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Pillow Talk Announce Debut LP Je Ne Sais Quoi on Wolf + Lamb

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Pillow Talk Announce Debut LPSan Francisco threepiece live band PillowTalk are surprising dance music treasures. Manipulating pop melodies, classic R&B, soul and boogie into the loose rhythms of house music and performing live on stages in nightclub settings across the world, they have bridged an impossible gulf between worlds and created new expectations for electronic producers and live musicians alike.

Their success is twofold, for not only are they stand out performers capturing the stage with Sammy D’s bold and sultry vocals, multiinstrumentalist Ryan Williams’ dextrous guitar and keys and Mikey Tello’s fluid synth work (not to mention their matching classic black tie attire) they are also musical chameleons. As comfortable creating the upbeat 80sinspired synthpop heard in lead single ‘Lullaby’, as the psychedelic funk of ‘We All Have Rhythm’ and the classic rock and roll of ‘Devil’s Run’, PillowTalk also adeptly deliver slow electronic ballads (‘Naive’) and house driven anthems (‘If I Try’) for their eloquent debut LP, ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ on their home label Wolf + Lamb. A soundtrack to long nights, lazy days and the hazy space between sleeping and waking, the record spans everything you want from the band: sunsplashed jams, peaktime party tunes and lowlit moments of intimacy.

Pillow Talk – Je Ne Sais Quoi
Format:Artist Album
Label:Wolf + Lamb
Catalog No:WLM35
Release Date:March 17th, 2014

01. Intro
02. We All Have Rhythm
03. Devil’s Run a
04. Slim’s Night Out
05. Lullaby t
06. Meet Me In The Dark
07. The Night I Met Luther
08. If I Try s
09. Homesick
10. Naive
11. 4 Walls
12. LA To The Bay
13. The Outcast

Wolf & Lamb Announce Sophomore LP ‘Versus’ October 22 Release

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With all its ups and downs, its climaxes and pitfalls, epic victories and sudden u-turns, the true story of Wolf + Lamb echoes the wisdom of fellow New York wiseass Woody Allen, who once remarked that “a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.”

Together Zev the wolf and Gadi the lamb have kept the shark alive for over a decade by embracing the courage to venture into uncharted waters—forever plumbing the depths, riding the waves, and scouting new horizons. Whether assuming the roles of production duo, DJ team, or label owners, Zev and Gadi have written every page of their true story with wit, ingenuity, disarming warmth, and good old Brooklyn swagger.

Strong-willed and staunchly independent, the two have resolutely steered clear of conventions and the expectations of others, always believing that the only way forward is to follow the beat of your own inner drum, no matter where it takes you. In recent years audiences the world over have resonated with this singular vision, eschewing minimal machismo fist pumps and embracing Wolf + Lamb’s glittery head-banded hug.

‘Versus’, Zev and Gadi’s follow-up LP, reveals the sharks at their most people friendly. Rhodes-drenched, Berry Gordy sunshine vibes are in full effect throughout. The seven tracks on ‘Versus’ exemplify a remarkable cross-pollination of genres, a true testament to the intense, ‘it takes a village’ spirit of collaboration among the artists in the Wolf & Lamb aquarium.

The LP kicks off with “Real Love,” an electronic duet with San Francisco’s PillowTalk. A sparse, airy kick and lackadaisical, scale-climbing bass line complement a vocoder-drenched croon, evoking nothing less than an R&B version of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works. In the album’s next track, “Fo Porter,” butter soft vocals from Voices of Black (“I want it/I need it/I just can’t get enough/I hold it/I squeeze it/I just won’t give it up”) complement lush orchestral arrangements, doing for hip-hop inflected dance music what Metro Area does for disco.

“In the Morning,” an after the after party, hands to the air entry into the house of god, will instantly conjure up for those lucky enough to have visited the Marcy the familiar image of Gadi’s hands feeling up the wall in ecstasy while Zev soldiers through the groove. “Weekend Affair,” perhaps the real standout of an all-round exemplary album, punctuates stuttering, oscillating synths with a ferocious cowbell and moaned vocals, continuing a long-standing New York tradition of sexualized Downtown funk.

The gorgeous “Serpentine,” with its kettle-drum compression worthy of Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight” and atmospheric vocals from French chanteuse Rap Lisa, is rounded out by the it’s a perfect ending to the album, a moment of calm before the sharks, always on the move, start circling again.

