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Brooklyn’s NICKODEMUS returns with “Sun People” + Free Download

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Brooklyn’s own outernational deejay Nickodemus returns with his second solo album, “Sun People” on ESL Music

Inspired by the big fireball in the sky, Sun People features uplifting dance music from Guinea, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Romania, India, Turkey, United Kingdom and New York City

“Sun People”
Digital Release Date: June 16, 2009
CD Release Date: August 18, 2009
ESL Music

Free download of CD track
“Sun Children” (feat the Real Live Show)

Sun People reflects a rich musicality, while infectious rhythms keep the party live. Nickodemus truly knows no borders on this global dance floor.”
– Jason Bentley, Music Director, KCRW

“Riding high on a whirlwind energy of world beats, Sun People sounds like a steamy summer of bright nights and breaking dawns. Simply put, this is hot.”
-Wax Poetics

“From Balkan Reggae to Latin Mantras, Nickodemus holds a mirror up to the World, reminding us of our inherent beauty while inviting us to a dance we’ll never forget.”
-Derek Beres, National Geographic World

If you are a fan of electronic dance music and visited New York City during the past 10 years, no doubt you witnessed the impact Nickodemus made on the big city scene. The Brooklyn-based artist has performed alongside a decade’s worth of the scene’s finest international talent and soundtracked the summers with his massively popular Turntables On The Hudson live events. More than just 4/4 beats and a night out, Nickodemus is known for adding something a bit more musical and spiritual to the mix. There’s real culture and social themes incorporated into Nickodemus’ music. With the weather warming up timing could not be better for the release of Nickodemus’ sophomore artist CD, the aptly titled Sun People (released June 16 on Thievery Corporation’s ESL Music).

Conceptually, Sun People was built with songs made for people who love the sun, sunshine and brighter days to come. Songs were inspired by various people Nickodemus met and places he’s been, along with his collective feelings of optimism. “Sun People makes the best of every situation. When that sun peaks out in the sky, it’s another day to feel and do something positive” Nickodemus says.

Sun People mixes positive sonic vibes from all over the globe with collaborators hailing from destinations including Guinea, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Romania, India, Turkey, United Kingdom and New York City. Recording artists The Real Live Show guests on the uplifting Hip-Hop jam “Sun Children” while Quantic lends his unmistakable groove on the Salsa Ritmo of “La Lluvia.” Not to be outdone, Brazilian songstress Liliana Araujo features on the hot samba of “Gira Do Sol” while Mandingo vocalist Ismael Kouyate lends his Afro-beat groove to “N’Dini.” Packed with brilliant collaborations, Sun People is a pan-continental party not to be missed! Please see below for Nickodemus’ own track-by-track synopsis.

Nickodemus honed his skill as resident DJ for Giant Step-produced (NYC) functions from 1995 – 1999 where he provided support DJ sets for live concerts from Gil Scott Heron, Jazzmattazz, The Pharcyde, Mos Def & Kweli, KRS-One, Us 3, Thievery Corporation, Groove Collective, Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers, Angelique Kidjo and Femi Kuti. In 1998, Nickodemus became resident DJ and producer for Turntables On The Hudson (TOTH) – one of the first late night outdoor events in NYC. The party became an adventurous, young, free-spirited community known for its eclectic musical blend of Hip-Hop, funk, house and soul played back to back with Latin, Afrobeat and Eastern European gypsy sounds. After ten years, the TOTH parties are now taking place every Friday at the Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, Queens overlooking Manhattan and the East River.



1- “Sun People (Intro)” (feat Ismael Kouyate)
2- “Sun Children” (feat the Real Live Show)
3- “La Lluvia” (feat Richard Shepherd)
4- “The Love Feeling” (feat Brian J of The Pimps of Joytime)
5- “2 Sips & Magic” (feat The New York Gypsy Allstars)
6- “Just Move!” (Feat Kwasi)
7- “Brookarest” (feat Costel & Roberto of Taraf de Haidouks)
8- “Didibina (feat Falu)” (produced with Quantic)
9- “Gira Do Sol” (feat Liliana Araujo)
10- “Calle Sol” (feat The Candela Allstars)
11- “weRISEweFALLweRISE” (feat The New York Gypsy Allstars)
12- “N’Dini” (feat Ismael Kouyate)


5/7 – Nublu, New York, NY
5/15 – WTB, New York, NY (Turntables On The Hudson)
5/21 – Belvedere, Houston, TX
5/22 – Raleigh Spring Music Festival, Raleigh, NC
5/22 – Halo Lounge, Atlanta, GA
5/23 – The Social, Houston, TX
5/29 – WTB, New York, NY (Turntables On The Hudson)
6/5 – WTB, New York, NY (Turntables On The Hudson)
6/12 – WTB, New York, NY (Turntables On The Hudson)
6/13 – 18th Street Lounge, Washington, DC
6/14 – Sundae, Philadelphia, PA
6/19 – WTB, New York, NY (Turntables On The Hudson)
6/20 – Old Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY
6/27 – Raw Fusion, Stockholm, Sweden
7/31 – Move Fest, La Coruna, Spain

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Gnawledge – Granada Doaba

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Artist: Gnawledge
Album: Granada Doaba

Granada Doaba is an experiment in outernational arab-flamenco hip-hop produced by Gnawledge.

Funded by a Fulbright grant, Granada Doaba was inspired by the musical history of immigration through southern Spain. Directed by ethnomusicologist Canyon Cody and produced by underground rapper Gnotes, the album features 16 musicians from around the world who are all currently living in Granada (Spain). Rooted in flamenco and Arab music, Granada Doaba explores Andalusia’s diverse history of musical fusion, with influences coming from India, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the USA.
Granada Doaba es un experimento del hip-hop instrumental enraizado en la música tradicional de Andalucía.

Con la colaboración especial de Juan Habichuela (nieto) y los hermanos Otman + Mel M’Rabet, los productores Gnawledge rinden homenaje a la historia diversa de Granada, remezclando el flamenco y la música árabe con ritmos afro-electronicos.

Patrocinado por una beca Fubright, las grabaciones fueron parte de la investigación etnomusicóloga de Canyon Cody sobre el intercambio multicultural entre músicos de Andalucía. Además de su aspecto académico, el proyecto consistía en un serie de sesiones improvisadas entre 16 músicos actuales de Granada, las cuales usaron canciones antiguas como puntos de desembarco. Canyon Cody y Gnotes grabaron y remezclaron las colaboraciones, construyendo ritmos híbridos que destaquen el legado heterogéneo de la música andaluza.

Gnawledge – Granada Doaba

1. Gnawledge – Bohemia Al-Andalus (4:12)
2. Gnawledge – Calabazar de Sagua (3:00)
3. Gnawledge – El Arte de Escuchar (4:07)
4. Gnawledge – El Manisero de Potemkin (2:57)
5. Gnawledge – Flamencología (4:19)
6. Gnawledge – Juxtapotente (5:11)
7. Gnawledge – La Lengua del Rio (5:36)
8. Gnawledge – Menudo Jaleo (4:07)
9. Gnawledge – No Te Rebeles (Seguiriya) (3:46)
10. Gnawledge – Nunca Fui A Granada (4:22)
11. Gnawledge – Perro Cruzado (3:56)
12. Gnawledge – Qanun Al-Tarab (4:42)
13. Gnawledge – Senda Del Abuelo (5:29)
14. Gnawledge – Yerbaguena (4:34)

Must check!!!
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