sessions with P Diddy and closes with the radiant ‘Hate Love’, remixed by Chicago’s finest lady, Kate Simko. Gerber has reinvented his own strain of house music and taken the underground music scene by storm in his short career. The Israeli beholds a dream like fluid vision of contemporary dance music that resonates through his label’s own sound, imprinting itself into the wider consciousness.    

Gerber started Supplement Facts in 2006 to explore the outer realms of his imagination, since which he has embedded it deeply within the world of electronic music. One of the only labels to emerge from Israel, its innovative and original approach has not gone unnoticed by the broader community. ‘Heartbeats’ marks a new chapter as Supplement Facts embark on an expansion through a string of pioneering album projects.

Much of this year has seen Gerber locked in the studio working on his own collaboration with P Diddy. However Supplement Facts remains his priority, reflected in the continued evolution of its music and ethos. “We are stepping up our game. We want to make albums, we want to A&R artists to produce with, even write. We want to take the label on the road and do parties that reflect the diversity of not just our artists, but our taste. More importantly, we want to have fun. The music industry is not an easy place in 2011, people don´t really make money like they used to, so for us it is important to entertain not just our audience but also ourselves.” Guy Gerber 2011. 

Late Night Tales – MGMT (October 3rd)

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Continuing the series’ 10th anniversary, 2011’s third Late Night Tales compilation is by celebrated psychedelic rock band MGMT.

Formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York the band consists of multi-instrumentalists Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, both alumni of Wesleyan University. Their 2008 debut album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ spawned the almost ubiquitous hit singles ‘Kids’, ‘Time To Pretend’ and ‘Electric Feel’ while 2010’s follow up ‘Congratulations’ saw them embrace more of a progressive, guitar-driven sound.

The band’s Late Night Tales selection of post-punk, cult indie and counter-culture figureheads reflects the band’s multifaceted sound, and draws comparisons with contemporary dreampop/chillwave/shoegaze/folk scenes on both sides of the Atlantic.

The listener finds MGMT presiding over the playlist “after-the-after-party”; daybreak creeping through the curtains earlier than desirable, broken bodies lining the corridors, the emotionally bankrupt kept alive by timeless songs of heartache and longing.

Luminaries The Velvet Underground, Suicide and Julian Cope, although not with their most famous songs, sit alongside less familiar names such as Disco Inferno; whose ‘Can’t See It Through’ from their final ‘96 album ‘Technicolour’ opens proceedings.

MGMT’s exclusive cover of ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’ by Bauhaus sits comfortably alongside the UK post-punk-gothic band’s peers The Durutti Column, The Chills, The Jacobites and Felt’s brief but imposing instrumental ‘Red Indians’.

Paranoia strikes deep: the double header of Cheval Sombre’sTroubled Mind’  and ‘Drug Song’ by 60’s Christian folk singer Dave Bixby accentuate the hope offered by the ever penitent Spacemen 3 (MGMT’s second album ‘Congratulations’ was recorded with founder Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom), who deliver ‘Lord Can You Hear Me?’ in respect to the beautiful closer ‘Morning Splendor’, taken from Pauline Anna Strom’s rare ‘82 LP ‘Trans-Millenia Consort‘.

Putting a full stop on the selection, music journalist and Art Of Noise founder Paul Morley continues his ‘Lost For Words’ short story.

Label: Late Night Tales
Cat no: ALNCD26
Released: Monday October 3rd, 2011


  1. Disco Inferno – Can’t See Through It
  2. The Great Society – Love You Girl
  3. Suicide – Cheree
  4. Television Personalities – Stop & Smell The Roses
  5. The Velvet Underground – Ocean
  6. Felt – Red Indians
  7. Julian Cope – Laughing Boy
  8. The Durutti Column – For Belgium Friends
  9. Charlie Feathers – Mound of Clay
  10. Mark Fry – For Wilde
  11. MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Exclusive Cover Version)
  12. Cheval Sombre – Troubled Mind
  13. Dave Bixby – Drug Song
  14. The Jacobites – Hearts Are Like Flowers
  15. The Chills – Pink Frost
  16. Martin Rev – Sparks
  17. The Wake – Melancholy Man
  18. Spacemen 3 – Lord Can You Hear Me?
  19. Pauline Anna Strom – Morning Splendor
  20. Paul Morley – Lost For Words Part. 2 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

