Memory9 – Dusty Red (Official Video)+free download

Memory 9 - 'Red Falcon' EPFree track taken from Red Falcon EP, out now on Mnemonic Dojo
Will be available as a limited press of 150 numbered picture discs in silk screened PVC sleeves, as well as a digital download.

Memory9, alias of groundbreaking musician Gadi Sassoon, is proud to announce the release of his third EP ‘Red Falcon’ this December, released via Mnemonic Dojo.
Memory9’s pathway into music is an interesting one, starting off with a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston at the tender age of 17, where he collaborated with diverse acts ranging from jazz groups and Cuban musicians to hip hop MCs.
This experience with musical diversity is evident in Memory9’s new release, ‘Red Falcon’, and the EP’s four tracks move between genres as varied as jungle, jazz, hip hop and footwork. Gadi himself is a trained jazz guitarist, and these elements of more traditional musical compositions are beautifully interwoven with sophisticated bassline beats and electronic samples. This organic combination of musical ideas has allowed Memory9 to develop his signature sound to compellingly explore a range of motifs. Inspired by the effect his colour blindness has on his perception of the colour red, the artist traverses images of dreams, desert planets, blood, lust and dust.


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