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Target’s FREE Download Holiday Soundtrack w/Jenny O.,Best Coast/Wavves & more!

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Jenny O. Featured on The Christmas Gig,

Target’s Free Holiday Soundtrack!

Download the FREE Holiday Soundtrack HERE,
 Featuring Jenny O.’s “Get Down For The Holidays”

Also Featuring Music from Best Coast/Wavves,
Guster, Bishop Allen & More! 

Target has partnered with some of music’s finest contemporary artists to help get everyone into the swing of the holiday season with a free holiday soundtrack, The Christmas Gig. The soundtrack is an exclusive album of original holiday tracks available as a free download at as of yesterday, November 28th.
Featured on the soundtrack is none other than LA’s own Jenny O., whose EP Home drops digitally tomorrow, November 30th via Manimal Records, with a physical release date coming soon. Jenny O. spent time studying classical strings and jazz theory before settling back into her rock and pop roots. Now based in LA, Jenny writes, records, and performs original material reminiscent of those classic influences. 

On the EP, you can hear influences as varied as wide-eyed folk, jazz-fueled hip hop, and 60s and 70s pop. The lyrics are irresistibly frank and evocative, especially sung by her fresh, soaring voice. Throughout the tracks, the light-hearted, sunny L.A. vibe is always present.
Each of the songs on Target’s holiday soundtrack captures a holiday experience as told from the perspective of a contemporary artist. The collection is an eclectic mix of music that includes country, folk, hip-hop, Latin, and pop- from the soulful “Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me” by Little Jackie to the comforting “Tiny Tree Christmas” by Guster to an unforgettable Latin song
“Super Mama” by The Pinker Tones.  

The Christmas Gig Tracklist
            1. “Tiny Tree Christmas” by Guster
              2. “Toy Jackpot” by Blackalicious
             3. “Snow Is Falling” by Darker My Love
             4. “Perfect Gift” by Natalie Hemby
            5. “10,000 Watts” by Crystal Antlers
           6. “You’ll Never Find My Christmas” by Bishop Allen
              7. “Get Down for the Holidays” by Jenny O.
            8. “Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me” by Little Jackie
          9. “Electronic Santa” by Blazer Force
         10. “Got Something for You” by Best Coast/Wavves
         11. “It’s Christmas” by Coconut Records
          12. “Party Hard” by Little Isidore
        13. “Super Mama” by The Pinker Tones
         14. “Un Regalo Para Mí” by Ceci Bastida

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx We’re New Here February 21st 2011+Video ‘NY Is Killing Me’

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Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx

In February 2010, Gil Scott-Heron released “I’m New Here”, his first album in thirteen years. In August 2009, as a member of The xx (and producer) Jamie xx released his debut album “xx”.

“NY Is Killing Me” is first song from “We’re New Here”, Jamie xx’s reworking of 13 tracks from the Gil Scott-Heron “I’m New Here” sessions.
Album released 21st February 2011
Pre-order now to receive a free mp3 of ‘NY Is Killing Me’:

Agoria – Impermanence (Infine) – New Artist Album Feb 2011

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AGORIA – IMPERMANENCE – LP – Infine (France)

Release Feb 2011

My Soul 02- Souless Dreamer 03- Panta Rei 04- Simon 05- Speechless 06- Grande Torino 07- Heart Beating 08- Little Shaman 09- Under the river 10- Libellules

Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, entered the world of electronic dance music at a peculiar moment in time. Unlike the first generation of techno producers, he’s too young to have been actively listening to early 80’s electronic pop by groups such as Depeche Mode or New Order. But unlike younger DJs and musicians, he’s been exposed to house and techno more or less since the start of these genres.

