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bigpoppalove – 1/2 hour mixup fixup

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We’ve just spotted this mix from Bigpoppalove and it’s a banger!

Rumour is he’s either a septuagenarian great grandfather of 16 who admires human centipedes, or Ben Morris, label manager of Kudos Records.

Either way, he’s old enough to know better.


1.Kidkanevil – Elphino Remix
2.Headhunter – V701
3.Ramadanman – Your Words Matter
4.Model 500 – I Wanna Be There
5.Kink – E79
6.Four Tet – Sing (Mosca Remix)
7.Cosmin TRG – Now You Know
8.Seiji – Elevator Rinse


Hot San Francisco producer Ben Tom new EP Corner Store Pimp +free download

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Corner Store Pimp EP
Ben Tom
Street Date: March 23rd, 2010

Track Titles
1) 40 Ounces
2) 40 Ounces(Dub)
3) 40 Ounces(Jaswho? Remix)
4) 40 Ounces(Jaswho? Dub)
5) Swisher Sweets
6) Swisher Sweets(Instrumental)

Listen/Download for free 40 Ounces(Jaswho? Dub)

Temple Music Group in-house producer Ben Tom blew up last year with the release of his dance floor anthem “It’s A Party” featuring Mr. V. “Corner Store Pimp”, his latest release, shows off a different side, one that is deeper, richer, and more cutting edge. “40 Ounces” is a perfect example of the new forms emerging from the San Francisco house scene in 2010. The warm, dubby bass lines are still the same flavor you’d expect from a Temple Music Group release but the melodies are complex and bursting with the kind of energy missing in most of today’s deep house tracks.

Continuing in our relentless pursuit of new sounds, the Corner Store Pimp E.P. features an equally forward thinking b-side remix from Jaswho? He delicately balances the line between slammin’ bass line funk and the indelible sweetness of precision sculpted after hours house for something entirely new.

On the flipside, Tom tacks on the smokers’ delight cut “Swisher Sweets” to emphasize that deep down inside, the corner store pimp just likes to party and get down with dope beats and blunts. Based on a solid SF house foundation, the track pays homage to America’s favorite herb in many clever ways with Tom layering in some tasty G-funk’d Juno synth lines for a nice sprinkling of “Cali love” on top.

Artist Information:Ben Tom
Raised in San Francisco’s Chinatown district, Ben Tom approaches music much as he does life, with a humble determination to walk his own path and loyalty to those who matter most. Behind the decks, Ben moves seamlessly from soulful house to electro techno, weaving pop and hip-hop vocals over dance-inducing tracks that keep the crowd on the floor while fluidly crossing genres and flirting with unexpected sound combinations. On stage, his expert focus and ability to select just what the audience needs just when they need it are hallmarks of his performances.

In the studio, Tom lets his instincts take over and trusts sound to be the guide. Whether he’s crafting vocal-driven tracks like the forthcoming Mixed Up, which features Temple Music Group’s Isabel Lozano, working his magic on upcoming collaborations with the likes of New York’s hip-hop DJ Mr. V or stirring up radio-ready remixes with co-conspirator JasWho? (a.k.a. Jason Williams) under the moniker Black Wangz, Ben uses his keen sound sensibilities and appreciation for music across genres to deliver releases with wide-reaching appeal.

Remix Artists:
JasWho? aka Jay Williams
Resident artist at Temple SF, San Francisco’s largest nightclub. He is one of the founders of Soulmine Records, a Bay Area indie house label established in 1999. JasWho?’s music has been licensed for ringtones, TV shows, and feature films. You can find him recording at Moulton Studios as one of the members of 40 Thieves, touring with the bands Spigga and Playground People, and producing artists at Temple Studios SF, and Soulmine Studios, Oakland, CA.
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*Introducing* Dadahack

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Dadahack are a UK and Sweden based electronic music group comprising of Pete Davis and James Banbury. Fuzzy Dunlop is an undercover informer and also a pumping fumping bleeping and glitching electro tune which appears on Dadahack’s forthcoming album TAP3. Ahead of their album release in mid-March you can download the first package,of ‘Hellos EP’ and the brand new promo exclusive remix of album track, ‘Fuzzy Dunlop’ by Stockholm mystery man, Body In The Thames.
Its time to discover brand new original sound of Dadahack(Minimal Progressive Vibes, Nu Disco,Electro,House,Techno,Deep Tech…)-do it Now!