Wolf + Lamb’s debut album was released in 2010 and planted the duo on the map. Critical praise from everyone from The Guardian newspaper to the cover of DJ mag ensued as the world embraced their novel concept. The W+L partnership consists of a DJ duo, production outfit, family of labels and New York City venue, the Marcy Hotel, a space that functions as a recording studio, a home to their free thinking artists and sporadically, a nightclub.

Since then they have continued to share their time between Berlin, Miami and New York, habitually locked in sessions at their shifting studio space with their adopted musical family. The results of these sessions have been building towards their full follow up, scheduled for early 2013. In the meantime, ’Versus’ celebrates the depth of their connections and continuous desire to create and unleash innovative music to warm the soul.

Album: Wolf + Lamb ‘Versus’ LP
Format: Longplayer
Cat No: WLM26
Label: Wolf + Lamb
Released: 22nd October 2012


1. Real Love feat. PillowTalk
2. Weekend Affair feat. Soul Clap
3. Fo Porter feat. Voices Of Black
4. World Turning feat. Casey Gibbs and Night Plane
5. In The Morning
6. Serpentine feat. Rap Lisa
7. Close To You feat. Greg Paulus

Deniz Kurtel Announces New Album “The Way We Live” (Wolf + Lamb)& Cross Country LED Tour+Teaser

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Deniz Kurtel Crosses America for ‘Double Exposure’ Tour
Visual Artist and Producer Will Unveil Her New LED Installation
‘The Introspectacular’ While Previewing Tracks From
Her Forthcoming Album “The Way We Live” (Wolf + Lamb)

Last year Deniz Kurtel burst into the popular consciousness with her debut album “Music Watching Over Me” on trendsetting label Crosstown Rebels, earning critical praise for her totally fresh take on house music, and bewitching live audio visual club shows. 2012 will see her once again captivating audiences with her musical

productions and visual art, as her April road tour, ‘Double Exposure’ takes her across the US.

A two pronged tour, ‘Double Exposur
“Double Exposure” is the second time Kurtel has paired a piece of LED art directly with her music, but marks the first time where the audience will be able to affect the experience. ‘The Introspectacular’, like much of Kurtel’s LED work, establishes an isolated space where the infinite reflections and layers of depth, achieved through her use of mirrors and LEDs, create a stimulus for inner-reflection and introspection. Housed in a 6×12 enclosed trailer, participants can control some of the LED lights via the keys of a midi controller, which simultaneously produces sounds, creating a visual mapping of what the participant is hearing and vice-versa.e’ will see Deniz will unveil her new LED sculpture ‘The Introspectacular’ while premiering her album ‘The Way We Live’ at 15 club shows in 12 cities around the country including Miami, Washington DC, New York, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The tour kicks off in Washington DC on April 7 and concludes in San Francisco on April 29. ‘The Way We Live’ will be released on Wolf + Lamb June 4th, 2012.

With the ability to generate a sound and a light with the same key, I wanted to facilitate a deeper connection with the basic senses of the participants while also engaging their sense of creativity,” said Kurtel of The Introspectacular.

Kurtel will drive across America towing ‘The Introspectacular”. The piece will be exhibited in twelve cities she visits on her journey, outside galleries and public spaces. Kurtel will also be playing live club shows in each of the cities, where she will debut music from her new album ‘The Way We Live’, which will be released on Wolf + Lamb in May. The LED piece will also be exhibited outside these music venues.




When discussing her debut album Kurtel noted that she want Her sophomore LP builds on the soulful mystical house of her debut, taking audiences on a narrative journey through the slower tempo spectrum of electronic music. From the hip-hop front and pacing of The Way We Live and Right On, to the haunting vocal strains of Art Department’s Kenny Glasgow on ‘Don’t Wanna Be’ to the Prince like funk of ‘Thunder Clap’, Kurtel keeps her listeners guessing, and most definitely excited.ed to “constantly grow and evolve, and make music that excites [her], hoping it excites others too.” It’s clear that on ‘The Way We Live’ she has followed through on that philosophy. A collaborative album, she is joined on every track a selection of the Marcy All Stars, including Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, Tanner Ross, Thugfucker, Pillow Talk, Voices of Black and more.

