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Blaq closes out 2010 with massive Obsidian comp due December 14th feat Stewart Walker, Derek Marin, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, more+Free Download

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Blaq proudly presents…

Various- Obsidian compilation
46 track collection feat. Stewart Walker, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, Derek Marin, and more.

ARTIST: Various

TITLE: Obsidian

RELEASE DATE: December 14th, 2010
 Free download of Sishi Roesch’s “Slow Dance”
Sishi-Rosh Slow-Dance (BLAQ049) by extramusicnew
Obsidian is a black rock that represents Mexico, its culture, its tradition, its crafts. This rock has many stories to tell. Ours is one of music, unity, collaboration, friendship, love and support. A journey into new ways of expressing life through sound, such an abstract form of art, simply beautiful and impossible to put into words.

The Obsidian compilation has lots of amazing music from around the world, you could easily drop a nice little set with just these tracks, we have all the usual Blaq records suspects sharing their love: Itzone, Dromme, Ocelli, No2, Mild Bang, Betacaroteno, Soundspace, Lila D., and Signal Deluxe.

Blaq’s close friends and family: Big Bully, Jordan Lieb, Giovanni Verga, Sishi Rosh, Inkzvolte, Vazik, Sergio Soroa, Razz, Monopolar, Dany Dior, Modulador B, Donovan, Lui Diago, Pistol Pete, Seizemorism, Milos, Funk- Shuei.

For this compilation we also have lots of amazing artists having their debut on Blaq: Stewart Walker via Derek Marin remix, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, Letkoben, Odnu, Noone, Dubdummies,
Tommi Bass, Gog, Nahutek, Mathias Springer & Spektakulära System

 Obsidian is a worldwide review of the sound of NOW, via Blaq Records from Juarez to Bratislava, Palermo to Argentina, New York to Russia, Cancun to Berlin, lots of Swedish love on this one too, and of course the beautiful city of Guadalajara is represented big time. There are no boundaries here only love!
Melted down and distilled in Mexico City.

01 Trankeelo (Derek Marin remix) – Stewart Walker
02 Gripping – Jeff Bennett
03 Prenzlauer Berg Shuffle – Tommi Bass & Mokujin
04 Slow Dance – Sishi Roesch
05 Jungle Love – Sishi Roesch
06 Final Answer – Yuri Levitas
07 Pacific Queen – Lila D.
08 A P i p Herra – Itzone
09 Aerospock – Pistol Pete
10 Architainment Field – Derek Marin
11 Butterheadz – Giovanni Verga
12 Despacio – Monopolar
13 Cat Skills – Big Bully & Jordan Lieb
14 Come to Me – Signal Deluxe & Donovan
15 Comes and Goes – Ocelli
16 Muchas Dimensones (Muchos Botones) – Dub Dummies
17 Estela Quimica – Signal Deluxe & Lui D
18 Expresion de Dos – Modulador B
19 Forward Rewind – Betacaroteno
20 Nautilius – Funk Shuei
21 Disco Freak – Soundspace
22 Hondo – Razz
23 Morning Deficit – Inkzvolte
24 Disco Blaw – Jubilee
25 Keyboardcowboys – Spektakulära System
26 Papuans – Letkolben
27 Kratom – Soundspace
28 Phosphor – Matthias Springer
29 Elements – Mild Bang
30 A Nervous Giggle – Gog
31 Like Tigers in the Backseat of My Car – Eric Ebleulel
32 Last Five Days by the Ocean – Milos
33 Motorcycle Club – Dromme
34 Pata de Elefante – Odnu
35 Bahamas – Pistol Pete & Sizemoreism
36 It’s Dark at Night – Sergio Soroa
37 Baby Making Music – Sizemoreism
38 Tierra Roja (Signal Deluxe remix) – Guajira
39 Trucos en la Mente – Ocelli
40 Tongue Tail – Vazik
41 Veneno – No2
42 Vimos a Saturno – Itzone
43 Where are you – Adrian Molinar aka Nahutek
44 Transparencia (Signal Deluxe remix) – Alexis Zua
45 Field of Joy – Danny Dior
46 Keep the calm – Splatter

Nude Photo Music presents.Gold Code-The Day After EP+Free Download

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Gold Code – The Day After EP
w/ remixes from Jonah Sharp, Basskittens, Audioelectronic, and Chris Firenze