dadahack ‘Fuzzy Dunlop’ (Body In The Thames Subzero Clepsydra Mix)
dadahack ‘Hello Dust (toDust)’ [Håkan Lidbo RMX]
dadahack ‘Hello’ [Tranquility Bass RMX]
dadahack ‘Hello’
dadahack ‘Hello Dust’ feat Hannah Robinson
dadahack ‘Hello’ [Freelance Hellraiser RMX]

The video was created using footage from Dadahack’s live show visuals with modul8 and Final Cut Express HD.

Dadahack – Fuzzy Dunlop from James Banbury on Vimeo.

About /dadahack/
written by Paul Morley

So if there was a group called /dadahack/ making good use of truly unlimited technological possibilities, to the extent that they exist on the cusp between being real and being something else altogether, then letʼs say there they consist of two musicians. These musicians are therefore members of /dadahack/ and /dadahack/ is therefore a duo, but that doesnʼt quite define what it is /dadahack/ do, because they do not sound like a duo, even a synth duo, more a fluid, fancy electro-ensemble, a solemn, playful digital orchestra, a programmed/arranged/fused series of sounds and rhythms and sources and beats and bleats and static and space and breaths and jumbles and tones and wounds and purpose and atmosphere and what have you and bliss and edits. The truth is, if we can go as far as saying there is any truth to the matter, /dadahack/ are made up of two, but once there is the addition of the instruments, machines, studios,histories, what goes through their minds, then basically they are more than two.

They exist in the futurist tradition of studious sensationalist English synth-pop units – going back as far as the Human League, Ultravox!, Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget, who were born in special relationship to Kraftwerk, Can and Eno, who were born in special relationship to Reich, Miles and Xenakis, who were born in special relationship to Webern, Satie and Bach, who were born in special relationship to harmony and heaven – but they also exist in a post-minimalist, post-house, post hip hop, post ambient, post trip hop, post glitch, post-Warp, post-disco, post iPop universe, and at a time when ideas can be communicated in an instant, and ideas can be electronically swapped, switched and searched, swiftly distributed and downloaded. They are a genre-transforming electronic musical ensemble taking full advantage of a supersonic technological world that means they can make/finish/reconsider their music while working in different rooms inside different buildings on different continents, and then distribute their music
into other different rooms on different continents so that people can hear it, and at no time does anyone have to leave any of these rooms unless, of course, they want to.
The two musicians who sit, sequence, dream and programme at the centre of /dadahack/, making up the rules of the group, naming them in honour of computer hackers, and their particular freewheeling style of manipulating reality, and early 20th century Dadaists, with their particular mischievous commitment to remaking and remodelling reality and various rational and irrational emotional states attached to it, are called James Banbury and Pete Davis. They have existed, professionally, as technicians, programmers, producers, consultants, mixers, arrangers, players, theorists in a number of polyglamorous popmusic ontexts – The Auteurs, Gwen Stefani, U2, Art of Noise, New Order, Human League, Infantjoy – and as /dadahack/ they sent each other musical ideas that they played on traditional musical instruments, on computers, samplers, on rewired mucked up electronic toys, and via various contemporary forms of communication, techno-transference, file sharing, time dilation and system exploitation. Living on the edge of their nerves, plugged into their personal systems and lifestyles, they blended, bled and blasted together various elements of musical form and content to produce their compositions. Occasionally their writing process involved travel,and the pair would actually meet, somewhere, in one mysterious place or another, that was for a moment the home of /dadahack/, even though the group/unit/idea/project as such has no home, just a series of destinations, an array of potential meeting points, a succession of areas and spaces that they pass through,leaving certain traces that thrill and buzz between the temporary and the permanent.

