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Disciples – Poison Arrow(Stream)

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Enjoying a growing reputation after last summer’s underground hit ‘Remedy’ and their FFRR debut ‘Catwalk’, Disciples continue their momentum with the new single ‘Poison Arrow’ which is out on June 8th as their second release for the resurgent FFRR.

A co-production with underground titan Shadow Child, ‘Poison Arrow’ is house banger with a crossover hook which is propelled by booming, bouncing bassline. Between ‘Poison Arrow’, ‘Remedy’ and ‘Catwalk’, Disciples have already demonstrated an ability to weave between club sounds at will in the space of just three singles.

The original mix of ‘Poison Arrow’ will be packaged with an instrumental version as well as remixes from Redlight and Kilter.

Disciples’ roots were formed when Duvall and Gavin were the only two students on their music tech course who were interested in urban and dance-orientated music. As the duo started to work together, Duvall also started a program to encourage young people to develop their interest in music – one of whom was Luke. But it took another two years and a chance meeting on New Year’s Eve for the trio to commit to a project. They soon found that their individual strengths caused a chemical reaction when mixed together.

Working towards their upcoming debut album, Disciples’ material mixes an eclectic range of references, but shares an infectiously core sound that should infiltrate the mainstream.

Sabb – Feelings (Original mix)(Preview)

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Deep Heads to release compilation ft. James Blake, SBTRKT, Sampha(Preview)

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Deep Heads to release compilation ft. James Blake, SBTRKT, SamphaDeep Heads, a label famed for its continual championing of the most exciting music from the dubstep genre, is proud to announce the release of ‘Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1‘, a 2-disc compilation to be released on 21stApril.

Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1’ is set to cement the label’s reputation for showcasing dubstep music of the highest quality. Featuring a mixture of unforgettable classics and exclusive, unreleased tracks, this compilation will both satisfy the hungriest of dubstep diehards as well as offer the perfect introduction to the genre to those less familiar with the thriving UK scene.

The compilation is mixed by George Harris, aka Geode, who is hailed as one of dubstep’s most important new producers. Geode spent his early teens experimenting with drum and bass production and has now developed a unique take on the genre; an eclectic fusion of deep-seated bass lines with jazzy riffs. A founding member of the Chord Marauders collective, the mix perfectly demonstrates the young artist’s talents as a DJ.

The dubstep that Deep Heads are representing with this release is one inspired by the UK Bass driven scene, pulling heavily on influences from UK Garage, drum and bass, grime, dub, reggae and jazz - setting it apart from the ‘faux-dubstep’ of the club-oriented scene.

The compilation is unique in its equal representation of upcoming talent, such as CongiAudialist and Jafualongside some of the genre’s most famous names, which include James Blake, SBTRKT, Sampha, Synkro, Submotion Orchestra, Numbernin6 and Biome.

As well as the almighty compilation, the CD will include a download card for all tracks to be downloaded individually as an extra thank you to fans.

Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1 – Tracklisting
CD1 Track
1 Geode Amber
2 Biome Havana VIP
3 Facta & K-Lone Voodoo
4 Jafu Dundas
5 Congi Somnium
6 Biome feat. Fox No Soul (Soulful Edit)
7 Menik & Sublok feat. Ni Foster Our Own
8 Subreachers Mental Vortex
9 Versa & Rowl Theory Of One
10 Commit Drift Away
11 Geode feat. C Tivey Ruh
12 Geode, Congi & B9 Scrumpy
13 Trashbat Ink & Pink
14 Submotion Orchestra All Night
15 Audialist Serpent
16 Geode Jade VIP
17 Numbernin6 Singularity
18 Congi Rotation
19 Audialist Dead
20 Lewis B Pinball
21 Geode Variations On A Theme
22 FybeOne Fountain
23 Biome Alternate
24 Synkro If Only
25 Synkro Back Then
26 Lou Millar Brute Heart (Matrices Remix)
27 Biome Light
28 Congi Somnium VIP

CD2 Track
1 James Blake & Airhead Pembroke
2 SBTRKT & Sampha Break Off
3 Thelem Canopy Of Concerns
4 Commit & Matrices Menehune
5 DFRNT Whup
6 Warsa Nightfall
7 Rowl Copan

Git x Hubbs- Piece Of Mind (Album Sampler Preview)

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BBE/Yoruba Records producer Git (also known as Git Beats) and Pittsburgh artist Hubbs present their long-awaited, highly anticipated collaborative project, Piece Of Mind.
The album includes 12 tracks, exclusively produced by Git, with Hubbs providing the lyrical content. In transparency, Hubbs takes us on a journey through his mind, sharing thoughts, experiences, and reflections, while also disclosing the revelations involved with mental and spiritual maturation. Git provides the soundscape, ranging everywhere from soulful and melodic, to dark, hard-hitting production. The complement and congruence of Git and Hubbs makes for a great listen, taking us back to the essentials of the art. Guest features include B. White, Ghosty of The 58′s and Lil’ Raelyn Loernzo

Music For Dreams Best Of Volume 1 – Mixed by Balearic legend Phil Mison

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music for dreamsFeaturing tracks by The Kenneth Bager Experience, Hess is More, Laid Back, Idjut Boys, Cantoma, Lulu Rouge, Grassskirt, DJ Disse, Ganga and more.