ARTIST: Gold Code

TITLE: The Day After EP

LABEL: Nude Photo Music

RELEASE DATE: November 24th, 2010 –  exclusively on Beatport


Nice deep Journey remix
Extra Free Download

Gold Code-The Day After (Jonah Sharp Mix)-128 by extramusicnew
Rafael Zevallos-Crowe, aka Gold Code is a respected DJ and promoter in San Francisco since the mid 90s. With the launch of Nude Photo Music, Rafael was driven to refocus his musical interests into production, making great progress in a short time. With two knock-out live PA appearances under his belt – one at San Francisco’s hottest new techno underground “As You Like It”, the second one at Nude Photo Music’s debut Portland event, and releasing a very well received remix for Sergio Gregori, Gold Code follows up with “The Day After”. With this release, Rafael delves deep into the classic electro sound he helped pioneer as a DJ at legendary San Francisco techno and electro nights like Staple, Impulse, Vehicle, Minimal Mondays, Tokyo Electric, and :Code – alongside Single Cell Orchestra, Basskittens, Cybrid, Volsoc, Dave Aju, Twerk, Freaky Chakra, and many other great artists that were part of that scene. The ominous atmosphere, driving bass, classic 808 rhythms, and insistent analog acid come together in a mix that is both retro and timeless.

The Remixes
As Space Time Continuum, Jonah Sharp established himself as a pioneer in the world of electronic music. His remix of The Day After is a deep and melodic analog hardware jam, connecting with the original through a few choice sonic elements. Jon Drukman, aka Basskittens – another respected San Francisco electro pioneer took time out from his current work with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto to deliver a fierce breaks-tinged electro stomper. Chris Firenze returns with another solid techno mix, once again proving himself as the go-to techno remixer for the label. Closing out the release is a dubby tech-house reinterpretation by label head Audioelectronic.
01 The Day After (Original)
02 The Day After (Audioelectronic Mix)
03 The Day After (Jonah Sharp Mix)
04 The Day After (Chris Firenze Mix)

05 The Day After (Basskittens Mix)

About Nude Photo Music
Nude Photo Music is an independent electronic dance music label based in Portland, Oregon.

Exclusively focused on Techno, House, Minimal, and classic Electro genres, the label releases elegant, sophisticated music for the dance floor. Nude Photo Music connects classic and timeless styles with the sounds of the future.


Slam (Soma)
“Nice techy grooves – will play”

Lee Holman (Ferox, Nightvision)
“Super nice, deep & vibey versions. Love Alland’s remix.”

Deepchild (Trapez)
“Gorgeous Detroit-flavored electro and dub treatments! Lovely!”

Chris Fortier (Fade)
“Jonah Sharpe still in top form”

Download:Ombligo Sampler EP

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A powerhouse new label focused on the future of Latin music.
Check our first post for more:
Introducing OMBLIGO, new label debuts album from dubstep and electronica artist Guajira+free download

LABEL: Ombligo
Free Download “OMBLIGO Sampler EP” .

1. Guajira – Guajira (Featuring Licky Moreno y Solar)
2. Capo – Imposible
3. Signal Deluxe – Dos Lunas
4. Dios y Patria – Parque Mexico

Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!

Derek Marin – Outside In EP w/ Funk Shuei remix(free download)

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ARTIST: Derek Marin
TITLE: Outside In EP
LABEL: Dialtone
RELEASE DATE: October 27th, 2010

Free download of “Funk Shuei edit”

Derek Marin is the newest signing on Dialtone. This new EP called Outside In has 3 strong originals and an edit from Dialtone owners Funk Shuei. Derek has already had a spate of successful releases on Thoughtless, Plastic City and Subtrak. “Outside In” is a minimal house track fueled with drums. “Scratch Off Ticket” has an amazing techno-ish vibe with his particular blend all over the place. “Unbirthday Dub”, like the name says, is a deep, dubby original perfect for those early sets or after-hours. And last but not least, “Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)” is minimal house in all its splendor with a techy groove and their cut out vocals trademark. Hope you like it as much as we do!

01 Outside In (Dub Drums Mix)
02 Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)
03 Scratch Off Ticket
04 Unbirthday Dub

Dialtone featured this week in Ibiza Voice

Support From
Kabuto & Koji, Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, and

Signal Deluxe [Blaq, Trenton]
Derek Marin on Dialtone!! can’t go wrong here! We like all originals and Funk Shuei’s remix too will support this one for sure, will rock it this weekend, thanks for sending, much love!

Sean Danke [Affin]
Top EP. “Unbirthday Dub” is my favorite, luv it. FULL SUPPORT.

Jonra Babiracki [Designforms]
Cool release will give it some play for sure.

Anthony Pappa [EQ]
All of the tracks are really good. My favourite is “Scratch Off Ticket” and l will play this out.

Noah Pred [Thoughtless Music]
Big fan of Derek’s deep Brooklyn dubs!