The routes to completing a piece of music therefore combine the mental, the physical, the metaphysical, the airport, the train, the car, random architectural spaces and the studio – and their music is very much a soundtrack to such a combination, the idea of a music that solidly exists in everyday reality and
also tentatively vibrates around the edges, a music that is made up using bits and pieces, parts and remants of the past, present and future which are pieced together using keyboards and screens to create a fixed, free sound that is specially organised to be heard via club speakers, noise cancelling earphones, televisions,
laptops, in-car sound systems, smart phones, advertisements and radio.

TAP3, the new collection of codes/pulses/sounds/voice and electronic settings to be released by /dadahack/, is both an album and not an album, and will therefore be available as both a thing and a thing that is not a thing. You will be able to download the finished sounds to add to your play lists and alert the rest of the world about, and you will be able to buy it as an innovative piece of product that, in honour of / dadahack/ sources, to celebrate the mysterious, practical type of physical formats that electronic music was once released on, looks as though it is a cassette. TAP3 the physical thing you can hold in your hands and explore is a combination of romantic found object and specialised industrial product that took many months to conceive, design and manufacture. It appears to be something that might appear in a 23rd century museum of Earthʼs pop culture history that got it slightly wrong – /dadahack/ have created a personal history as though the cassette was invented after the iPod.

If a group like /dadahack/ existed, nostalgic for a certain time and place when electronic imaginers lusted for change, and restless for the future to really take hold, it would be right and proper that they release their debut album as a lovingly assembled cassette. To some extent, this is what they have done – and indeed the physical piece of /dadahack/ can be played as a cassette, although, as if it is a cousin once or twice removed of Dr.Who, and something he would have as part of his collection inside the Tardis, it also plays itself. It needs no machine for the TAP3 sounds, made because of machines, to be released and heard. /dadahack/, because they thought about it, and discussed it via the various forms of communication that now exist, have composed and assembled an album of music that exists on its own terms, and exists to listen with careful consideration, or as you pass through from one place to another moment, and which exists as something that is a soundtrack to its own physical existence. TAP3 is a souvenir of a fading time when music was only finished when it appeared on an actual object, and an acceptance of a future where music is finished as soon as it is let go into the cloud above/below/all around us.
If there really was a group called /dadahack/ intelligently exploring the role of the modern pop group privately and in public, calculating what they will look like when they play live, hiding behind walls living in the shadows as they collaborate with each other and others and invent new shapes and sizes, developing new forms of product to release their music on even as they distribute it online making it something else altogether, then /dadahack/ would be exactly that group. To some extent, /dadahack/ are from London and Stockholm, and/or they are from everywhere, and/or they are from nowhere. They can be enjoyed wherever you are, danced to in company or listened to in isolation, whether youʼre moving or still, up late or up early,experienced as a thing, and as no thing at all. Thatʼs 21 st century entertainment for you.

Find out more at

*Introducing new Dubstep Label Known Cold Records

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Artist: AEon
EP: Bass Culture
Label: Known Cold Records
Cat: KCR-001
Released: November ‘09

Aeon is incredible. This is his debut EP called “Blury Mind”. His beats are driving, his bass lines are mature and his style is unique. A collection of surreal skeletal melodies with dark atmospheres. Experimental palettes of emotional synth work and deep pulsing dub techno with “experimental/intricate structures and arrangements.” Minimal drums and a huge pumping sub basses complete this forward thinking producer’s vision of visceral dubstep.

Aeon is Robert Galac from Slavonski Brod in Croatia. He is a 25 year old producer and event organizer also with a single released on the music label Twenty Twelve recordings. His sound has been described as “deep bass, tech house dubstep with influences from artists like Martyn, Skream and Karizma” Each of his productions is well organized and thought out composure’s of the highest quality. His tracks have been included on the Komon Knowledge Mix from Knowledge Magazine.

The Blury Mind EP was mastered by Bob Macc at Subvert Mastering. As well as receiving support from Knowledge Magazine and Dubkraft Records, the EP is getting radio support from SubFM, DubstepFM, CybaFM and many more.

“The music is incredible, I’d love to get (those) tracks.” DJ Liondub, LionDub International imprint.

“It has to be said that this is an *excellent* EP, It’s simply a well-rounded, well-balanced release. There’s proper stoned head nodding groove on (the Blury Mind EP), tracks like Metroplex have fairly experimental/intricate structures and arrangements. And yet they are still consistent. Center is a baaaaad groove. Top stuff!”

