Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson Release Video for “Wake Up Call”, Stars Michelle Rodriguez & Clifton Collins Jr!

Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson’s Stars Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Machete)
and Clifton Collins Jr. (Traffic, Capote)

As URB magazine points out, “we’re used to seeing Steve Aoki rocking the tank top, tight jeans, cool sneakers look behind the decks. So pardon if we do a double take when Aoki appears in a nice tailored suit in the video for ‘Wake Up Call.’” Notorious party-king Aoki in a suit should not be the only thing giving you a pause.
The video is set to Sidney Samson (famous for last year’s HUGE “Riverside”) and Aoki’s moments of throbbing beats set on top of an eerily lovely melody bursting into crunchy sounds with big club-house feel, then building up to Aoki screaming “WAKE UP!”. Starring Michelle Rodriguez, known for Lost, Machete, and Avatar, and her general badass-ness, and fellow badass Clifton Collins Jr. (Traffic, Capote), the video takes you in and out of dream-like states, Inception style. With naked women, Rodriguez in light bondage, and Collins in his skivvies, Aoki moves as Mr. Sandman, screaming into their ear to wake-up from their bizarre dreams.
Director Jason Beattie states, “I have been wanting to take a different approach with my music videos. When I heard this track and found out that Michelle Rodriguez and Clifton Collins Jr. were interested, I immediately knew it would work. As you’ll see, I took a more cinematic approach and used the music as a score. Working with all the actors (including Steve) was amazing and each of them brought incredible energy as you will see. A big thank you to Michelle, Clifton and Steve for letting me push as far as I did.”
Check out “Wake Up Call”

“Wake Up Call” ( Dim Mak)


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