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Marionette ID – Emptiness Will Change Your Mind

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About The Band
Marionette ID, from Hungary (Budapest/Tatabánya), plays an interesting blend of modern rock styles. (Though they despise any kind of categorization.) Their heavy and emotionally deep music looks to set trends rather than to follow any. Although they lack the experimentalism that might make their music inaccessible, and instead have quite a minimalist attitude, they still flirt with progressive structures, strange noisy patterns and unconventional rhythms. This makes their music stand out from contemporary indie/alternative stuff.
About The Album:
Emptiness Will Change Your Mind is Marionette ID’s debut which was released by the band in 2008. The band joined Fluttery Records in 2010 just before their European Tour and the label decided to bring it to a wider audience.

marionette ID are practicing a precision few bands dare to. If you are willing to give Emptiness Will Change Your Mind some time to grow, you will be richly rewarded.”

marionette ID from Budapest are creating an exceptionally mix between PostRock and IndieRock. In nearly 50 minutes on ‘Emptiness Will Change Your Mind’ they’ve wrapped up 8 really good songs which incite one to sing along.”

Excellent cross between Alternative and Progressive with a tip bit of post-rock influence. Turns out VERY GOOD. Give it a go. I did and I dig. Its musics like this that makes posting and writing entries fun. Solid 4 to 4.5 with GOOD vocals. Definitely look forward for more of their sound

Emptiness Will Change Your Mind.” – one of the most philosophical and creative lines to come out of rock music in recent years.”
The band’s European tour dates are listed in their MySpace page. At the end of the Europian tour, they are going to start to tour in USA. The dates are listed in the band’s MySpace page

Release Date: 29 March 2010
© 2010 Fluttery Records
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Album Leaf – A Chorus of Storytellers

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A Chorus of Storytellers was recorded by Ryan Hadlock in the frosty month of February 2009 at Bear Creek Studio just outside of Seattle. It was mixed in the decidedly warmer month of June in Reykjavik, Iceland by Birgir Jon Birgisson (of Sigur Ros). For the first time in five albums, The Album Leaf recorded as a whole band. In the past, almost every instrument was performed by principal songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle. This time the whole band was invited to participate and the result is their best record yet.

This title will be released on February 2, 2010.
Pre-order now at Amazon

1. Perro
2. Blank Pages
3. There Is a Wind
4. Within Dreams
5. Falling from the Sun
6. Stand Still
7. Summer Fog
8. Until the Last
9. We Are
10. Almost There
11. Tied Knots

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The Knife-‘Tomorrow, In A Year’

Posted in Experimental, Indie, Post-classical, Rock on January 6, 2010 by J.D.

Peerless Swedish duo The Knife will release the studio version of their opera project Tomorrow, In A Year in March.


*ExtraPromo* Pintail – Impulses VIII

Posted in Avant, Dark Ambient, Electronic, Micro, Minimal, Modern Classical, Post-classical, Promotions on October 7, 2009 by J.D.

Minimalist electronica influenced by the likes of Steve Reich and Murcof.

download 9 track demo available in
mp3 format here PS.NEW LINK REMASTERED

or flac here

for more visit myspace
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The Notwist – Sturm OST

Posted in Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Modern Classical, OST, Post-classical on September 19, 2009 by J.D.

*LIMITED EDITION FILM SOUNDTRACK FROM THE NOTWIST ON A DELUXE VINYL PRESSING THAT INCLUDES A FREE CD COPY OF THE ALBUM AND A 24-PAGE BOOK OF FILM STILLS* Following up last year’s triumphant The Devil, You + Me album, The Notwist return to their soundtracking activities, once again collaborating with filmmaker Hans-Christian Schmid. These two parties previously worked together on 2003’s Lichter, resulting in an EP length OST from The Notwist, and Sturm is characterised by a similarly intricate blend of modern classical composition and minimal electronic gestures. The band are joined by Alien Transistor labelmates Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra on the introductory piece ‘Vilina Kosa Version’, ushering in the album with ponderous intervals, microtonal string squeals and atmospherically charged two-note piano figures. After this suspenseful, brooding opener the album settles down into the deep, bell-like resonance of ‘Jan’, whose minor-key drones channel various instruments through a pattern of granular loops. Following on in a more rhythmically engaged fashion is ‘Sarajevo 1’, whose miniature jitter-beats combine with elongated tones spun from a small ensemble of woodwind and strings – there’s even some bowed tuned percussion in the mix. These rather abstracted elements become more naturalistic and pronounced over the course of ensuing compositions like ‘Prayer’, ‘Jonas’ and ‘The Hague’, the latter of which takes on a panoramic, subtly dramatised tone thanks to its flooded, ambient orchestration and scrunched beat arrangements. The final piece, ‘Sturm 2’, is a particular highlight, launching into unfettered melodicism with only the mildest electronic smudging interfering with its lyrical strings-vs-piano constitution. Sturm’s combination of electronic treatment with morose, impressionistic acoustic instrumentation makes for a potent soundtrack work and a worthy successor to their Lichter EP, still retaining plenty of that Notwist magic you hear so much of on the band’s ‘proper’ albums. Including both vinyl and CD formats, this release also includes a 24-page book of film stills, giving you a glimpse at the project in its fuller context. Limited copies only – and a must-have item from this exceptional band.
(Boomkat,listen,buy here)

Alien Transistor
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: N20

1. The Notwist – Vilina Kosa Version
2. The Notwist – Jan
3. The Notwist – Sarajevo 1
4. The Notwist – Prayer
5. The Notwist – Simon
6. The Notwist – Storm 1
7. The Notwist – The Hague
8. The Notwist – Jonas
9. The Notwist – Storm 2
10. The Notwist – Sarajevo 2
11. The Notwist – Sturm 2

Find out more at myspace

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Labels We Love: Type Records-XLR8R Podcast

Posted in Avant, Dark Ambient, Drone, ElectroAcoustic, Electronica, Experimental, Modern Classical, Post-classical, XLR8R Podcast on August 19, 2009 by J.D.