Light [InfraDigrecords]
“Outside In dub drums” mix and “Funk Shuei edit” are for me.

Slam [Soma Recordings]
Cool trax – will play – thanx guys.

Deepchild [Trapez]
Unbirthday Dub! Yeah, dope….proper!

Alland Byallo [liebe*detail]
Dub Drums mix is quite nice! Unbirthday dub is really unique and sweet too. Nice work.

Chris Fortier [Fade]
Love Derek’s stuff .

Tyler Stadius [Proton Radio]
Deep, dubby & delightful. Nice!

Andrea Ferlin [Sleep Is Commercial]
“Scratch Off Ticket” for me.
Kev Obrien [Stanjjur NYC]
“Scratch Off Ticket” is very nice.. super tight groove, will try this one out.

Pat Fontes [Airdrop]
Thanks so much for sending me these!!! Fan of Derek’s Thoughtless Music release and feeling this one! Great tunage!

Blinky [Kiss FM]
Awesome. “Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)”

Aaron Lee [Nightshade]
Nice! “Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)”

Denis Alentieff [Loveparade]
Good release! Thanks.

Jordi Riera [underClubb!]
Unbirthday Dub is the one for me! Love that pretty vibe, very atmospheric with lots of feelings.

Introducing OMBLIGO, new label debuts album from dubstep and electronica artist Guajira+free download

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OMBLIGO proudly presents…Guajira – Aguardiente LP
A powerhouse of dubstep, rock, and Latin music

ARTIST: Guajira
TITLE: Aguardiente LP
LABEL: Ombligo
RELEASE DATE: October, 18th 2010

Formed last Christmas after an impromptu studio jam, Guajira kicks off the newly formed Ombligo imprint with a debut album that defies comparisons. The core of the band includes the best of the Mexico City techno scene – Signal Deluxe’s Jerga and Valeria as well as Monopolar and Razz of Pantamuzik. Together they’ve concocted a hybrid of electronica, Latin music, and guitar psychedelia that combines the forward thinking elements of techno music with the grittiness of an alternative rock band. According to Monopolar, the main idea [was] to deliver an honest album from Latin-American musicians that love USA/European electronic music. We want to be really rooted on what we are, to show that we come from a musically rich part of the world, to reflect the music we hear everyday in our everyday life. But at the same time we reject all kind of clichés associated with the “latino” rhythmic thing. So basically our compositions try to show that balance. We invited singers and lyricists that belong to very authentic underground scenes in Peru and Mexico, so the lyrics also speak about identity, fears and hopes of our society.” The result is an album that stretches beyond national boundaries and taps into the timeless universal that is music’s greatest gift and still manages to grab listeners by the rump and shake it.

“Guajira is something really blended. Mexico and Argentina are (along with Chile) the least African-influenced countries in América, so it’s natural that Signal and Razz have no black elements in their compositions and playing. What I brought to the Guajira’s sound as a Peruvian is the syncopated use of cajón and its very recognizable wooden sound on the tracks “Colibrí “and “Perla” and the “reggaeton/cumbia” pattern on “Atiza”, “Guajira”, and “Isadora”, heavily processed through the electronic sensibility of Jerga and Valeria [SIGNAL DELUXE]. Besides that, a lot of elements from Peruvian music show up along the record (the voices and the lyrics, the use of charango, a little Andean guitar on “Colibrí” and “Tamarindo”). “Tierra Roja” samples a Brazilian Amazonic Indian speaking about deforestation and “Atiza” and “Macondo” both sample Zapatista leaders. In the end, Guajira is really a tight mix of many, many elements that reflect actually how different we are among Latin Americans from different countries and how Mexico can become a sort of melting pot.” – Humberto Polar

Download Title track HERE Guajira -Guajira (Featuring Licky Moreno y Solar) by extramusicnew

1. 21 Utopias (Featuring Grace)
2. Guajira (Featuring Licky Moreno y Solar)
3. Macondo
4. El King De La Sala (Featuring Eric El NIño)
5. Tierra Roja
6. Aguardiente (Featuring Eric El Niño)
7. Isadora
8. Perla
9. Atiza
10. Silk Also
11. Colibri (Featuring Sofía Butrón)
12. Bonus track: Aguardiente (Dubmix)

GUAJIRA is an electronic band hailing from Mexico City featuring Humberto Polar (Monopolar) (guitar), Jerga (Signal Deluxe) (bass), Valeria (Signal Deluxe) (keyboards and electronics), and Pablo Orsolini (Razz) (percussion). GUAJIRA is a word that can be understood anywhere in Latin America, even though its meaning can change from country to country. GUAJIRA is also the name of a new project in which four talented musicians from three different countries join their skills.
Introducing OMBLIGO

OMBLIGO is a brand new digital label based in Mexico City, an international conduit for a wide spectrum of alternative musics with Latin American roots – ranging from electronic forms such as dubstep and techno to post-modernist expansions of current folk forms, and even some blistering indie rock to keep things diverse.