Living in rural France, Agoria first got hooked to electronic music through listening to Kevin Saunderson’s classic “Good Life” on the local radio as a twelve-year-old kid in 1988. He was so impressed by the Inner City hit that he spent the following afternoons washing his neighbours’ cars to earn enough money to buy his first 12´. His next revelation came a few years later when one of the first DJ sets he experienced happened to be from Jeff Mills in nearby Lyon. « It was the first time that I saw a DJ using three turntables and a drum machine. He really created something completely new rather that just playing records. And the way he moved, his precision and speed, impressed me. » Agoria started out as a DJ himself, quickly followed by organizing his own parties together with a group of friends (who also gave Séb Devaud his artist moniker loosely named after Agora – the title of their party series, meaning “meeting place” in ancient Greek). He started producing and releasing his own tracks in 1999 and first gained international recognition with a series of 12´s on Pias Recordings in 2002, which were followed by the acclaimed album Blossom a year later. Since then, Agoria has released two more long-players The Green Armchair (2006) and soundtrack Go Fast (2008), all showcasing Agoria’s talent for creating deep, stripped-back, melodic, techno tracks. In addition Agoria has compiled three mix-cds that present his unique ability in pairing tracks of very different origins and layering them in creative, sometimes even awe-inspiring ways. Deservedly so, Resident Advisor named his contribution to the At The Controls series from 2007 as one of the best mix-cds of the past decade.

Apart from his own work as a DJ and producer, Sébastien Devaud has also helped to establish Nuits Sonores, an ambitious electronic and indie event that takes place all over the city of Lyon every Spring and has, over the last ten years, become one of the best European festivals.

Another important contribution has been the start of InFiné in 2006, a label that Devaud founded together with his friends Alexandre Cazac and Yannick Matray. InFiné is a label that follows no rules, shies away from trends and features young, new talents, from various parts of the world. Its releases – from Francesco Tristano’s piano treatments to Danton Eeprom’s sensual productions or Bachar Mar-Khalifé’s dramatic arrangements – continue to surprise and have made InFiné a platform for new music that always challenges and excites it’s listeners.

Agoria’s own debut on the label only came in 2009 with his 12” “Magnolia / Libellules”. However, with his new third album Impermanence one can clearly hear that InFiné has also had an influence on Agoria’s own music. « For the first time, I have complete freedom in creating my music, » says Séb Devaud. « I don’t have the feeling any longer of having to work within certain boundaries and the result sounds more like me. » Like most releases on InFiné, Impermanence is the product of extensive collaboration and doesn’t share the solipsistic tendencies of so many electronic musicians. As its title implies the music exists in a constant state of flux and flows easily from contemplative sound pieces to intimate acoustic songs and forward moving club tracks.

The album opens with the repetition of three notes played on a piano, with only the addition of violin, bell and the voice of the album’s biggest discovery, 20 year old female singer, Kid A, from Virginia, USA. The beatless “Kiss My Soul” establishes the intimate tone of the album, which continues with the dubby house of “Souless Dreamer”, on which Berlin based DJ, Seth Troxler, guests on the track with his trademark whisper, inviting the listener to « allow yourself to drift

Strings and piano resurface on a number of the album tracks, sometimes used in surprising guises, such as the Stradivarius that serves as a rave signal on the infectious “Panta Rei”. “Under The River”, on the other hand, is a lush ambient piece dominated by the late-night sounds of a horn. Carl Craig makes an appearance as a vocalist on the sleazy “Speechless”. « I asked for something romantic, something sounding like the spoken words of “Angel” », laughs Agoria about Craig’s aural sex fantasy. Another standout track on Impermanence is “Heart Beating”, again featuring Kid A’s strong and engaging voice. The song is Agoria’s most direct pop-piece yet and an unexpected proof of his strength as both a songwriter and arranger. Once again instrumentation is kept sparse with Kid A’s singing added to only by changing percussion and soaring strings. It’s a special piece of music that surely will get a life of its own.