Find out more at wom-PR

Find more music like this on Dubstep Collective

EMN pres.Geste

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All you need to know about geste check step by step!
He is currently signed in germany on Equinox Records.
“Jaw Breaker EP” has been featured in Trax Magazine (biggest electronic music Magazine in France), Vice Magazine (Germany), and the video has been brodcasted on MTV Pulse. He is actually working on the next EP.

download Geste – jaw breaker EP

1. jaw breaker (4:45)
2. ohm sick (3:13)
3. andré (part ii) (4:45)
4. octobre (clouds gone) (3:58)


“Jaw Breaker” directed by Vincent Bitaud. and “Octobre” directed by Charlotte Gonzalez from Paris.

Geste – Jaw Breaker from vincent bitaud on Vimeo.

Here are some REVIEWS
by soul seduction BUY HERE
What we have here could easily be the most adventurous IDM / electronic EP release this year. Before creating the glitchiest electronic music known to computers and men, Geste aka Francois-Charles Domergue was already an accomplished bass player in various bands, playing music from hardcore punk to post rock. Those influences are still alive in the ferocious energy of the music he does today, leading to a completely unique sound and approach that results in an astonishing 4 track debut. Introduced by a lullaby-like melody, the title track on this EP soon turns into a “Jaw Breaker”; in Geste’s own words: “a sweaty dance to save your life”. This is the one track that will make your speakers scream “LOUD!!!!”. While “Ohm Sick” continues in the same vein of “Jaw Breaker”‘s astonishing synth work, it takes Geste’s hardcore approach to song programming to a new level: the beat builds up tension second after second and every DJ will hear the crowd yearning for more. The next track “André (Part II)” is pure and raw beauty. Its edgy bassline challenges the spheric keyboard melodies to make it another incredible song. Finally, the new revised version of the thrilling “Octobre (Clouds Gone)” (previously released on the “One Year & A Day” compilation) was mixed differently, puts more focus on the drums and makes up a perfect ending for this EP. All four tracks prove that musically and technically Geste is at the forefront of today’s IDM producers and one of the most promising artists of the European electronic scene.

Germany’s leading electronica magazine De:Bug has just written a few nice words about Geste’s “Jaw Breaker“ release. It’s written in German and kind of difficult to translate, but here go with a portion of the review:
“Eleborately designed 12″ in milky transparent vinyl with a poster and tracks that live up to it’s name. Brutal breaks, mean baroque synth melodies, burring basslines and an exuberant terror flair which is almost making one weep for joy… Monster.”
If you can read German, check the original review right here:
Geste is featured on the new CD Compilation of the French Trax Magazine with one tune of his Jaw Breaker EP. Here is what they wrote about “Ohm Sick”:

“Electronica, post rock, résidus de rock noisy et de hip hop instrumental: geste navigue avec aisance entre les genres, évouqant parfois le talent d’un nathan fake.”

« Electronica, post rock, noisy rock & instrumental hip hop : Geste sails with ease around the styles, reminding somehow the talent of Nathan Fake »
Le calme avant la tempête et la tempête en elle même…Dj Scientist a trouvé avec cette formule, une accroche efficace pour qualifier la musique du producteur Geste, signé sur son label Equinox Record. Attention toutefois, si la tempête, de manière grossière, dévaste tout sur son passage, Jaw Breaker, le 1er Ep du français, tape fort et vise juste. Electroniques mais surtout électriques et survoltés, les morceaux voient mélodie et rythmique se courir après comme pour mieux s’entrelacer. Autant vous prévenir, pas le temps de s’ennuyer à l’écoute de ce ep prometteur…

the calm before the storm and the storm itself…
Dj Scientist found this moto to describe the music done by Geste, signed on Equinox Records. Be careful though, because if the storm destroys roughly everything on its way, Jaw Breaker, the first EP for the frenchie, hits hard and precisely. Eloctronic but really electric & wild, the songs show melodies and beats running after each others, in order to entwine themselves. Promising EP.

About the last London gig in Bardens Boudoir, 20th of August :

EXPERIMENTING : the RoundHouse

A contemporary art collective is organizing his “Premiere” transdisciplinary and transcultural event happening on two nights at the RoundHouse in London.
Chinese & European artists have been invited for this live improvisated night.
Based on their various skills and previous creations, each participant will bring his own brick to the experiment.
As Geste, I will be participating as well, for something brand new and impredictable.

(date to be confirmed : either mid-november ’09 or mid-january ’10)


A serie of 5 remixes have been confirmed for the end of the year for a set of various artists from plural music scenes and country.
Names are remaining secret at the moment.

A new EP will be released in March 2010 by Equinox Records. The release will be digital in a first place. But another vinyle is planned for later.


the 7th of October in Paris, at a brand new place called the 4elements. Last minute performance in the context of Vincent Bitaud’s next exhibition.
check out his works :

the 5th of December in Lille, at le Biplan

the 13th of January at the SONOR FEST 3, in Chaville (Paris southern Suburbs). Suprising program set up by the SONOR ASSO, more known for their events
happening usually in the alternative hardcore and underground scene.

End of March 2010 at Le Motel, in Paris

other gigs in negociation : France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia…
If you know any place where you’d like to get some vibes : feel free to contact: gestemusic(at)

work in progress with James Reindeer, James pHoney, Cocon, Ranelagh Strives, Jahan, etc…
watch out !

check for more
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Jericho are Sam and Dave from a strange little place called The Forest of Dean. They make garage with poetry.
Big influences would be El-b, Aba-Shanti-i, Hyperdub, Nietzsche and the forest where we grew up
Jericho are very unique so check it out!We hope that you will like as much as we do!Garage(dubstep)vs poetry – never heard?!-Its Jericho Sound!

Download via sendspace

1.Crevice (is about the forest).
2.Bronze (is about lies).

Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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*ExtraPromo* F.r.a.c.t.a.l EP-Paperboy 4 free

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F.r.a.c.t.a.l is a French electronic musician.

His self-titled debut EP will be released via ModyWorks, and available in stores in early October.

Download F.r.a.c.t.a.l -Paperboy 320 for free Here

About F.r.a.c.t.a.l

From hard and unapologetic club bangers to sweet and crunchy electronic ballads, this relentless iconoclast seems able to do it all within a half nuts, half dancefloor lo-fi setting.

F.r.a.c.t.a.l is the project of Paris-based producer Jérémie Kaminski, a self-taught musician and mad sonicist who thrives on always re-inventing himself and exploring new grounds.

“I’m always looking for new ways to create music,” he says. “That’s why I always use exotic controllers like the Percussa AudioCubes, Lemur, Tenori-On etc… to manipulate sounds.”

Kaminski was not born into a musical family but the fanaticism of an uncle towards the Purple Funk of Prince and a passion for skateboarding, that opened up his ears to Hip Hop, with acts such as Naughty by Nature and Public Enemy, were a good place to get an early education.

Where most teenagers aspire to be in a band and play guitar, Kaminski was interested in drum machines and synths. Upon hearing Wish by Nine Inch Nail his fate was sealed.

He became a member of a local band, Insekur, that toured a lot around Paris. But the urge to make his own music soon forced him to go solo, the creation being a solitary thing for Kaminski, and thus was born F.r.a.c.t.a.l.


F.r.a.c.t.a.l -F.r.a.c.t.a.l EP
1. Obsolete
2. Arise
3. Paperboy
4. Battlefield
5. Resurrection

Produced by F.r.a.c.t.a.l
Executive Producer: Almamy

what we think:
Its time for changes
Probably you had enough of same electro sound!Big surprise,probably next big thing is F.r.a.c.t.a.l. thanks to ModyWorks we have this EP,all tracks are very innovative
Obsolete -is more moody
Arise -Electro Disco,Crunk with acid,perfect for clubs!
Paperboy-You can have it for free for a taste of what to expect!
Battlefield is more then Battlefield

French Electro its not dead thanks 2 F.r.a.c.t.a.l)-we have a Resurrection (Track nr.5 )!
All this tracks are already at myspace(below)
Contact F.r.a.c.t.a.l. to remix your tracks asap!

F.r.a.c.t.a.l on MySpace
F.r.a.c.t.a.l on Facebook
F.r.a.c.t.a.l on Twitter
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Prairie Cartel – Beautiful Shadow (Santiago & Bushido rmx)

Posted in *Introducing, Artists Profile, Electro, Electronic, Promotions on May 28, 2009 by J.D.

We’ve got a brand new Santiago & Bushido remix of Prairie Cartel’s track Beautiful Shadow for you. The official release is not scheduled to take place for a couple of a months on the label Long Nights Impossible Odds.

Prairie Cartel – Beautiful Shadow (S&B rmx)

Additionally here is a link to a Santiago & Bushido new mix . This mix has got a bunch of unreleased material and edits on it and showcases the type of stuff we are playing right now.

S&B500 (Santiago & Bushido mix)
1. Kink – AWOL
2. Santiago & Bushido – Dance (with Mr V accapella)
3. McLloyd – Tembisa Funk (Jokers of the Scene rmx)
4. Prairie Cartel – Beautiful Shadow (Santiago & Bushido rmx)
5. Audiostalkers – Front to Back (Santiago & Bushido rmx)
6. Jaime Fanatic – Turn This Place Up (Dj Bam Bam rmx)
7. Kobbe & Kevin Brown – Doctor Voodoo (Lex Da Funk rmx)
8. David Tort – Acid (Lost in Acid Ausfahrt mix)
9. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve – Yin
10. Double Depths – Are You With Us
11. Bass Weazel – Break the Bomb (Respect to Kenny Dope Rmx)
12. Santiago & Bushido feat Colette – Make Me Feel
13. Shadow Dancer – Together
14. Bernard Jones & Jon Milson – Thirst (Santiago & Bushido rmx)
15. Lee Mortimer – No Ordinary Girl (Hijack rmx)
16. Calvertron – Doggy Style (Dj Bam Bam rmx)
17. CZR – Obscure (Santiago & Bushido rmx)
18. Modeselektor – Suckerpin (Feadz rmx)
19. Hot Chip – Hold On (D.I.M. rmx)

Last but not least, ‘UWLMF EP’ is set to be released on Potty Mouth Music June 9. We are very excited about this EP which will feature the single ‘Make Me Feel featuring Colette’. The EP will be available for download at


Amidst the countless DJ’s and producers working in the burgeoning Chicago house scene, Santiago and Bushido stand apart from the rest with their unique blend of tech-tinged house beats and killer remixes that are becoming quite the sought-after commodity. Since teaming up as a production duo in 2003, Chris Santiago and Tim Bush have dropped numerous EP’s and remixes on some of the most well respected labels around including Potty Mouth, Om, Ultra, and have generated a significant following in the process. Their unique sound and flawless DJ sets have helped to establish Santiago & Bushido as one of the premier acts in dance music today.

Their track ‘Head Trick’ was one of the true dance anthems of 2008, a major crossover success receiving play and charting from many of the globe’s top DJ’s such as Moby, DJ Tiesto, Switch, Armin Van Buren, and Diplo. Head Trick was the # 1 most downloaded song in January 2008, and the #8 most downloaded of the entire year on, the world’s top online site for electronic music. Santiago & Bushido followed the success of Head Trick with a number of critically acclaimed releases and remixes including a massive remix of Kaskade’s Billboard # 1 hit single Move For Me, a reworking of Larry Tee’s Louis Vuitton, and their original single Can’t Be Wrong which has been licensed to numerous complications such as Ministry of Sound. In addition to belting out club tracks Santiago and Bushido have worked with Om recording artist Colette on her artist album “Push” for which they wrote and produced multiple songs including the album’s single, “If,” which was licensed for an episode of Real World for “MTV” and can also be purchased as a ring tone from Verizon.

Having been intimately involved with music his entire, life Bushido picked up his first pair of turntables and sampler on his 16th birthday and immediately went to work mixing, sampling, and cutting up any piece of vinyl he could get his hands on. His carefully crafted DJ sets caught the ears of some of Chicago’s nightlife elite and he soon found himself playing all over the city. Tim spent his days working at Chicago Recording Company, sharing the same recording space with the likes of R.Kelly and Smashing Pumpkins among others. By working alongside some of Chicago’s most well respected engineers at CRC, Bushido honed his engineering and production prowess until opportunity knocked.

While Bushido was mastering his craft, Santiago was working his way up the Chicago’s nightlife hierarchy. Within one year of playing live gigs, he secured a Friday night residency at Zentra Nightclub’s House Arrest, and within a year he would be playing to Chicago’s most musically educated and up-for-it partiers as an exclusive resident at “World’s Best Dance Club”, Smartbar, joining the halls of dance icons that have enjoyed similar slots there (including other current residents Kaskade and Justin Long).

As DJ’s, Santiago & Bushido draw influence from their Chicago house background and apply harder and heavier elements to their sound. Santiago & Bushido are regularly headlining and appearing at some of the best parties in the US and beyond including Avalon in LA, Decibel Festival in Seattle, and Bed in Miami. Recent shows have them playing along side some of the hottest talent around today such as Deadmau5, Crookers, and Kaskade. Their 2009 dates include a multi-city tour in Australia, multiple trips to Europe, and regular gigs in North America.

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You Will Love Tha Boogie

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Who is Tha Boogie you ask? They are an experimental Pop/Hip-Hop/ R&B/Alternative Soul trio who hails from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They write, produce, record and arrange their own music with no boundaries.
Tha Boogie represents

LEJIN: Singer/ Music Producer/Arranger
NUSCHOOL: Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Vocal Producer and Arranger
KORUS: Singer/songwriter
The talented trio is currently signed to Raphael Saadiq’s label, Velma records, and was the opening act for the last leg of his 2009 Winter tour.

OC Weekly described the group as a, “Three piece flurry of Janet Jackson-style choreography, bright colors and unshakable M.I.A. swagger carried an entertaining flair that was all together unexpected.”
Their EP is coming out in a couple weeks. We have thanks 2 Luxury City Entertainment Music Group (“California Muzik” and “Tha Anthem“) to give you another dose of what is to come.

Here is their latest video “Hey Love” directed by Mike Quain.

If you like to Discover new music and artists as we do or if you had enough hip hop crap(T.I. and Co.)then check this band!
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Max Cooper: Hot Chip, D. Eulberg, Traum, UGTV + more

Posted in *Introducing, Artists Profile, Electronic, Promotions on May 11, 2009 by J.D.

Max Cooper is a founding resident of the huge UK club night Firefly (, where he has played alongside such diverse names as Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Justice, Digitalism, Derrick May, Slam, Stanton Warriors, Speedy J, Adam Freeland, Plump DJs, Freq Nasty, Rolando, Fergie, Luke Slater and many more.

Max Cooper is well known for his consummate mixing skills, something he honed during late night sets as a Firefly resident, playing across six decks as one of half of the techno duo, Thrash Jelly. It is these turntable talents that led ‘The Underground’, a TV program broadcast throughout Europe and UK on major cable carrier SKY TV, to solicit Max for a monthly scratch tutorial feature video. Max joins the likes of James Zabiela, Luciano, Steve Lawler, Troy Pierce, Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin, who have all been interviewed and featured on Undergound TV. Click here for a preview of what’s to come:

Following his debut EP release on Traum, ‘Harmonisch Serie’, Max will be releasing a second EP for Traum, ‘Symphonica’, due out June 9. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the tracks, a Max Cooper original called ‘Wasp’:HERE

Max was also asked to produce a remix for one of the techno greats, Dominik Eulberg. Max’s ‘Lost In Sound’ remix of Eulberg’s ‘Sensorika’ is available now on Traum. Here is an exclusive clip:

In addition one of Max’s tracks from ‘Harmonisch Serie’ was selected by Hot Chip to appear on the eagerly anticipated next installment of the Bugged Out mix series. Max’s ‘I’ has the enviable task of closing out CD1 of Hot Chip’s A Bugged Out Mix.
Click here to listen to Max’s ‘I’:

Click here to see a recent interview with Max with London’s Bar 54.
*Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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