More info can be found at:

Watergate 08-Lee Curtiss

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Only 9 years after its official opening, Watergate has become one of the world’s most prominent underground electronic music institutions. In no small part due to its picturesque location running directly alongside the river Spree, its wall to wall LED dance floor installa- tion and most of all, its consistent flow of first-rate international talent performing every week.

Watergate’s presence and influence has spawned many side projects including a boutique- style Mix CD series now in its 8th volume. A who’s who of the club’s regular talent and resident artists such as Sascha Funke, Sebo K, dOP, Ellen Allien and others have all contributed to the aesthetically pleasing series, now regarded as collector’s items.

For the eight installment in our mix series, we bridge the gap between two global capitals of techno: Berlin, and Detroit, home of Lee Curtiss who delivers a forward-thinking mix, inspired by time spent living in both cities. Lee is one of a new generation of techno visionar- ies from the Motor City, that includes his Visionquest collaborators Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Seth Troxler, who are putting their own unique spin on their city’s most famous underground musical export. Based between Detroit and Berlin for the last four years, Lee has a fundamental grasp of what makes both dancefloors at Watergate tick, and this enduring love and understanding of the space clearly shines through in his mix. Building on the raw soul and funk of those who have blazed a trail before him, on both sides of the Atlantic, Lee brings his own subtle melodies and keen sense of dramatic tension to the fore in a mix that encompasses all that is vibrant and exciting about underground techno in 2011.

Artist: Lee Curtiss
Title: Watergate 08
Release Date: 04-Jul-2011
Record Label: Watergate
01. Lee Curtiss – Drivin’ / Jazzler aka Dixie Yure – Beth & The Gamma Ray’s Fields – Flumo
02. No Regular Play – Walking (Next To Me) (Shaun Reeves Remix) – No.19 Music
03. Maceo Plex – Fallin’ (live cut) – Visionquest
04. Footprintz – The Things That Last Forever (Lee Curtiss Feets Up Edit) – Visionquest
05. Guy Gerber – Hate Love (Maayan Nidam Remix) – Supplemental Facts
06. Maceo Plex – Your Style – Crosstown Rebels
07. dOP – After Party (Le Loup Remix) – Life And Death
08. Footprintz – The Favorite Game (Lee Curtiss Feets Still Up Edit) – Visionquest
09. Alex Smoke – Make My Day (Ryan Crosson Morning Sorrow Remix) – Soma
10. dOP – Your Sex – Supplemental Facts
11. Whomadewho – Every Minute Alone (Tale Of Us Remix) – Life And Death
12. James Teej – Daytime Ringer – Supernature
13. Hot Natured feat. Ali Love – Forward Motion – Hot Creations
14. Kim Ann Foxman – What You Need – Mr.INTL Records

Future Disco Vol 4: Neon Nights(NEEDCD004)February 21st, 2011

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Future Disco continue to creep further into the conscious heart of the discerning music lover as it moves onto its fourth episode in the award-winning defining series with ‘Neon Nights’.

Label: Needwant
Cat no: NEEDCD004
Distribution: Under The Shade
Released: Monday February 21st, 2011

In a time where the compilation market is saturated and stale, Future Disco has achieved a cult following across the worlds of music and fashion over its three years of releases. Awarded iTunes album of the year 2009, they have crafted a winning formula exploring the boundaries of contemporary house and disco music achieved through each creative mix. 