Agoria has created an album that is at the same time constantly changing while also having a unique flow and mood of its own. « Before, my music often felt dark and maybe a bit forced. This time I just let things happen and everything just fell in its right place », he says. And despite using more guests and exploring more styles than on his previous recordings, Agoria has managed to create his most intimate and alluring music yet on Impermanence.

Download:Ikonika -FACT mix 206

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The London artist will shortly bring to an end the busiest year to date of her musical career, a year that saw her release her debut album Contact, Love, Want, Have on Hyperdub, deliver a string of remixes for labels like Planet Mu, Night Slugs, Thisisnotanexit and LuckyMe, constantly tour and, last but not least, start up Hum & Buzz, the record label she runs with Optimum.

Download:Ikonika -FACT mix 206

1. Ikonika – Rope (Hum+Buzz)
2. Don Morris – In Da Groove (Bok Bok Remix) (Deep Teknologi)
3. Martyn – Shook Up (3024)
4. Ikonika – Off Mode (Hum+Buzz)
5. Karizma – The Damn Dub (R2)
6. Ikonika – Dance There & Back
7. Egyptrixx – Liberation Front (Night Slugs)
8. Distal – Feed Me
9. Ikonika – Fleas
10. Optimum – Light Year (Hum+Buzz)
11. Terror Danjah feat. Baby Face Jay – Breaking Bad (Hyperdub)
12. Ikonika – They Didn’t Bury You Deep Enough (The Last Of The Bleeps)
13. Girl Unit – I.R.L (Bok Bok Remix) (Night Slugs)
14. Optimum – Max Power (Planet Mu)
15. Nu Design – Subsonicfreedomskyank
16. Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles (Warp)
17. Dro Carey – Candy Red (Hum+Buzz)

Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears EP

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December 13th on Ninja Tune
Dorian Concept – ‘Her Tears Taste Like Pears’ (PREVIEW EDIT) by Ninja Tune XX
Tracklisting :
A1. Her Tears Taste Like Pears
A2. My Face Needs Food
B1. Toe Games Made Her Giggle
B2. Thank You All The Time Forever

Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite / Almost In Profile (Ninja Tune, December 6th)

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Ninja Tune are very proud to announce that the first record by the hotly tipped Floating Points Ensemble will be released by the label on december 6th. The double-A ten inch single features two tracks by the full Ensemble recorded and mixed at the legendary Abbey Road Studios for the Ninja Tune XX twentieth anniversary celebration.

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points has been wowing th electronic music world since his self-released debut 7″ single came out early in 2009. Releasing predominantly on Eglo records (which he runs alongside Rinse Fm’s Alexander Nut) as well as Planet Mu and R2, Shepherd’s productions have earned him the support of such luminaries as Theo Parrish, Kyle Hall, Benji B, Ramadanman, Four Tet, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbs. What’s less well known, perhaps, is that Shepherd is also classically trained, an aspect of his character which is allowed full rein when writing, composing and arranging for the Floating Points Ensemble. The 16 piece group led by Shepherd recently won last year’s ‘Best Maida Vale Session’ at Gilles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide Awards’ and this spring spent a week at Abbey Road recording the music contained on this release.

The results are sumptuous and soulful, Fatima Bramme Sey’s voice literally floating above massed strings, percussion and Shepherd’s interventions on Fender Rhodes. A beautiful suite of music which confirms Sam Shepherd’s role as a key player in modern British music.

Floating Points Ensemble – Post Suite / Almost In Profile
(Promo CD/10″) Ninja Tune ZENCDS278P/ZEN10278, 2010-12-06

Tracklisting :
A1. Post Suite
B1. Almost In Profile

Violin: Qian Wu & Charlotte Bonneton
Viola: Matt Kettle
Cello: Magda Pietraszewska
Flute: Renate Sokolovska
Saxophone: James Gardiner-Bateman
Trumpet: Freddie Gavita
Bass/ARP Odyssey: Olly Buxton
Guitar: Billy Adamson
Percussion: Chris Marshall
Drums: Joshua Blackmore
Vocals: Fatima Bramme Sey
Fender Rhodes/Sequential Pro One & Prophet: Sam Shepherd
Written & Arranged by Sam Shepherd