Track list for ‘The Way We Live’:

1. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN with Tanner Ross feat. PillowTalk
2. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE with Gadi Mizrahi
3. LOVE TRIANGLE (Instrumental) with Wolf + Lamb
4. THE WAY WE LIVE with Gadi Mizrahi
5. HYPOCRITE with Gadi Mizrahi
6. RIGHT ON with Gadi Mizrahi feat. Michael Franti
7. DON’T WANNA BE with Kenny Glasgow
8. SAFE WORD with Soul Clap feat. Navid Izadi
9. WAKE ME UP with PillowTalk & Thugfucker
10. BLACKNESS with PillowTalk & Thugfucker
11. THUNDER CLAP with Voices of Black
12. THE BEAT DROPS with Tanner Ross feat. Jules Born

Double Exposure US tour dates:

March 22 @ W+L Showcase, Electric Pickle, Miami
March 23 @ Bohemian Yacht Club, Miami
March 25 @ Ultra Festival, Miami
April 7 – Washington DC, venue TBA
April 8 – Philadelphia – PTY Backroom
April 14 – Marcy Hotel, New York
April 18 – Boston
April 20 – Detroit – The Works
April 21 – Chicago – Smart Bar
April 25 – Communikey Festival – Boulder, Colorado
April 27 – San Diego – Analog Bar
April 28 – Los Angeles, venue TBA
April 29 – San Francisco, venue TBA

Soul Clap the album “EFUNK” on Wolf + Lamb,April 20th 2012

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Once a distant message written in the stars, the wisdom of Soul Clap has been beamed down to Earth in the form of EFUNK – Everybody´s Freaky Under Natures Kingdom – their debut album on Wolf + Lamb. 

Before today there was yesterday and after tomoSoulrrow is the future, but what happened in-between? The dark age of lost-cool, a time of dimensional imbalance when music was devoured by a black-hole of wackness. Now, marked by a solar-flare in the funky constellations, Soul Clap delivers a galactic renaissance to fill our ears with interplanetary consciousness and emancipate our booties from the androids of dancefloor repetition. The days of EFUNK are upon us, restoring dopeness in the universe, as we groove on and move on together in intergalactic harmony.

EFUNK: The Album is not just the culmination of two musical lives, it´s Soul Clap´s statement about the sound of now. After years spent traveling planet earth with only a turntable as transportation and a crate of records as a guide, Soul Clap settled on Earth´s tropical Art-Deco paradise of Miami as the perfect spot to build the EFUNK mothership. Limited to 13 songs over 45 minutes to fit on one 12″ record and operate the mothership control panel, EFUNK: The Album also tells the story of Soul Clap´s journey so far in a concise musical statement that could only be accomplished with the skills of master DJs.

Along their path returning from the outer-reaches to save dance music from the eclipse of darkness, Soul Clap’s pop sensibility captured the hearts of many earthlings. A series of game changing edits, originals and remixes, a 2010 summer anthem ‘Extravaganza’ and edition of the legendary DJ Kicks series saw their reputation reach intergalactic levels. By harnessing the past, they look to the future and their timeless reworks and original formula has led to remixing legends Laid Back, Robert Owens and DJ Harvey as well as modern pop stars like Metronomy and Little Dragon. With summers spent touring the world and winters in Miami training at ping-pong and charting new musical territory, Soul Clap continues their quest to be the hardest working duo in the game.

Time stands still, but traverses great distances on the EFUNK transmission. Eli Goldstein AKA Elyte and Charles Levine AKA Cnyce have locked secrets from the outer realms into its design, only to be deciphered through careful attention to its soul. Help in the transformational process is obliged from their close knit Wolf + Lamb family, who have shared and shaped their journey into the consciousness of the terrestrial. The young Jules Born of Voices Of Black duo injects his raw funk stamp into ‘Let’s Groove On’. Baby Prince AKA Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf + Lamb features alongside other members of the family on ‘The Clapping Song’. “We were just hanging out in Charlie´s bed when this one came together. We all just sang our own versions of the lyrics,” says Eli who contributes the saxophone to the jam. Charlie also plays Kazoo, guitar and keys. Greg Paulus of No Regular Play beams in his magnificent trumpet on the serene closing broadcast, ‘Islands in Space’ as Charlie sings in cosmic frequencies and Eli’s fatherGary Goldstein strums the bass. Charlie’s vocals play a big part of the appeal of the Soul Clap sound. Their ‘Lonely C’ anthem of last year made it onto BBC Radio 1 daytime and 6Music rotation and EFUNK’s‘TroubleTroubleTrouble’ shares a similar vibe – wholly connected and real.