  1. Escort – Cocaine (Greg Wilson Version)
  2. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)
  3. Stefano e Bene feat. Hard Ton – Why Your Love feat. Hard Ton (Katzbatz Remix)
  4. Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)
  5. 2020 Soundsystem – Ocean (Ray Mang Remix)
  6. Bad Rabbits – Shes Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)
  7. Hannulerauri – Zombie Tropicana
  8. Bonar Bradberry – Siula Grande (Pete Herbert Remix)
  9. Storm Queen – Look Right Through
  10. Hot Chip – Hand Me Down Your Love (Wild Geese Remix)
  11. Tape to Tape – Pure & Easy
  12. Mario Basanov – Up
  13. The Revenge – Just Be Good To Mario
  14. Filipsson – Escape From New York
  15. Kaine feat. Kathy Diamond – Love Saves the Day (Soul Clap Remix)
  16. Kaine feat. Kathy Diamond – Love Saves the Day (Original Mix)
  17. The C90s – Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)

The fourth edition ‘Neon nights’ is more mystifying and seductive than its older siblings, giving heavy nods to the inspirational eras of the 80’s and early nineties as well as the glamour of New York, handpicking a handful of current East coast stars including Escort, Jacques Renault, Storm Queen and Holy Ghost.

Moving forward from the earlier investigation of the funk of the 70s, Future Disco illustrates a present desire for the sounds of the last two decades. Synth lines and pianos are the order of the day as sultry boogie and early dance beats are thrown into the spotlight.

Some old hands join new faces for ‘Neon Nights’, with leading figures Hot Chip, The Revenge and 2020Soundsystem laid alongside exclusive tracks from Mario Basanov and Bonar Bradberry, both tipped for big things in 2011. Future Disco was one of the first to give recognition to global success stories such as Tensnake and Aeroplane and continues to discover new talents and trends through each episode.

Standout tracks appear from Storm QueenLook Right Through’, an exclusive to Future Disco from Morgan Geist of Metro Area and the glamorous Midnight MagicBeam Me up (Jacques Renault remix)’, whose peak disco sound has found love from everyone from Erol Alkan to Optimo and Faze Action.

Reinventing the meaning of a disco anthem, ‘She’s Bad’ from Bad Rabbits made a big impact earlier this summer on limited release on (one half of Wolf + Lamb) Gadi Mizrahi’s Double Standard records, and appears as a treat for those yet to discover it. Kaine feat Kathy Diamond’s Balearic inspired ‘Love Saves The Day’ brings the closing moments to life with a fusion of its original and the sublime Soul Clap remix, a great conclusion to this seamless mix of musical fruits.

Since the inception of Future Disco, the audience for its sound has spread to the far reaches of the globe, with artists such as Wolf + Lamb in New York, Soul Clap in Boston and The Revenge in the UK enjoying praise from all camps of musical persuasion. As the sound moves from the back room to the main dancefloor, Future Disco has forged a global identity, identifying and defining these musical trends.

The Future Disco global series of events continues to broaden their horizons, completing a strong summer residency at Space in Ibiza, a special ADE event in Amsterdam and continuing bi-monthly at London’s notorious Ministry Of Sound 103, Events in Singapore, Dubai, Belfast and many others are penned for 2011 with a world tour scheduled to coincide with this album release.

Carefully re-edited and mixed by Sean Brosnan, each episode comes into creation through the skilled cutting, splicing, extension and arrangement of some of the finest hand-picked records from the past, present and future, resulting in a completely unique mix. Released on Needwant records, an imprint that has established itself as a pioneer of cutting edge house and disco grooves and will be showcasing a wonderful array of new talent in 2011.

Pursuing more of an uptempo house vibe in this edition, Future Disco still taps firmly at the heart of disco and its fusion with contemporary underground dancefloor music.

Crosstown Rebels presents Rebel Rave out November 8th

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Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD011
Released: Monday November 8th, 2010

Crosstown Rebels celebrate seven years at the helm of some of the most cutting edge dance music on the planet with a compilation of their finest moments and a taste of what is yet to come.

Spanning three discs, thirty artists and three hours of inspirational music, Rebel Rave celebrates the current position of Crosstown Rebels as a global leader in electronic music output. Following in the footsteps of landmark albums including the ‘Rebel Futurism’ and ‘Get Lost’ compilation series, they collate some of the finest releases from the likes of Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, and Soul Clap.

