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Forrest. – ‘Shiny Suit Man’ EP

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Beverly Hills (Original Mix) - Forrest.
Since his first single ‘Masquerade’ dropped on vinyl just over a year ago, Forrest’s profile has continued to rise, with releases on Noir Music and Mobilee and forthcoming on Visionquest.

Forrest’s latest release, his debut for Midnight Vision, demonstrates his intense and versatile sound. The lead track ‘Shiny Suit Man’ blends hypnotic, cheeky vocals with dusty drums to create a roller, which sounds great both in the headphones and on the dancefloor. ‘My Factory’ continues on the deep tip and mixes vocal samples and modulating synth lines to create a smokey atmosphere. ‘My Factory’s’ slinky bassline drives the track along and will get any floor moving… ‘Beverly Hills’ teases us with an uncomplicated arrangement of slick house with sustained strings providing the tension and a great use of a female vocal sample. Closing the EP, new kids on the block Bodhi bring a garage swing to their remix of Shiny Suit Man kicks, their introduction of heavy syncopated 808’s paired with shuffling synths bring a new flavour to the EP.

Track List: 
 1. Shiny Suit Man 2. My Factory 3. Beverly Hills 4. Shiny Suit Man (Bodhi Remix)

Wareika – Wternal!

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WareikaThe innovative Hamburg three piece touring live band,Wareika deliver an energetic and innovative full length album for Visionquest’s pinnacle label. ‘Wternal!’ follows previous album projects on Perlon and Tartelet. For Wareika recording a track is like taking a photograph of an idea, only captured in its present form as it is in a constant flow. Through this creative process they allow their music to truly become alive, ever­changing and eternal, and so became ‘Wternal!’

A magnetic reflection of their revolutionary live set, sonically daring and instrumentally traversing across the distant plains of traditional folk and Balkan­Jazz to a strange meeting with balearic soul and garden house through clever use of vintage synthesisers and dubby rhythms. The quirky trio give a salute to musical freedom and their humble beginnings through thirteen original free­flowing tracks in ‘Wternal!’.

Label: Visionquest
Cat no: VQCD004
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday October 14th, 2013


  1. WIntro
  2. All These People Around Me
  3. The Floors Morphosis
  4. The Black Sea
  5. WInterlude
  6. Five Edges
  7. All Little Things
  8. Ocean’s Drive
  9. La Poloma
  10. Madame Scorpion (feat. Derek Kamm)
  11. After Berlin
  12. Wternal

Dinky – Dimension D

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Dinky – Dimension D

Visionquest Unveils Dinky’s ‘Dimension D’

Released June 24

Dinky makes her evolution from inaugural DJ to singer songwriter and front stage performer with ‘Dimension D’ on Visionquest.

The project shows a tender side to the Chilean mistress and unravels a voice as delicate as paper caught dancing in the wind. Within each track she transforms into a new character to tell complex stories about relationships and encounters, capturing episodes of her life from New York to Berlin and back to her Chilean roots. Dinky structures the music with the looseness of jazz, the ethereal vocals of modern stars such as Beth Gibbons and Goldfrapp, while softly embedding the rhythm of the night.

Alejandra Del Pilar Iglesias Rivera was named Dinky by her sister at birth. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, as a child she studied Ballet and the Suzuki method of piano before relocating to New York to become a contemporary dancer.

Her drive to make music brought her to Berlin a decade ago where she quickly became a dominant force in dance music, making her mark through releases on Carpark, Cocoon, Ostgut, and the critically acclaimed ‘Anemik’ album in 2009 on Mathew Jonson’s Wagon Repair. Her fifth studio album, ‘Dimensions’ sees her evolve into singer­songwriter and performer and take on a new musical direction.

Long term friends with the Visionquest collective from their hedonistic days residing in Berlin, Dinky’s fresh approach fits within their ethereal and other­worldly style and follows the Footprintz album earlier this year.

Matthew Styles also coproduced and mixed the album and will perform the album live in a series of dates this summer.


“Dimension D” is a space where darkness and lightens meet and co­exist. In each song there is a different story, personality and voice but they are also all one person who is changing their skin as time passes by.

It took me almost 3 years to complete this album. I wanted to take my music to a new level, detach myself from the rules of dance music and submerge myself in fantasy. During the last few years I have been studying jazz, classical guitar & piano, as well as trained in singing to perfect my own style of performing and songwriting. I grew up with bands like Cocteau Twins, The Cramps, Massive Attack, Chris Isaak and Mazzy Star and those influences are a big part of my musical identity.