Music For Dreams, ‘Best Of’ Volume 1 is a 20-track album featuring a sonic kaleidoscope of musical tones and colours that perfectly showcase the label’s diverse range of chilled electronica releases. Compiled and mixed by legendary Balearic DJ, Phil Mison, this new compilation celebrates the popular Balearic label run by Danish DJ/producer, Kenneth Bager.

Music For Dreams, ‘Best Of’ Volume 1 is released by Music For Dreams on download and stream on Monday 27th January 2014


      Artist   Title
  1   Grassskirt   Pleasant Dream Part 2
2   The Kenneth Bager Experience    Love Won’t Leave Me Alone Feat Jean Luc Ponty  (Version Idjut)
3   Hess Is More   Yes Boss (Bager Vs Hess – Balearic Bongo Dub)
4   Dj Disse   Walk On The Wild Side
5   Jerry Dimmer   Slow Pull
6   Ganga   Hi-Fi Love
7   Frontera   A Baia
8   Dj Disse   Taxi To War
9   Radar   Sirocco (Remix)
10   Bliss   Manvantara
11   Cantoma   Pandajero (Visti & Meyland Remix)
12   Laid Back   Beautiful Day (Frontera Remix)
13   Frontera   Walking In The Rain (Idjutboys Dub Remix)
14   The Kenneth Bager Expereince    Fragment Eight – The Sound Of Swing
15   Luke   I Love You (Frontera Mix)
16   Cantoma   Overtime
17   Grassskirt   On My Own
18   Banzai Republic   In My Home
19   Lulu Rouge   Melankoli
20   Bliss   Bascar Azad    

Last summer, Kenneth Bager was applauded for bringing proper chillout back to Ibiza for the first time in a decade, whereby he exported his stylish playlist from Copenhagen to Ibiza for a series of weekly Sunday Music For Dreams parties at Cafe Mambo which featured special guest DJs and chefs. He also released the fabulously eclectic compilations Cafe Mambo – The Sunset Sessions and Cafe Mambo – Twlight Sessions on his Music For Dreams label. Kenneth is also the promoter of the Apple Flower Festival as well as the internationally renowned Coma Club, which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in November with a lavish party in Copenhagen.

 Phil Mison aka Cantoma is probably best known for his work as a pioneering Balearic, ambient and electronica DJ and producer. He started his career at London’s Milk Bar in the early nineties before moving to Ibiza and beginning a two-year DJ residency at Ibiza’s Cafe Del Mar with chill maestro, Jose Padilla, which was to place him on the musical map. Last summer Phil hosted the hugely popular outdoor Balearicos party at #R3D Market in Shoreditch on Fridays.

Preview at Mixcloud

Courtney John – Born To Fly / Born To Dub [LNDB45004V] Liondub International

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Krissy B ft. Laura Lou- I Want U(Preview)

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Uk garage and bassline superhero from Manchester Krissi B 1st release on french label Kiosk is the result of many years of experience both in the studio booth producing big tunes or around uk and abroad destroying dancefloors.A perfectly balanced mix of the entire spectrum of modern club sound infused with Krissi’s trademark bass heavy sound.
The E.P also features a sick remix from Bassline 4×4 sensation EJ and last but not least a deliciously refreshing uk garage / 2step remix from Krissi himself reminding the best of the genre that used to rinse out the raves in the early 2000s.

Catalog Number : KIOSK032
Release Date : 02 December 2013
Label : Kiosk Records

Flume – Holdin On (123Mrk remix)

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New remix made by french artist 123Mrk as part of the Flume Deluxe Edition.

Cosmin TRG ‘Terminus Abrupt – Legowelt Remix / Noise Code – Miles Remix’(Preview)

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Reggie B – DNA(Preview)

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Reggie B - DNADNA strings of ancient and new dimensional funk interweave to reclaim the pyramids of our time. Travelling light years from Mars to Orion, new horizons of perception and vibration become clear, taking the listener on a quest for more funk and fantasy in their life.
This is Reggie B’s musical DNA, a personal testament of his unique funk straight from Khemit. Additional juggernauts featured on this 74 minute space odyssey include B. Bravo, DJ Spinna, Donald Hayes, Kevin Pierce, Onra, Salva and more.


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