Makoto ‘Souled Out’ new Album October10th (preview)

Label: Human Elements // Release Date: 10th October 2011
Formats: CD / Vinyl / Digital

The sophisticated Japanese producer Makoto is set to unleash his 3rd album on his imprint Human Elements this October. ‘Souled Out’ is a collection of various genres and styles, highlighting Makoto’s incredible diversity and skill.
With renowned releases like ‘Golden Girl’ and ‘Release The Bird’ already part of his extensive repertoire, ‘Souled Out’ is proof that Makoto is still very much at the top of his game.
Featuring on the 12” album sampler, ‘Tower Of Love’ is destined to become this generation’s soul lovers’ anthem. Makoto’s delivers in style – and there is plenty more where that came from with ‘You’ve Got Sumptin’ also featuring Paul Randolph. Also on the 12’’ is ‘Keep Me Down’ featuring Angela
Johnson, with its rolling drums and slow motion breakdowns supported by the likes of Hype, Marky, Bassline Smith and many more.

‘Magic Hour’ opens with an encircling bass-line that has style and class, which sails throughout the track with ease, releasing pleasure and desire along the way. Its down tempo disposition reaches a turning point towards the end when suspension is set.
Manhattan singer/song writer Christian Urich has sung for New York City & Metropolitan Opera as well as featuring on projects with Pete Tong and many more. Featuring on ‘Girl I’m Running Back 2 U’, Urich adds his own flavour and groove to ‘Souled Out’ giving it a retro feel, complementing Makoto’s
modern style.
Makoto and Deeizm are no strangers to one another, and they come together once again on album tracks ‘Woe’ and on a new remix of ‘Untold’. With ‘Woe’s rhythmic trickery and futuristic backdrop, it has a touch of flair whilst remaining laidback and seductive.
‘Turning Points’ is commanding and immersed with power and masculinity, which is emphasised by the sound of a Moog.
Floating vibes and happy melodies – ‘Bubbles’ encourages enthusiastic smiles while ‘Flight Time’ is tinged with a hint of jazz. Featuring Root Soul, we can expect nothing less; this piece is splitting at the seams with energy and elegance.
A beautiful piano introduction, with strings and much more, closing track ‘Room Enough’ featuring the unmistakeable Cleveland Watkiss is rich, impressionistic and rousing, but both fun and boundless.
From a very young age Makoto has been influenced by a large variety of styles,ranging from classical through to soul. ‘Souled Out’ explores the genres he loves while showcasing his flair as a modern drum&bass artist in an accessible and contemporary way.

Makoto – ‘Souled Out’ LP
Track List
2.Magic Hour
3.Tower Of Love ft Paul Randolph
4. Girl I’m Running Back 2 U feat Christian Urich
5.Keep Me Down ft Angela Johnson
6.In Between
7.Hi Tech (Interlude)
8.Woe Ft Deeizm
9.Turning Points
10.Untold (Remix) feat Deeizm
12 You’ve Got Sumptin’ feat Paul Randolph
13.Flight Time feat Root Soul
14.Travel (Interlude)2
15.Room Enough feat Cleveland Watkiss

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