Biography :
Manchester Born, London based 24 year old producer/dj/composer Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points has quickly become one of the most respected and sort after musicians in modern music. Debuting in February 2009 with the limited 7 inch ‘For You/Radiality’ (Eglo records) he has gone on to establish himself as one the forerunners of today’s new dance music movement, earning the respect of his peers and contemporaries such as Theo Parrish, Kyle Hall, Benji B, Ramadanman, Four Tet, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbes. Releasing predominantly on Eglo records (which he runs alongside Rinse Fm’s Alexander Nut) as well as Planet Mu, R2, Ninja Tune and notching up remixes and features for the likes of Domino, Ubiquity, XL, Fabric and Rinse.

The name Floating Points holds just much weight within the Dj world as its does in production, song writing and arrangement. In a short space of time Shepherd has won over crowds around the world with his strictly vinyl club sessions, spanning, house, techno, soul and disco, steadily climbing the ranks of the globes most impressive Dj’s, fuelling an indulgent record habit that regularly leads him on trips to both Chicago and Detroit.

Outside of his studio based productions and crate breaking dj sets Shepherd makes use of his classical music training, writing, composing and arranging for the Floating Points Ensemble. The 16 piece group, led by Shepherd recently won the ‘Best Maida Vale Session’ at Gilles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide Awards’. With big plans for 2011 the future is future is looking bright for Floating Points. When not writing, recording or playing music Sam Shepherd can be found in the laboratories of UCL, where is currently studying a PHD in “The Neuroscience.Of Pain”.

Discography :
For You (7″) / Eglo Records, 2009
J&W Beat / Planet Mu, 2009
Love Me Like This / R2 Records, 2009
Vacuum EP (EP) / Eglo Records, 2009
People’s Potential / Eglo Records, 2010

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Ensemble Remix) / Ubiquity Records, 2009
Sebastien Tellier – L’Amour Et La Violence / L’Amour Et La Violence… / Lucky Number, 2009
Bonobo – Eyesdown / Ninja Tune, 2010
Basement Jaxx – My Feelings (Floating Points Remix) / XL Recordings, 2010
Four Tet – Sing (Floating Points Remix) / Domino Recording Company Ltd., 2010

Joy Orbison – BB / Ladywell(preview)

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artist: joy orbison

label: doldrums

cat no: DLDRMS002



Following up J. Doe/ BRKLN CLLN with two Detroit-tinged house assassins, once again infectiously weaving the sultry and euphoric together with the deep and menacing.


Igor Boxx – ‘Breslau’ + ‘1945’ EP+free download

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Igor Boxx, also known as Igor Pudlo (from Ninja Tune’s Polish act Skalpel), is opening a new decade with his first solo album, ‘Breslau’.

You can get a free download of ‘Last Party In Breslau’ here.

Skalpel have released two acclaimed albums on Ninja Tune – ‘Skalpel‘ (2004) and ‘Konfusion‘ (2005) – and have become one of the most important Polish music exports, well received both in their homeland and internationally.

For Igor’s debut solo album, the inspiration comes from his home country and his home town. ‘Breslau’ tells a tale of the 1945 siege of Festung Breslau undertaken by the Red Army. The historical background might mean nothing to an average listener not familiar with the multinational and multicultural history of Breslau (now known as Wroclaw) but this journey is musically so emotional and powerful that it allows anyone to follow the story. Sounds are used to depict the massive force and fury of the bolsheviks’ attack and the determination of the terrorized civil population of the city to hold on. Grinding Krautrock illustrates the monotony of the endless battle, psychedelic ornaments underline the absurdity of wartime madness, jazz rhythms sound off the chaos on both sides of the conflict whilst ambient timelessness paints the overwhelming desperation of city defenders’ efforts.