Expect releases this year from the new electronic supergroup GUAJIRA – featuring members of Monopolar and Signal Deluxe, red-hot Mexican rock band CAPO delivers the goods on Un Corazon Se Quema, while underground techno and dubstep sensations SIGNAL DELUXE drop their long-anticipated full length A Morning Filled with One Hundred Million Suns.


Issac Releases Pickles EP on We Are Here with support from Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, and Digweed+Free Download

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We Are Here proudly presents…Issac – Pickles EP

 ARTIST: Issac

TITLE: Pickles EP

LABEL: We Are Here
RELEASE DATE: September 29th, 2010

Issac – The Shield (We Are Here Records)(WAH022) (video)

Issac – July 2010 Live Mix (Essence 03 For Pure.FM)

We Are Here returns with this soon-to-be classic two tracker from veteran producer Issac receiving strong support from both Sasha and John Digweed. “Pickles” focuses on strong melodies and well-structured late night grooves for something that is both danceable as well as emotionally evocative. On the flipside, “The Shield” retains the dark, late night vibe but opts for thundering tribal beats and restrained melodies that straddle the line between epic progressive house and the dirtier, physical strains of tech-house for an extremely memorable track.
01 Pickles (Original Mix)
02 The Shield (Original Mix)
Download/Listen Pickles
Issac – Pickles (WAH022) by extramusicnew

Issac bio
Issac is a Mexican young producer that started his DJ career a the age of 17th. Right away he began sharing the decks with some of the best Mexican DJs. In 2004 he made the move to New York City and began producing and has been developing and growing his sound majestically. The positive reactions to his music began almost immediately with support from Sasha & John Digweed among others. Since then Issac has been busy in the studio and has been signed by great and prestigious labels around the world, releasing tracks on We Are Here Records, Stripped Recordings, and Loöq Records. His music has been played from the tops all around the planet.

We Are Here bio
We Are Here started as successful private parties in the largest city of the world Mexico City, created by Tini Tun. Parties that required quality sound system and an exquisite selection of electronic underground music, having Tini as the Resident Dj. Later on, it turned into a whole concept of dj roster, electronic events and a record label to complete the music circle.

Mexico’s most respected Dj whose talent crossed frontiers, being acknowledged in North America and Europe. He achieved a residency at Twilo NYC, one of the most prestigious electronic club in the world, pleasing exigent crowds with his amazing flawless djing sets. John Digweed presented him as the first mexican Dj to appear on his radio show Kiss FM, turning him in a truly Dj of international category. He has released several tracks on important labels like, Global Underground (Nick Warren Shanghai GU28), Fade, Automatic Records UK, Acute Recordings, Antahkarana, Sony-BMG (Love Parade Mexico), Tini Tun proudly presents his own record label: We Are Here as an output for both, his own productions as well as other unreleased music from talented producers around the world.

The label will focus on digital and special editions for vinyl with the creative artwork design of Quecho.

Support From
2000 and One, Luca Ortega, CP, Tini Tun, and Kabuto & Koji,

John Digweed (Bedrock)
“Thanks Issac, I will listen”

Sasha (EmFire)
“Thanks mate – Nice tracks again”

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance)
“Really like Issac stuff, “The Shield” is doing great in my sets”

Orde Meikle (Slam)
“Nice trax – will try out.”

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music)
“Serious big room business on the A-side, no messin’ around! Well done.”

Anthony Pappa
“Both tracks are really good. My favourite is “Pickles” and l will play this out.

Alland Byallo (liebe*detail)
“The Shield is dope!!!”

Tyler Stadius (Proton Radio)
“…Pickles must really go down well on the big systems.”

Tedd Patterson (Cielo)
“I like it!”

Yamil Colucci
“Very good as always. Thanks”

Derek Marin (SUBTRAK)
“Loving “the Shield”, it’s refreshing to hear some light in an otherwise dark world. ”

Fine Cut Bodies (CHi Recordings)
“Nice choonz here thanx!”

Vazik (Sound Of Earth)
“Really cool EP, loving the feeling and atmosphere on both tracks, great job!”

Light (InfraDig)
“Nice work from Issac here! my favorite is the Shield. but I will try Pickles too and I will support this WAH EP like always. Thanks”

Federico Epis
“Thx “The Shield” for me!”

