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Escape From Chicago: Loose Squares Comp Vol. 1(Stream)

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This is the first compilation from Loose Squares-—a showcase of what’s next in footwork and bass music.Escape From Chicago brings together a stable of established stars and emerging producers from just about everywhere but footwork’s birthplace. These diverse producers are incorporating new influences, blurring stylistic boundaries, and showing everybody else what’s next.

A quick run-down of who’s involved: we’ve got Bristol-based bass music pioneer Atki2 (Punch Drunk, Frijsfo Beats, Werk Discs), Russia’s rising star Pixelord (Civil Music, Leisure System, Hyperboloid), Detroit’s Ghettotech legend DJ Godfather (Databass, Juke Trax), Venezuela-via-Barcelona RBMA alumnusCardopusher (Iberian, Shockout, LoDubs), UK bass badmen LV & Mumdance (Hyperdub, Mad Decent, Keysound), and post-jungle experimenters Dawn Day Night & Emilski (Exit Records). Add to this some fresh new faces—-Actraiser, 618, Nickotine, and Hesk, and you have a seriously stunning lineup of astonishing, groundbreaking tunes. Quite simply put, this comp is the future.

Various Artists
TITLE: “Escape From Chicago”
FORMAT: Digital LP
LABEL: Loose Squares
RELEASE DATE: Oct 29, 2012
1. Atki2 – “When Fire Starts”
2. 618 – “Freak You”
3. Pixelord – “Footpork”
4. Actraiser – “Lost In The Jungle”
5. DJ Godfather – “Bring It Back”
6. Nickotine – “Crack”
7. Cardopusher – “Donde Estan Las Mujeres”
8. LV & Mumdance – “Steak Night”
9. Hesk – “Won’t Be Satisfied”
10. Dawn Day Night & Emilski – “Invisible Hand”


Lukid – Chord

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London-based producer Lukid will release his third album this month, entitled Chord.

Despite having just three records under his belt so far, Lukid has carved out a distinctive sound for himself that lies somewhere between experimental hip-hop acts like Flying Lotus and UK-based artists such as Actress––the latter of whom will release Chord via his Werk Discs imprint. Writing about his 2008 album Foment, Oli Marlow described Lukid’s style as having a “low-slung, late night pace” and “punchy post-Dilla drum programming.” The new album will feature three tracks from that CD-only release (hence making their vinyl debut), plus eight brand new tunes. It will be available exclusively as a triple-LP, with a limited pressing of 500 copies.

A1 Chord
B1 Veto
B2 Rags
C1 Hair Of The Dog
C2 Child Of The Jago
D1 Saddlebags
D2 Through Gritted Teeth
E1 Lego
E2 Spiller
F1 Stripes
F2 Makes

Werk Discs will release Chord in October 2010.

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download Egyptrixx- Xlr8r Podcast 133

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Egyptrixx (a.k.a.David Psutka) has been fiddling with beats for years; as this exclusive mix—which happens to be packed with unreleased and unsigned selections—shows, Psutka’s knowledge runs deep, allowing him to thoughtfully pull from house, techno, dubstep, UK funky, and whatever other genres he needs (gothy drone rock, anyone?) to create a unique sound that he likes to refer to as “celestial club music.” With appearances booked across Europe and North America this summer, Egyptrixx is poised to take a whole lot of clubbers much deeper than they’re accustomed to going.

download Egyptrixx- Xlr8r Podcast 133

01 Egyptrixx “Start from the Beginning”
02 Audion “Push” (Spectral Sound)
03 Egyptrixx “Bible Eyes”
04 Art Nouveau “Paradise”
05 Brodinski “Arnold Classics (Egyptrixx RMX)” (Grizzly)
06 Actress “Ivy May Gilpin” (Werk Discs)
07 Brackles “6am El Gordos” (Brainmath)
08 Ramadanman “Glut” (Hemlock)
09 Untold “Anaconda (Guarachero Refix)”
10 Terror Danjah “Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)” (Butterz)
11 Sigha “Rawwww” (Hotflush)
12 Trust “Trinity”
13 Warning “Magic Castle” (Vertigo)

Actress “Splazsh”!(Preview)

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Uk’s electronic producer Darren Cunningham aka Actress with a new record “Splazsh”!

Listen Below/Buy

Actress new album Splazsh

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Werk Discs manager Darren Cunningham, AKA Actress, will release his second album this May on Honest Jon’s Records.

Cunningham has been an active member of the UK’s underground music scene since the turn of the millennium, both as an artist and a label head. He cut his teeth DJing alongside Kode9 at Hyperdub’s early club nights, then released his first record as Actress in 2004. That same year, Cunningham launched his record label, Werk Discs, which pressed early 12-inches by Starkey and Radioclit as well as Zomby’s first full-length. In 2008, after four years of silence, Cunningham released Hazyville, a stark and enigmatic debut album whose title perfectly suits its general aesthetic. On record, Cunningham’s sound is murky, rough-edged, and unpredictable–a style he describes as “black world wizardry” and that’s earned him comparisons to Theo Parrish, Newworldaquarium and Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir.

According to Cunningham, Splazsh will be more stylistically diverse than his debut album. “Hazyville was heavily locked into a certain mood aesthetic,” he said in an interview with Resident Advisor. “[Splazsh] is not a concentrated sound working from the same palette. It’s blocky and dispersively fragmented.” The new record will be available on vinyl and CD as well as via digital download.

01. Hubble
02. Lost
03. Futureproofing
04. Bubble Butts And Equations
05. Always Human
06. Get Ohn (Fairlight Mix)
07. Maze
08. Purrple
09. Splazsh
10. Senorita
11. Let’s Fly
12. Wrong Potion
13. Supreme Cunnilingus
14. The Kettle Men
15. Casanova

Honest Jon’s will release Actress’s Splazsh on May 17th, 2010.(RA)