Whittling down the candidates to make XLR8R’s annual list of Labels We Love is no easy task, but the inclusion of experimental U.K. label Type Records was a no-brainer. In fact, we like the label so much that we commissioned label head John Twells (a.k.a. Xela) to put together a mix encapsulating the imprint’s unique mix of ambient and drone sounds with just enough pop melodies to keep things interesting. Stunningly gorgeous and never lacking in emotional heft, the Type Records podcast not only features some choice rarities and unreleased cuts—it also just might be one of the most beautiful sound pieces to ever grace

Labels We Love: Type Records
01 Grouper “Way Their Crept” (from TYPE020 Way Their Crept)
02 Richard Skelton “Greens Within Brook” (from TYPE055 Landings)
03 Svarte Greiner “Ulsokk” (from TYPE016 Knive)
04 Goldmund “Ouendake” (from TYPE039 Malady Of Elegance)
05 Sylvain Chauveau “Je Suis Vivant Et Vous Etes Morts” (from TYPE025 The Black Book Of Capitalism)
06 Xela “In Misericordia” (from TYPE043 In Bocca Al Lupo)
07 On “Too Many Demons Still Haunt This Land” (from TYPE050 Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night)
08 Sanso-Xtro “Minus Ecki” (from TYPE007 Sentimentalist)
09 Rameses III “Across The Lake Is Where My Heart Shines” (from TYPE052 I Could Not Love You More)
10 The Alps “Hallucinations” (from TYPE040 III)
11 Deaf Center “Close” (from TYPE015 Vintage Well)
12 Mokira “Contour” (from TYPE047 Persona)
13 William Fowler Collins “Slow Motion Prayer Circle” (from TYPE046 Perdition Hill Radio)
14 City Center “Gold Girls” (from TYPE045 City Center LP Version only)
15 Peter Broderick “Three Cats” (from TYPE044 4 Track Songs)
16 Koen Holtkamp “Bear Bell” (from TYPE035 Field Rituals)
17 Seasons (pre-din) “03.28” (from TYPE061 Your Eyes The Stars And Your Hands The Sea)
18 Zelienople “Dust Bowl” (from TYPE054 Give It Up)
19 Black To Comm “Hotel Freund” (from TYPE053 Alphabet 1968)

As you know we love Type too,so check this great albums and buy at your record store
Mokira -Persona
Xela -In Bocca Al Lupo
A Broken Consort (Richard Skelton) – Box of Birch
Richard Skelton – Marking Time
Peter Broderick -Home
Peter Broderick – Music For Falling From Trees

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*ExtraPromo 200* Sleep Whale-Little Brite

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Yes yes its lucky number 200-posts PROMOtions!We choosed this one to be lucky number its something very special for us-atmospheric electroacustic,mood,modernclassical…stuff.
Thanks to Western Vinyl crew we have for you in advance track “Josh Likes Me” by the Denton, TX group Sleep Whale, download here and have a nice sleep!

SLEEP WHALE – LITTLE BRITE (Western Vinyl, 7/14/2009)

1. Sleep Whale – Skipping Stones (4:30)
2. Sleep Whale – A Pebble Garden (3:28)
3. Sleep Whale – Josh Likes Me (5:04)
4. Sleep Whale – Sleep Whale (4:44)
5. Sleep Whale – Airplane Arms (3:52)
6. Sleep Whale – Little Brite (4:31)

Much like a handmade quilt, Sleep Whale’s music is filled with collected scraps of material, beautiful patterns and meticulous crafting. Though the possibilities for both quilts and music are many, the ultimate purpose is to keep one warm. For guitarist/cellist Joel North and violinist/sequence programmer Bruce Blay, the melding of traditional live acoustic sounds of violin, cello, and guitar with vanguard electronic processing is the most natural thing in the world. Woven throughout the infectious melodies of violin, cello, and guitar you’ll find music boxes, shortwave radios, tape machines, field recordings, and much more. The six songs on Little Brite conjure a universe whose ancient forbears include Steve Reich, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Eno’s looping ambiences, Brit-folk guitarist Bert Jansch, gamelan ensembles and Hindustani hand percussion, however, the wall-to-wall beauty of the proceedings is anything but reverential ear candy. Engaging, melodically rewarding, and sophisto-whimsical, Sleep Whale’s cerebrally atmospheric marriage of the luddite and techno worlds makes for essential listening

“We’ve been impressed by everything we’ve heard from them.”
Gorilla vs. Bear

“so stirringly beautiful you almost drop your jaw the first time you hear it….You’ve gotta hear them. See them too.”
Dallas Observer

“Every track on this record is full of surprises, textures and effective broad strokes, but it’s the intangible quality of the songcraft that takes these “electro-acoustic” pieces beyond merely interesting and thrusts them into the realm of celebratory emotional resonance.”
We Shot JR

“Taking a page from the Books, Denton’s [Sleep Whale] weaves mesmerizing audio collages.”
Austin Chronicle


Western Vinyl
UPCOMING RELEASES | Here We Go Magic – s/t (vinyl edition with bonus track) | Shuta Hasunuma – Pop Ooga | Peter Broderick – Falling From Trees | Balmorhea – All is Wild, All is Silent Remixes | J. Tillman – Year in the Kingdom | Sleep Whale – Little Brite | Glass Ghost – Idol Omen | Ola Podrida – You Have to Leave

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