Jonra Babiracki (Designforms)
“Pickles is the one will put in my rotation”

Alex Aguilar (Bit Records)
“Great tracks Tini! Full support!”

Soundspace (Blaq)
“Issac does it again! This boy is a bomb maker, I’m sure this EP will have the same or even more possitive answers as his past ones! Full support.”

Justin Sloe (Culprit Recordings)
“I don’t often play stuff like this but these are both quality tracks that I can see wrecking a dancefloor. The Shield is a monster.”

Andrew Grant (Barraca)
“Some deep tripy music-me likes”
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!

MalLabel Music releases The Magic Hour LP by San Francisco dubstep duo Blackheart+Free Downloads

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ARTIST: Blackheart
TITLE: The Magic Hour LP
LABEL: MalLabel Music

Free download Dialers
California is becoming the hub for an emerging mutant strain of dubstep that combines glitch, old school coastal rave breaks, and outdoor sound system culture. Think Burning Man meets Road Warrior and you’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the engine that drives veteran MalLabel recording artists Blackheart. Hailing from San Francisco, this pair of ne’er-do-wells certainly brings the hammer down with tough beats on this seven track mini LP, teaming up with some of the US dubstep scene’s biggest talents Bukkha, Ceeker, and Rastatronics to indulge in a festival of paint peeling bass lines and coarse synth melodies. But Blackheart also has the skills to make it funky, laying down hard core hyphy beats that pay close attention to the ghettotech pioneers from Detroit and the new school cats from Baltimore. But what makes these guys so amazing is their synth work – this album is comprised entirely of melodies sculpted out of pure techno influences – from old R&S to new Perlon; Blackheart hasn’t forgotten that dubstep is still music for dancing. “Creature Funk” opens the album with raunchy, chuggy, driving stepper while “Dialers,” “Madhouse,” and “Kik Mah Boots” provide the straight-forward, driving anthems.

Artwork by Ben Keyser

01 Creature Funk
02 Dialers w/ Ceeker Free Download
03 Madhouse w/ Bukkha
04 Digital Breath w/ Rastatronics
05 Kik Mah Boots
06 Madhouse w/ Bukkha (Ceeker Remix)
07 Hyperlink

DOWNLINK – “I can’t stop nodding my head, The Magic Hour LP is so fresh! Can’t wait to drop these tunes at my next show.”

6BLOCC – “BLACKHEART = CREEPY, MUSICAL, GRIMEY. I’m definitely droppin this!

DJ Odeed from HD4000 – “Blackheart has done it once again,a diverse album with a little bit of everything for everyone”

Ceeker – “This album is mass hypnoid suggestion.”

Ultraviolet – “Creature Funk is in constant rotation right now, big ups!”

Bukkha – “The Magic Hour LP is a continuous facemelting listen.”

Dub Pirates – “Blackheart holding it down, we love this album, big things.”

Blackheart bio
Formed in 2007, the San Francisco duo BLACKHEART has a unique vision of dubstep filtered through through the classic coastal break sound and the West Coast’s ubiquitous outdoor sound system culture, While their sound may be difficult to categorize, their ability to pack and rock a dance floor is undeniable. Each member has a diverse history in San Francisco’s electronic dance music scene, and as BLACKHEART have taken root in the burgeoning West Coast dubstep scene. The duo already has a discography that spans an handful of some of the US’s most prized labels, including Full Melt, Bassism, Filthy Digital, Savory Audio, and also MalLabel. Their remixes of 6Blocc’s “Bad Boy” and DZ’s “Untitled Facemelter” on MalLabel proved to be dancefloor destroyers, and their latest – “The Magic Hour LP” – is filled from beginning to end with the same vibey West Coast darkness. You can usually catch BLACKHEART live at either a MalLabel or Redline underground event – every 6-8 weeks somewhere around San Francisco. Expect more noise in the future from this rising pair of standouts.

Download the exclusive Blackheart Studio Mix 2010
MalLabel Music bio
MalLabel is a SF based music label and production company whose goal is to promote new music in creative, non-traditional event environments. MalLabel Music’s philosophy is to release dance-floor banging beatz. and produce underground interactive art events that promote label artists and headliners.

MalLabel Music has released tracks from emerging dubstep artists such as:
the Widdler,
the Faun.

The MalLabel roster includes:
El Diablo
Mycho Pan Cocoa

Label Principles
A. Produce, release, and license bass heavy dance floor oriented music with a
west coast flavor.
B. Create, film and record art inspired underground events that feature local
music and large name acts.
C. Promote MalLabel music, photos, video, and event information easily to our
targeted audience through

For more info on MalLabel Music:

For more info on Blackheart:

Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!