Focusing on their most recent achievements and new artists including Deniz Kurtel, Maceo Plex, and Glimpse, Rebel Rave also touches on some key classic releases from Andre Kraml, Minilogue, and Jennifer Cardini, giving a representation of the collective vision of this unique global family. Uncovering exclusive material from Nicolas Jaar (who remixes future Rebel artist, Maceo Plex), one half of Wolf+Lamb Gadi Mizrahi (remixing the anthem that broke Seth Troxler ‘Love Never Sleeps’) and a special Rebel Rave edit of Rebels’ anthemic Laurent Garnier release.

Disc one and two are collections of musical diversity, touching on early dubstep (ShackletonNext To Nothing’), pure retro sounding house from an original house master (Dyed Soundorom VS Aaron CarlNaked’), to space disco (Brennan Green’s take on Luke Solomon’sDemons’), with many exclusive collaborations (The Royal We AKA Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson & Hector ‘Party Guilt’) and award winning music (MinilogueHitchhiker’s Choice’ which was awarded a CAD for the video).

Disc three is a special collation of Crosstown’s material by Rebel recruit, Clive Henry, who overlaps and recreates his selection of tracks to deliver them in a whole new light. Henry is a long term resident at Ibiza’s infamous DC10 and was part of the long-standing Peace Division outfit, who also released on the label. His 20 years of experience have awarded him a unique insight into the current underground musical horizon and as one of the oldest and closest friends of Crosstown Rebels, he gives a dynamic perspective on its history.

Rebel Rave ( was spawned by a series of forward-thinking films, documenting the Rebel crew’s antics and delving into their musical souls. Starting in 2008, Rebel Rave has followed the Crosstown Rebels family from London to Paris, Manchester to Berlin, New York to Detroit via Miami and San Francisco, each episode giving an honest snapshot of inside the Rebels quirky world. This year the Rebel Rave tour took the family of artists across America and Europe. 

Crosstown Rebels was formed in 2003 by former Head of A&R for London based label, City Rockers, Damian Lazarus, who was responsible for signing and releasing classics like Felix Da Housecat’s ‘Silver Screen’ and Tiga’s ‘Sunglasses’. Inspired by the new energy in international club culture and keen for some of the new and exciting electronic artists to get the attention they deserve, Lazarus formed his own label and has been delivering fresh concepts and ideas into the underground scene ever since. From dazzling events across all corners the globe including the Stink series at T Bar and DC10, room takeovers at Fabric in London and Goa in Madrid, the Rebels sound is admired and devoured from Montreal to Peru, Japan to Australia and all over Europe their fans await their next move.

Tracklisting – CD1
01. The Royal We – Party Guilt
02. Deniz Kurtel featuring Guests Of Nature – Yeah
03. Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps (Gadi Mizrahi Remix) Exclusive
04. Glimpse – If I Was Your Girl (Simon Baker’s Piano Workout Mix)
05. Dyed Soundorom featuring Aaron Carl – Naked
06. Butane – Inferno Jack (Anja Schneider Remix)
07. Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Remix)
08. Chic Miniature – Escandalo
09. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Far Away
10. Soul Clap – Action/Satisfaction
11. Maceo Plex – Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix) Exclusive 

01. Minilogue – Hitchhikers Choice
02. N/A featuring Rosina – Fables And Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
03. Peace Division featuring Pleasant Gehman – Voodoo (It’s In The Wall)
04. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky – Tuesday Paranoia
05. Jamie Jones – You!
06. Hiem – She’s The One
07. Riz MC – Don’t Sleep (Tiefschwarz Remix)
08. Rob Mello – Does It Feel Good Baby? (Vocal Mix)
09. Different Gear – One Thing More
10. Laurent Garnier – Stargazing (Rebel Rave Edit) Exclusive
11. Shackleton featuring Jackson Del Ray – Next to Nothing