I also love surf music, especially the dreamy guitar tone that resembles the sea waves. I used a lot of guitar in the album, mainly in an unconventional way so it transforms into something else. I am inspired by nature and tried to achieve natural sounds; the sea, insects, forest and animals ,these are all music to my ears.”

Footprintz – Escape Yourself(album preview) Out 18th March

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Visionquest Reveal Footprintz Debut Album 'Escape Yourself'


A1. The Things That Last Forever
A2. Heaven Felt Like Night
A3. Utopia
B1. The Favourite Game
B2. Private Enemy
B3. The Invisible
C1. Uncertain Change
C2. Zanzibar
C3. Dangers Of The Mouth
D1. The Fear Of Numbers
D2. The Nightingale
D3. Keys To The Sky

More info

You can pre-order it here:

Stream: Guy Gerber + Clarion’s ‘Claire’ (Visionquest)

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Guy Gerber + Clarion's 'Claire' (Visionquest)Guy Gerber is back with another release for the ever excellent Visionquest label. ‘Claire’ sees Gerber re-unite with Clarian North (Footprintz) with whom he previously collaborated with on his critically acclaimed fabric compilation (fabric 61).

Gerber has been on a prolific stretch of late that encompasses his fabric CD, ‘Steady’ for his own Supplement Facts, and ‘The Mirror Game’ EP for Visionquest. It was a creative outpouring that reminded listeners that his emotive take on dance music marks him as one of the scene’s most singular talents, and was rewarded when Resident Advisor readers voted him their No 2 Live Act of 2012.

Visionquest Reveal Footprintz Debut Album ‘Escape Yourself’

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Visionquest Reveal Footprintz Debut Album 'Escape Yourself'Every journey has its beginning, and as the opening chords of ‘The Things That Last Forever’ give way to a hypnotic bassline, you know you’re on your way. Basslines form a key part of the Footprintz sound, acting as an anchor from which vocal melodies, synth lines and warm chords weave around in an often psychedelic style. Debut single, ‘Utopia’, exemplifies this ethic with its synth flirtations and optimistic vocal musings adding layers upon a solid core.

As Clarian and Addy say, “We wanted to work around a concept of escaping the confused years of growing up. 16-25, those are the years where you’re figuring yourself out, going through the motions of meeting different people and finding new things”.Tracks like ‘Uncertain Change’ and recent single ‘Dangers of The Mouth’ tackle this subject head on, focusing on the insecurities that arise from growing up. ‘Zanzibar’ takes a lighter approach, touching on the innocence of youth that brings with it, its own simple pleasures.

What becomes apparent throughout ‘Escape Yourself’ is a real craftsmanship toFootprintz’s songwriting. Each track reveals a little more on each listen, aided by the slick production work, done predominantly by the guys themselves in their Montreal bunker studio full of analogue equipment, odd instruments and a fridge laden with ‘special brownies’; which goes some way to explain a noirish-haze that permeates through the album.

Having met at an afterparty aged 15, Clarian North & Adam Hunter have experienced most of their adult life together. ‘Escape Yourself’ distills their experiences, wraps them in a warm analogue fuzz and shares them with the listener. You join them on their journey, and deep down they hope it helps you shape your own.

Henry Saiz – The Cryptozoologist EP (Bedrock) (Preview)

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Henry Saiz
The Cryptozoologist EP
1.The Cryptozoologist
(Bedrock) BEDDIGI27
Release: 19.11.12
Cryptozoology, the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the Loch Ness monster and the yeti, is something that Henry Saiz finds deeply intriguing. His love of exoticism and strange natural/organic sounds (his own label is called Natura Sonoris – which means Nature of Sound) provide the fuel for this latest stunning Bedrock release.

“The Cryptozoologist” has an instantly striking, mysterious Andean / Peruvian melodic influence that harks back to cultures shrouded in the mysteries of time, creating a truly haunting track. “Uncharted” is equally hypnotic and enthralling and yet distinctly different. Henry is using a lot of analogue vintage gear to create his music, which is giving him a very distinct sound, a path that will lead to his hotly awaited debut artist album (due out in April 2013) on which he will delve totally into and explore an analogue world (

Henry’s critically acclaimed “Balance 019” album, released in 2011, was the catalyst for his star potential explode around the globe. His superb collaboration with Guy J (“Meridian”) and his solo track (“La Marea”) for the landmark Bedrock 100 release, were of the highest level of quality and his most recent release, “Our Discovery” (Natura Sonoris), became a huge Ibiza hit this summer, with supporters including John Digweed, Sasha, M.A.N.D.Y., Luciano, Visionquest, Danny Howells and many others. Henry Saiz is undoubtedly an extraordinarily talented young producer who is simply too exciting to be ignored!

Further info: