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King Fantastic- “Death Of Summer” EP + Free MP3

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Eclectic and menacing, the group’s big beat vitriol was born in Venice Beach and Playa del Rey in 2010, perhaps a surprise to those used to name checking Compton, Oakland and Long Beach in their hip-hop history discussions. But if the tracks from their 2010 debut, “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps,” or their forthcoming EP, “Death of Summer,” tell us anything, it’s that King Fantastic proudly represents its ZIP Code.”
-The Los Angeles Times
“We want to bring Dope back to hip hop” -Troublemaker quoted in Thrasher

King Fantastic is not your ordinary musical duo from LA, but then again nothing is ordinary about their music. We’re living in an era where hip-hop progressively feasts itself upon electronic beats and King Fantastic delves head first into both arenas. Given the diverse upbringings of both producer and internationally known DJ, Troublemaker and Rapper/lyricist Killer Reese One (who is one half of LA underground rap duo Bleu Collar) one would safely say that it’s karma how they united. And the musical climate seems fit to release their new EP “Death of Summer” on August 30th 2011.

Death Of Summer EP Track Listing:

Locals Only
?Cual es mi Nombre, Nina? (Daddy Baby)
Break His Motherfucking Back
Locals Only (Knight Riderz Remix)

Download Locals Only

“Death of Summer” follows the duo’s groundbreaking and critically acclaimed 2010 debut LP “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps “ which spawned the wildly scandalous- “Why? Where? What?” video that is nearing 1 million plays on vimeo

With that release, the duo achieved global digital underground success in both the electronic and hip hop cultures. While they made news headlines in the likes of The Los Angeles Times, they also found themselves booked on electronic savvy festivals such as Audiotistic and producing remixes from a diverse group of artists including Linkin Park, The Glitch Mob, The Bird and The Bee and Bassnectar.

King Fantastic’s music is nostalgic for the level of skill, originality and authenticity of the underground LA hip hop culture of the late 90s. The freestyle independence from Emcees and musical styles of that era coupled with today’s progressive bass driven dubstep and Drum and Bass scenes gave birth to “Westcoastsynthesizerbeach bumgangstermusic” a term tagged by King Fantastic.

On the one hand, Troublemaker’s influences range from hip hop to drum & bass, dubstep and electronic music – and when he first saw Killer Reese One perform at the Roxy he knew he was the man to rap over his beats. In a recent LA Times feature, Killer Reese One takes note “I’m not a bluesey rapper, my beats have to come a lot harder. Troublemaker’s beats are super bass-heavy and gangster without even a word recorded on it.”

And while Troublemaker was honing his skills as an engineer and producer, Killer Reese One’s former life plays a huge part in his creative process as a rapper. Raised in both Venice Beach and Compton – KRO’s childhood was as diverse as any artist’s palate. His raps are reality and he certainly has an interesting well of experiences to pull from which makes him both a great entertainer and prolific lyricist. Growing up the pair also listened to everyone from Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, NIN, Mo’Wax, Megadeth, Metalheadz, Slayer, NWA ,The Clash and A Tribe called Quest. However they both cite Ice-T and DJ Quik as main players, both who have a heavy dose of synth music in their tracks.

What to expect to hear on Death of Summer? According to Troublemaker,”When we set out to work on this new project, we did not have any particular direction in mind, although we were both in a dark place as humans. As a result, the music is much darker and harder than anything on our previous album, and Reese’s lyrics are a continuation of that.” He adds, “While our album is minimal in production and has a variety of styles, this EP is super full and is serious bass music.” In a recent interview with Acclaim magazine, What would you like people to come away with after listening to the new EP?: KRO responds “Euphoric fear.”

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Planet Mu to Release Tropics’ LP Parodia Flare

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Planet Mu to Release Tropics’ LP Parodia Flare
(Sept. 20, 2011)

Music in the purest, simplest form possible, offering you the chance to feel every emotion at once.” – FACT Magazine
One of the more warm and tender producers to grace Planet Mu’s extensive roster” – XLR8R

Tropics is Chris Ward, a British producer and multi-instrumentalist in his early 20s who came to our attention last year. During the time we signed and released his first single ‘Soft Vision’, his early unreleased tracks and remixes were being given attention from the likes of Pitchfork and others, so we knew we were onto something special.

Since that time things have moved on. He’s released two singles and the synth-pop of his early tracks has evolved into a more substantial and personal sound on this, his debut album. ‘Parodia Flare’ features Chris as a multi-instrumental auteur, playing drums, guitar, and a range of synths and electronic boxes, as well as singing on these songs.

Coming from a family where music was always played, it made sense as a musician for Chris to act almost as a conduit by wiring the sounds he enjoyed growing up with into his own creations. The music he makes weaves vintage sounds, the Rhodes keyboard (an instrument associated with Jazz fusion sits central to the songs on this album), alongside banks of old synths, software and guitars, live drums and electric bass. Tropics is a suitable name for Chris’s music as each song is like a warm analogue jungle of sounds, drawn into focus by Chris’ naive singing voice and his knack for a lush melody. Given that the album was recorded in a walk-in wardrobe at his house, the steamy heat that the album gives off is a testament to his imagination.

The opening short ‘Navajo’ sets the scene with atmospheric clouds of reverbed chords and electric guitar, quickly followed by recent single ‘Mouves’ with its gently sung verses disappearing into clouds of echoey Rhodes chords and floating synths with low-slung New Order-esque bass and soft drums keeping the track in shape.

Next up ‘Parodia Flare’ majestically stretches shimmering keyboard tones and a light guitar over a tight bass and drums, gently teasing out the serene atmosphere. ‘Going Back’ features a keyboard refrain borrowed from a 70’s jazz fusion track, with a low bass and Chris snowy voice cutting through the middle of phased guitars.

‘Wear Out’ is the morning after, sounding like an exhausted take on late period Beatles, with a lolloping drum beat and horns that sound like they’re drunk, interrupted by shimmering marimbas while cold keys screech in the background.

‘Celebrate’, revised for the album, is a vortex of aerial dub, with echoes and reverbs layering and looping over a very minimal drum and sub-bass, the whole track moving in glorious slow motion.

‘Figures’, meanwhile, delicately projects Chris’s whispered vocals onto a chord borrowed from late 80s Detroit techno, inside a chilly electronic atmosphere that gradually breaks into an 80’s electro funk bassline.

‘Telassar’ is a soft focus 80s synth epic, while ‘Playgrounds’ is more upbeat, with lyrics remembering the past. ‘After Visiting’ is made out of a strange airy atmosphere, full of tiny dropped-in details and smudged synths stretched over minimal drum pads borrowed from dubstep, while ‘Sapphire’ is based around a repeating piano refrain, guitar, sax and vocals.

Final track ‘On The Move’ sounds like prime Chicago post rock but with the Mizell brothers on production, it’s musical mixture that tidily bookends the album.
Parodia Flare Tracklist

L-Vis 1990 – Lost In Love (video)

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Taken from the album ‘Neon Dreams’ out October 3rd on PMR Records / Island Records

Frallar – Círculo Polar / New on Breathe Compilatio​ns

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Download Frallar – Círculo Polar (brhnet19)

After his participation in our compilation and live series, mexican techno producer Frallar presents his more deep side on this album specially manufactured to Breathe Compilations and his eclectic audience, enjoy it and share with friends and enemies.

Hiatus + Shura: Fortune’s Fool 10th October 2011 (Stream)

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Fortune’s Fool / River is the first collaboration between electronica producer Hiatus and singer-songwriter Shura, and it’s a project that started long before the pair had actually met.

Their story begins in north London in 2009. Hiatus is standing speechless after having witnessed the hushed spiritualism of Shura’s looped vocals and haunting guitar lines for the first time; he fights his way to the front of the crowd, but the singer has fled the building before he gets there.

Fast-forward two years and Hiatus – real name Cyrus Shahrad – bumps into an engineer friend who happens to mention that he’s recording with a girl called Shura. Hiatus says that he’ll drop everything if the engineer will send him some vocals to work with.

The result is River, a track so pleasing to Shura – real name Aleksandra Denton – that she suggests they meet to discuss a more extensive collaboration. The pair soon find themselves holed up in a Cotswold recording studio laying down vocals, piano and guitar parts, which Hiatus takes back to London and begins assembling with the same ear for cinematic intensity that made an underground hit of his track Insurrection (feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson), voted single of the week on Steve Lamacq’s Roud Table on BBC 6 Music in March.

But while Insurrection bristled with indignation for the repression of human rights, Fortune’s Fool is a love song drawing on the sadness at the centre of even the most romantic relationships. Its chorus is a tribute to Des’ree’s Kissing You, made famous by the film adaptation of Romeo And Juliet – a play from which Hiatus and Shura’s track takes its title.

The pair have also begun playing live, from Cargo to Camden’s Proud Galleries to Croatia’s Soundwave festival, revealing an on-stage chemistry that suggests – like their recordings – that there may have been a Shakespearean dash of celestial destiny in their coming together.

“Working with Shura is an ideal partnership,” says Hiatus. “For years I’ve been collecting female vocal samples to loop over my music, while she’s been looking for someone to fill out her vocals with beats and basslines. This feels like something that was meant to happen.”

“Love these tracks.” Bonobo on Hiatus”
Shura has a subtlety and peace that is absolutely magical.” Jamie Woon on Shura”
With their soulful melodies and dark, bassy ambience, Hiatus and Shura are as likely candidates as any to push the post-dubstep genre onwards.” PRS M Magazine

Fortune’s Fool


Hudson Mohawke x Aaliyah – Somebody

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RIP Aaliyah. Unofficial Hud Mo remix.

Ruthit- Deep Blue EP (Preview)

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Turquoise Blue Recordings swiftly follow up their debut release by Tom Ellis with another rapidly rising star of the UK deep and tech house scene: Ruthit.  The Manchester based producer adds to an impressive roster of labels, including murmur, Four:Twenty, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Fresh Meat and Baker Street, with three original tracks that explore deep bubbling acid, chunky heads down grooves and spaced-out trippy vibes. M A N I K, named DJ Mag’s ‘Hot To Watch 2011’ provides a trademark head nodding remix and French producer Boris Horel goes warm and blissful with grainy undertones.

Artist: Ruthit
Title: Deep Blue EP
Label: Turquoise Blue Recordings (UK)
Cat No: TQR002
Style: Deep House
Release Date: 30th September 2011
The Tracks
1. Deep Blue
2. Deep Blue (M A N I K Remix)
3. Disturb The Comfortable (Boris Horel ‘Broadway’ Mix)
4. So Special
5. Disturb The Comfortable

Ruthit aka Carl Handley was born the North East of England but now resides in Manchester.  He learnt his DJ craft in Ibiza hosting intimate parties before attracting the attention of the Zoo Project who offered him a residency back in 2008. Appearances on a range of top house labels and collaborations with Carlos Sanchez & DJ Ray (8bit/Supernature), Kabuto & Kojo (Supernature/Get Physical/Area Remote), Dualton (Viva/Bedrock) and a remix for Darren Emerson’s artist album alongside X-Press 2 are establishing Ruthit as one to watch.

New Yorker M A N I K is one of the hottest names in deep and tech house right now, incorporating a wide range of style in his music stretching from disco and funk to acid and electronica.  His discography is a ‘who’s who’ of leading labels including Hot Creations, Culprit, Ovum (for whom he has released an album), Poker Flat, Dark Energy and Fresh Meat.

Originally from Royan in France, Boris Horel now calls London his home and has become a well known player on the city’s music scene with residencies at ‘Foreign Muck’ (at the Key Club) and ‘Lets’ (at T Bar).  His music can be found on labels such as Adult Only (a collaboration with Dyed Soundorom), Supernature (a remix of Audiofly and original tracks remixed by Dan Ghenacia and Bearweasel), Time Has Changed and Eklo.

Turquoise Blue operates from near to Newcastle upon Tyne and has been founded by Neil Harker.  The label is inspired by underground house stalwarts like Freak ‘n’ Chic, Crosstown Rebels and Leftroom, and more recently Supplement Facts, Culprit , Visionquest and Hot Creations – labels who have managed to grow while maintaining an underground spirit.  The label’s debut release featured Tom Ellis, Kris Wadsworth, Arttu and Nick Turner, while artists coming soon on Turquoise Blue include Laura Jones, Alex Arnout, Djebali and Basic Soul Unit.


Turquoise Blue on SoundCloud
Turquoise Blue on Facebook