Goddess deities lead EFUNK’s transmission further into the light.Franceska unveils her Janet Jackson like powers on ´Take It Slow´ and Mel Blatt of All Saints fame wrote and sang the lyrics for ‘Ecstasy’ – a typical slow jam from Soul Clap, defined as a record that pulls the body low to the floor and slows down the energy vibrations. Hijacked by a UFO to study the effects of the spotlight over a decade, Mel recently returned with divine powers. “We met Mel at DC10 closing,” explained Charlie,“Her vibe is incredible and the fact that she´s seen it through a pop stars eyes is an added bonus.” Her lucid voice returns for ‘Need Your Lovin’. Originally an edit Charlie created from an intense love for the original, when they shared it with Mel over stargazing, her mutual feelings led to them recording her vocal and replaying all the parts, becoming a reinvigorated fresh interpretation of the rave classic.

Label: Wolf + Lamb
Cat no: WLMCD002
Released: Friday April 20th, 2012


  1. EFunk Intro
  2. Take It Slow feat Franceska
  3. The Alezby Inn feat The Genevan Heathen
  4. Let It Go feat Roldy Cezaire
  5. When The Soul Claps feat Lazarus Man
  6. Lets Groove On feat Jules Born
  7. Ecstacy feat Mel Blatt
  8. Clapping Song ft. Baby Prince & The Fam
  9. Trouble Trouble Trouble
  10. Walk With A Clap
  11. Need Your Lovin feat Mel Blatt
  12. Islands In Space Part 1
  13. Islands In Space Part 2 feat. Greg Paulus

Further into un-charted territory ‘The Alezby Inn’ a cover of legendary west-coast electro don Egyptian Lover, features the humorous genius Genevan Heathen, who shares a Boston connection and unleashes an EFUNK masterpiece, a mischievious jam that speaks its own truth, “its strange but I like it!” ‘Let It Go’ was resurrected from an early demo Roldy Cezaire gave to the guys during their legendary midweek parties in Boston. It became a staple in their car cd player, never forgot it due to Roldy´s vibe and innocence, and finally resurrected it for the EFUNK voyage. South African Lazarus Man’s epic ‘When The Soul Claps’ is a staple accapella in Soul Clap performances since he shared it with them. The EFUNK formula beams a mysterious and powerful skyrocket to the stars.

EFUNK´s intermissions flash back to the days of the duo´s childhood in Boston, USA, where they were beamed to earth to begin their journey to master the strange new worlds of dance music. The last decades before the millennium still loom large in their style. As children of the 90s, the sound never leaves their crates and they traverse the globe resurrecting their memories in the form of the infamous 90s Jam events. Soul Clap´s training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. As true conquerers of all earth territory, their EFUNK mission shares a magnum of wisdom, its timeless frequencies bringing new levels of consciousness through time and space to be shared for many moons to come.


11.02.12 lima, pe inti fest @ playa pasamayito

17.02.12 sao paulo, br d-edge

19.02.12 rio de janeiro, br rmc @ marina da gloria mon

20.02.12 itajai, br warung beach club

06.04.12 rome, it goa

07.04.12 paris, fr sound p festival @ red light

08.04.12 zürich, ch zukunft

09.04.12 mayrhofen, at snowbombing

13.04.12 amsterdam, nl trouw

14.04.12 london, uk plan b

19.04.12 Milan, IT, Elita Festival @ Plastic

21.04.12 leeds, uk louche @ mint club

25.04.12 tel aviv, il the block club

28.04.12 barcelona, es becool 

30.04.12 berlin, Germany, Watergate

10.06.12 Manchester, UK Parklife

29.06.12 Island of Pag, HR Hideout Festival @ Zrce Beach


Heidi presents Jackathon out July 25th on Get Physical

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“In the beginning there was Jack and Jack had a groove, and from this groove came the groove of all grooves… And house music was born. House is an uncontrollable desire to jack your body. And in this house the keeper is Jack.” Until he met Heidi…

The first lady of BBC Radio 1 and major female force of dance music, Heidi, is inviting you to move your body, and when she asks there’s not many that can refuse. Introduced personally by one of the kings of house music, Derrick Carter, Heidi presents the Jackathon is a rollercoaster ride full of raw funk, shaking out those grooves until you can’t stop moving and leaving no question as to who is the true queen of jack.

