Fingerprint w Lemos (Cecille/Resopal) 20.02.2010+free tickets

We have a pair of tickets to give away
–If you want to get the chance to win please drop us a mail to
with the subject Lemos—

Winners will be notified by mail!
February 20th, 2010
Spektrum, Manchester

Lemos (Cecille/Resopal) | Bill Jones | Iain Dixon

Things get deep at Fingerprint this month: Cecille’s Lemos is the main man.

Greek born Lemos aka George Laimos is a deep house producer and DJ aligned with such quality labels as D’Julz’ Bass Culture (in fact he put out said labels first release, Kalooo, which people like Sebo K named as their tune of the summer) and Nick Curly’s Cecille, He mixes in organic and jazzy notes to his sets and productions, always with lashing of sub-bass, echo and reverb of the sort to carve a groove in an decent dance floor. Places like Fabric and Mint Club have fallen under his spell before, so you know the guy got skills.

Someone of Lemos’ ilk is perfect for a setting like Spektrum. A nice, darkened, tight knit club space with raw fixtures and fittings – a place you can forget everything and lose yourself in the consuming beats which echo all around. Getting you going before that, though, are the residents Bill Jones and Iain Dixon, a pair who live up to the tough job that is being resident by supplying just enough – but not so much as to peak – house and tech bounce and drive. Lovely.

So for a voyage into the deep electronic unknown with a more than able pilot, get yourself down to Spektrum, the hooded, youthful and knowing crowd waiting for you on the dance floor do so with open arms…


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