CD3 Clive Henry’s Rebel Rave DJ Mix
01. George Thompson – Laid Back Snack Attack (Accapella) / Andre Kraml- Safari
02. Pier Bucci – Polaris / Dan Berkson – Circuits
03. Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps (Par Grindvik Remix – Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit) / Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps (Accapella)
04. The Royal We – Party Guilt (Accapella) / The Royal We – Party Guilt (Matthew Styles Remix)
05. Dyed Soundorom – Beautiful Eva / Deniz Kurtel – Yeah
06. Glimpse – If I Was Your Girl (Tom Demac’s Hotel Basement Remix – Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit)
07. Jamie Jones- Acerola / Jennifer Cardini – Tuesday Paranoia (Accapella)
08. Frankie Flowers – The Key (Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit) / Different Gear – One Thing More (Accapella)
09. Glimpse- If I was Your Girl (Beats Mix)
10. Peace Division – No Junk No Soul / Butane – Inferno Jack / Different Gear- One More Thing (Accapella) / Seth Troxler- Love Never Sleeps (Strings)
11. Shackleton – Next To Nothing (Exercise One Remix)
12. Dyed Soundorom- Naked / Naked (Accapella Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Re Edit)
13. Jamie Jones- Mexico
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Nicolas Jaar preps Clown & Sunset compilation

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Musical prodigy Nicolas Jaar will release a 10-track compilation through his fledgling Clown & Sunset imprint later this year.
 The digital-only release, entitled Ines, will feature Jaar’s own work alongside that of two other obscenely talented young producers, namely 17 year old Soul Keita and 20 year old Quasim.

Jaar alluded to the compilation in a recent interview with Juno Plus, saying “Clown and Sunset is the way for me to be independent and put out the music that I feel should not be on either Wolf + Lamb or Circus Company”. He described Soul Keita and Quasim as “two kids who are really young like me – no one knows them – making very beautiful music”.

Despite his tender years, Jaar has already shown a great deal of maturity and diversity in his productions, and one expects this 10 track release to offer the listener plenty of musical depth.

Ines is due for release in November – check out the full tracklisting below.


1. Nicolas Jaar – Tribute to My Mother
2. Nikita Quasim – Freshmen Year
3. Nicolas Jaar – Dubliners
4. Soul + Nico feat. Nicolas Jaar – Goin’ Bad
5. Soul Keita – Dusties n 808s
6. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype
7. Nikita Quasim – Can’t Go to Cuba
8. Clown n’ Sunset Collective – Her String
9. Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose Again
10. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype

(Juno report)

F*>K Dance, Let’s Art on !K7

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!K7 is set to release a collection of indie-electronic music from the United States, entitled F*>K Dance Let’s Art.

The compilation aims to capture the diverse and often psychedelic breed of artists who make up such newfangled genres as chill wave and witch house. Along with trendsetters Animal Collective and Crystal Castles, the CD features recent favorites like Toro Y Moi, Washed Out and Memory Tapes, plus up-and-comers such as Truman Peyote, The Phenomenal Handclap Band and oOoOO. Six of the bands hail from Brooklyn, with three coming from Triangle, the 20 Jazz Funk Greats associated label that’s helped forge the genre known as drag.

01. Baghdaddy – Hot Shit (Creep Remix)
02. Balam Acab – See Birds
03. Peter’s House Music – Body Heat
04. Small Black – Despicable Dogs
05. Toro y Moi – Fax Shadow
06. Hideous Men – Tangled
07. Slava – Anything
08. Washed Out – Feel It All Around
09. Truman Peyote – Kartwheels
10. Psychobuildings – Paradise
11. Animal Collective – My Girls
12. Crystal Castles VS HEALTH – Crimewave
13. Raw Moans – Aqua Net
14. Pictureplane – Transparent Now (Thin Veil)
15. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20 (Bim Marx Remix)
16. oOoOO – Sedsumthing
17. Memory Tapes – Bicycle (Horrors Cosmic Dub)
18. Bear in Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers

!K7 will release F*>k Dance, Let’s Art on September 28th, 2010.

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