Heidi´s Jackathon parties started October 2010 as a concept to bring some new life into the dancefloor. She invited some of her favourite artists and friends to play alongside her and to make the crowds bounce in Berlin and then London. Now the Jackathon holds residencies in both cities, as well as Paris, Manchester and Amsterdam, and it has brought the jack to many cities around the world.

The Jackathon is about energy and feeling and expressing something that lurks deep in the soul. The events have become a phenomenon due to their loose musical philosophy and family feel. Heidi felt now is the time to encapsulate its message and share it with the world. Keeping it in the family spirit, Heidi took The Jackathon compilation to her original home label, Get Physical, and asked 16 of her closest peers and artists she admires to produce a track specifically for the compilation. Juan MacLean, Jamie Jones, Soul Clap, Solomun, Deetron, Anja Schneider &, label mates DJ T and many more stepped up to the challenge.

The result is an invigorating journey into the roots of music culture it is influenced by the schools of 90´s new york style hip hop and house (Juan MacLean ‘Love in Tatters’), funk (Soul Clap ‘Incoming Bitch’), acid (DJ T feat Nick Maurer ‘High’) and explores new realms for jacking music (Steve Bug ‘Jack Is Back’). Referencing where it all began in the infamous lyrics of Fingers Inc, The Jackathon takes us through the ages and features original vocal drops made for the mix by the one and only Derrick Carter, who has been a major inspiration to Heidi a one of the main for her loving house music so much.

“I asked 16 artists that I admire to make an exclusive track for me as a little gift to the people who have supported what I do – some known, some unknown. It was also a gift to me, as I had no idea what these artists were going to make me. The result was more than I could have wished for. All of the tracks are totally different from each other and super fresh, which is what I wanted and keeps with the theme of the night. Diversity and change are always welcome.” Heidi on The Jackathon 2011.

Originally hailing from Ontario, Canada, Heidi moved to London in 2000 and was one of the creators of Phonica Records, known to many DJs as the best record store in the world. She became part of the Get Physical family in their glory years and is one of a handful of non-British presenters asked to host her own show on the prestigious BBC Radio 1. Since the show started in 2008, her forward thinking nature has continually shone through and she has broken artists such as Wolf + Lamb, Seth Troxler, Art Department, Jamie Jones, Nicolas Jaar first on the airwaves.

“Heidi at Sunday School was one of the best DJ sets I´ve ever seen. The woman plays with honesty and love.”  Nicolas Jaar, 2011.

Heidi has always been really supportive of my productions and my Hot Natured label series from the start. She’s a cool girl and I’m super happy to be involved in the next stage of  the Jackathon.” Jamie Jones, 2011.

A female icon, Heidi is often the unsung hero of her tribe. Hers is one of the only mainstream radio shows consistently championing the sounds of the current house and techno underground movement and she is personally resurrecting the music of the early Chicago masters. With a foot in the past but an eye on the future, Heidi masters the funk and redefines the jack in Jackathon.

Label: Get Physical
Cat no: GPMCD044
Distribution: Rough Trade
Released: Monday July 25th, 2011


  1. INTRO: Derrick Carter / Soul Clap – Incoming Bitch (Get Low)!
  2. Waifs & Strays – What You Want
  3. Solomun – What The Funk
  4. Anja Schneider & And.Id – Imagination
  5. DJ T. feat Nick Maurer – High
  6. Deetron – The Juggler
  7. Juan MacLean – Love In Tatters
  8. Darius Syrossian – I Am The Creator Of Jack
  9. Lauhaus & Kabale und Liebe feat. WKD – Who Called Kenny?
  10. Mathias Kaden feat Gjaezon – Jackathon
  11. Camea – We Not In
  12. Actor One – March Violets
  13. Matt Tolfrey – Whos The Freak
  14. Jamie Jones – Whiff It Yawl
  15. Boris Werner – Make Me Shine
  16. Steve Bug – Jack Is Back
  17. OUTRO: Derrick Carter


September 2011
30.09.11 – The Garage, Swansea (UK)
24.09.11 – Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg (DE)
21.09.11 – Sankeys, Ibiza (ES)
18.09.11 – Awake Festival, Frankfurt (DE)
16.09.11 – The Jackathon @ Watergate, Berlin (DE)
11.09.11 – Ushaia Beach, Ibiza (ES) tbc
10.09.11 – The Jackathon @ Sankeys, Manchester (UK)
09.09.11 – Slam @ Sub Club, Glasgow (UK)