‘Breslau’ is released Monday 29th November, and is available to pre-order on LP/CD/Download from the Ninjashop – all orders will receive a free 5-track digital EP ‘1945’.

Ninjashop UK
Ninjashop US

Andreya Triana – New Single ‘Far Closer'(Incl.Mr. Scruff /Tokimonsta remix)

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Andreya Triana – New Single ‘Far Closer’ + UK Headline Show at The Tabernacle

Andreya Triana returns with one of the standout tracks from her critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Lost Where I Belong’. ‘Far Closer’ combines Triana’s beautiful, slowburn vocal and intelligent lyrics with one of Bonobo’s key productions. Co-written with Fink, running away from love has never been made to sound more attractive.

The single is complete with remixes from longtime Triana collaborator Mr. Scruff and the much talked about Tokimonsta aka Jennifer Lee, a Los Angeleno who uses her classical training to create the kind of vast, ambient soundscape she wraps Andreya in here. The package is rounded out by a live version of the tune, recorded with Fink and Bonobo playing guitar and bass respectively.

2010 has been a big year for Andreya. She has toured the world with Bonobo, sang live on the Guardian podcast, had an iTunes Single of the Week, and done a showcase for HBO, as well as selling records and making fans wherever she goes.

Tracklisting :
01. Far Closer (radio edit)
02. Far Closer (Mr. Scruff remix)
03. Far Closer (Tokimonsta remix)
04. Far Closer (live version)

And if that wasn’t enough, she will be performing a very special headline set at the Tabernacle, London with a full live band on December 13th. Tickets are available from the Ninjashop, and are selling out fast. There will also be a full European and UK tour following in Spring 2011. Dates to be announced imminently, watch this space.

‘Far Closer’ will be available to download 7th Feb 2011 from the Ninjashop and is available to pre-order now. Andreya’s solo album ‘Lost Where I Belong’ is available now on LP/CD/Download.

The Death Set – ‘Michel Poiccard’ Album out February 28th+free download track ft Diplo

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The Death Set will release their sophomore album ‘Michel Poiccard’ on 28 February 2011 through Counter Records.

The album comes prefigured by tragedy, following the death of founding member Beau Velasco. It wouldn’t have been surprising if the group had decided to call it a day, but instead Johnny Siera, with long time band members Daniel Walker and Jahphet Landis, relocated to Brooklyn and decided to make the record a celebration of Velasco’s life.

Produced by XXXchange, the album loses none of the ‘punk spazz’ approach of debut ‘Worldwide’, but adds considerable depth, both sonically and emotionally. Above it all floats the spirit of Beau Velasco, amused and laconic. His voice opens the record with words which could serve as the group’s mission statement, perhaps never so fully realised: “I wanna take this tape and blow up ya fuckin’ stereo!”

Tracklisting :
01. I Wanna Take This Tape And Blow Up Ya Fuckin Stereo
02. Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap
03. We Are Going Anywhere Man
04. Can You Seen Straight
05. Chew It Like A Gun Gum
06. Is That A French Dog? (feat. Beau Velasco)
07. I Miss You Beau Velasco
08. Michel Poiccard Prefers The Old (She Yearns For The Devil)
09. I Like The Wrong Way
10. A Problem Is A Problem It Don’t Matter Where You from
11. Too Much Fun For Regrets
12. Kittens Inspired By Kittens
13. 7PM Woke Up An Hour Ago (feat. Spank Rock)
14. It’s Another Day
15. Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head (feat. Diplo) |  Download MP3
16. I Been Searching For This Song Called Fashion
17. Is It The End Again?

‘Michel Poiccard’ will be released February 28th on Counter Records, preceded by the single ‘Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap’ on January 10th.

You can sign up to get info on upcoming tour dates and grab a free download of new track ‘Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me In The Head (feat. Diplo)’ here.