August 2011
20.08.11 – Warehouse Party, London (UK)
19.08.11 – Chameleon, Agia Napa (CY)
14.08.11 – Bobo Beach Club, Rimini (IT)
12.08.11 – Cocoon, Frankfurt am Main (DE) tbc
06.08.11 – Yello, Belfast (IR) tbc
05.08.11 – Radio1@Space, Ibiza (ES)

July 2011
30.07.11 – Junk Club, Southampton (UK)
29.07.11 – Global Gathering Festival, Stratford (UK)
22.07.11 – Watergate, Berlin (DE)
20.07.11 – Sankeys, Ibiza (ES)
10.07.11 – Pollerwiese, Leverkusen (DE)
08.07.11 – The Circle, Salerno (IT)
07.07.11 – Balaton Sound, Zamardi (HU)
03.07.11 – We Love@Space, Ibiza (ES)
02.07.11 – Fusion Festival, Berlin (DE)

June 2011
25.06.11 – Il Muretto, Jesolo (IT)
19.06.11 – Macarena Beach, Barcelona (ES)
17.06.11 – Watergate @ Miramar, Barcelona (ES)
12.06.11 – We Love@Space, Ibiza (ES)
11.06.11 – A Night With…, London (UK)
10.06.11 – RockNess Festival, Inverness (UK)

For more info on Heidi visit:  

Lucky Paul debut EP on Somethinksounds with special remixes from G$ v Gold (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Goldstein), Gang Colours & Eliphino+Free Download

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Somethinksounds (the brainchild of cult culture magazine somethinkblue) put their name on the map last year with Eliphino’s wildly successful debut release ‘The Undivided Whole” EP. This year the label is back with their second output, “The Slow Ground” by newcomer, Lucky Paul. This release is part one of an impressive aural package (the followup dropping in early summer 2011) and comes complete with three remixes, most notably a worldwide exclusive first from G$ vs Gold, Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf & Lamb and Eli Gold of Soul Clap, respectively.

Situated comfortably between the bassy, futuristic hip hop of Flying Lotus and Tokimosta, the progressive sounds of Animal Collective and Panda Bear and the melancholy productions of Mount Kimbie, James Blake and The xx, “Slow Ground” is sure to attract fans from across the mutual spectrum.

Although Lucky Paul (a New Zealander currently residing in Berlin) is a new name for most, he’s been carefully honing his craft all over the world for years. He spent one year in Brazil studying it’s traditional percussion, and followed it up with a trip to India where he spent time living with and learning from Indian music legend Pandit Vikash Maharaj and his musical family. Lucky Paul’s musical vision quest then led him to Korea where he spent 7 months studying with Bae il Dong – a Pansori singer who learned his art by living near a waterfall for 5 years, singing into the water for fifteen hours a day.

His musical resume speaks for itself. Lucky Paul has performed and worked with top musicians from his home country New Zealand, including Ladi 6, Julien Dyne, and Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle). And more recently began drumming for and working with Mocky and Chilly Gonzalez.

artist:   Lucky Paul
remixers: G$ v Gold (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Goldstein), Gang Colours & Eliphino
title: The Slow Ground EP
label:  Somethinksounds
date:   13 June 2011

A1. Clouds
A2. Thought We Were Alone
A3. Slow Ground
A4. Demon Spawn
B1. Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)  Download
B2. Thought We Were Alone (Eliphino Remix)
B3. Thought We Were Alone (G$ vs Gold Remix)

“Slow Ground” features four original tracks and three remixes by some of the industry’s best. The EP opens with ‘Clouds’ a track whose heavy drum and percussion work appears to be a musical nod to Lucky Paul’s time in Brazil. Feeling both anthemic and ethereal at once, 1970’s disco legends The Bee Gee’s deliver the vocal sample.

Canadian artist Milosh (plugresearch/K7!) provides the moody vocals on the soulful ‘Thought We Were Alone”. His album ‘Meme’ was ranked #29 in better Propoganda’s 100 albums of the decade and in 2008 he was included in iTunes top ten electronic albums of the year. Most recently he can be heard on a track for Daedelus’ new EP out on Ninja Tune.

The haunting title track, ‘Slow Ground’ is both darkness and light. The tracks sporadic piano and flute-like notes balance the dark choral echoing and stomping bass, giving new meaning to emotional electronica. Next up is ‘Demon Spawn’ featuring vocals from Jamie Lidell’s drummer Pegasus Warning, aka Guillermo Brown. This production is the perfect follow-up, delivering a slow, crawling beat with a slightly off-key mutant funk vocal.

‘Thought We Were Alone’ gets the individual remix treatment by Gang Colours, who are hotly tipped as one of 2011’s biggest emerging stars with an album out soon on Giles Peterson’s label, Brownswood Recordings. Next up labelmate Eliphino takes a swing. The final remix is the exciting worldwide exclusive by G$ vs Gold.
That’s all – we’ll let the music do the talking now.

M A N I K -Armies Of The Night

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Scoring the soundtrack of a new electronic frontier, the young New Yorker named artist to watch of 2011 by Mixmag and DJ Mag, M A N I K delivers a prototype debut album ‘Armies of The Night’ for Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings.

As the trend for stateside dance music continues to take hold, NYC born and bred M A N I K propels it further forward with a sublimely original album. Stitched together by Ovum creator, Josh Wink, ‘Armies…’ is a continuous ebb of energy that continues to surprise as it gains momentum.

Inspired by his surroundings in New York City as well as the 1979 cult classic film, ‘The Warriors’ M A N I K portrays the raw urban grittiness of the city and mimics the picture’s rendering of the underground gang world. Track titles such as ‘We’re From Coney’, ‘City Kids’ and ‘Don’t Stop Don’t Run’ as well as frequent samples hint at this arcane theme.

Touching on a slow and seductive take on house music that fellow Americans Soul Clap, Nicolas Jaar and Wolf + Lamb have brought to the forefront of consciousness, but elevating it to new plains fusing jacking beats, acid funk basslines, and creative hip-hop sampling techniques, M A N I K carves his own niche sound through ‘Armies Of The Night’.

A diverse collection that ripples across generations, ‘Armies Of The Night’ reaches into the glamorous world of disco in ‘Nightfall’, taps into classic jacking house for ‘Ruckus 8OH8’, plays with urban flavours for ‘Haterville’ (made specifically for the Haters) and ‘Another Day’ and dives in to the eerie futuristic plains of techno in ‘Don’t Stop Don’t Run’, all the while maintaining an intoxicating nocturnal spirit.

Interspersed with playful interludes featuring M A N I K’s peers and influences, this musical voyage continually involves the listener in an interactive story of how it came to be. The result is an album that matures with each listen, apt for every situation and a true reflection of M A N I K’s pure and honest musical philosophy.

Label: Ovum
Cat no: OVM-90112
Released: Monday May 23rd, 2011


  1. My Hood – Armies Of The Night (Intro)
  2. Need Your Lovin
  3. Nightfall
  4. City Kids
  5. Pipedreams – The Lost Mixtape Skit
  6. Don’t Stop Don’t Run
  7. She’s Slow Motion
  8. Ruckus 8OH8
  9. Haterville – The Message (Interlude Skit)
  10. Lose My Mind (Album Edit)
  11. Streets Are Deep
  12. DeLorean Soho
  13. Kent Ave
  14. Another Day
  15. Queensboro
  16. We’re From Coney
  17. The Way Home (Outro)

Moving with pure sophistication, it’s hard to believe M A N I K’s first release was a little over twelve months ago in 2010. The 25 year old was captured by the sounds of R&B and hip-hop growing up in Queens, New York City. Surrounded by a culture where the likes of Mobb Deep, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest were in the mainstream consciousness, Chris Manik AKA M A N I K began to produce his own brand of music at the age of 13, playing with basslines and soon integrating his own live instrumentation as he took up the trumpet and piano during school.

A firm believer in following your heart and eschewing the trend or indulging in one particular style, he nurtured this open spirit to embrace all manner of musical persuasions. Building his own studios named, ‘I’m Nice Like That’ in his Queens home, he began concocting hybrid dancefloor mechanisms leading to his anthemic debut releases nurtured by US based labels Ovum and Culprit.

Although hailing from the same area code as Wolf + Lamb and sharing a similar ethos and close connection to the likes of Lee Foss and Jamie Jones, M A N I K has never played a part in any one camp, maintaining his own unique identity and becoming mutually admired by a diverse array of artists.

This philosophy rings out in, ‘Armies Of The Night’ as M A N I K takes centre stage with a 17 track odyssey into the distant realms of beat-centric music.

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