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Marionette ID – Emptiness Will Change Your Mind

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About The Band
Marionette ID, from Hungary (Budapest/Tatabánya), plays an interesting blend of modern rock styles. (Though they despise any kind of categorization.) Their heavy and emotionally deep music looks to set trends rather than to follow any. Although they lack the experimentalism that might make their music inaccessible, and instead have quite a minimalist attitude, they still flirt with progressive structures, strange noisy patterns and unconventional rhythms. This makes their music stand out from contemporary indie/alternative stuff.
About The Album:
Emptiness Will Change Your Mind is Marionette ID’s debut which was released by the band in 2008. The band joined Fluttery Records in 2010 just before their European Tour and the label decided to bring it to a wider audience.

marionette ID are practicing a precision few bands dare to. If you are willing to give Emptiness Will Change Your Mind some time to grow, you will be richly rewarded.”

marionette ID from Budapest are creating an exceptionally mix between PostRock and IndieRock. In nearly 50 minutes on ‘Emptiness Will Change Your Mind’ they’ve wrapped up 8 really good songs which incite one to sing along.”

Excellent cross between Alternative and Progressive with a tip bit of post-rock influence. Turns out VERY GOOD. Give it a go. I did and I dig. Its musics like this that makes posting and writing entries fun. Solid 4 to 4.5 with GOOD vocals. Definitely look forward for more of their sound

Emptiness Will Change Your Mind.” – one of the most philosophical and creative lines to come out of rock music in recent years.”
The band’s European tour dates are listed in their MySpace page. At the end of the Europian tour, they are going to start to tour in USA. The dates are listed in the band’s MySpace page

Release Date: 29 March 2010
© 2010 Fluttery Records
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House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)

Posted in Deep House, Nu Disco, Reviews on February 27, 2010 by J.D.

There’s a bit of a cliché about remixing perfect tracks. Why bother, the thought goes, when you’ve already got something that doesn’t need “fixing”? “Rushing to Paradise” isn’t a perfect track (although it’s pretty close to a perfect song in my mind), as evidenced by the wide variety of edits floating around, and the wide variety of tempos I’ve heard it played at. But DJ Harvey’s remix of the epic tune hardly does the thing justice. The edit maestro splices and dices “Rushing,” making it more suitable for the floor, but loses the bits around it that made the original so special.

That’s his job of course, but you get the sense that this is a bit of a missed opportunity. Like taking out “In the beginning there was jack” from “My House.” (Well, not that bad, but you get the point.) With such rich source material, it feels as though there would have been endless possibilities for Harvey to ponder. And, in the end, we simply get something this straight ahead? Bummer, dude.

Then again, if you haven’t got the original—and considering how much the original pressing sometimes goes for elsewhere, we don’t blame you—we can’t recommend this one enough.(RA)

1. House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (Walkin’ These Streets) (12:58)
2. House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix) (9:11)

Buy at Juno

EMN pres.Geste

Posted in *Introducing, Electronic, Experimental, Glitch, IDM, Promotions, Reviews on September 27, 2009 by J.D.

All you need to know about geste check step by step!
He is currently signed in germany on Equinox Records.
“Jaw Breaker EP” has been featured in Trax Magazine (biggest electronic music Magazine in France), Vice Magazine (Germany), and the video has been brodcasted on MTV Pulse. He is actually working on the next EP.

download Geste – jaw breaker EP

1. jaw breaker (4:45)
2. ohm sick (3:13)
3. andré (part ii) (4:45)
4. octobre (clouds gone) (3:58)


“Jaw Breaker” directed by Vincent Bitaud. and “Octobre” directed by Charlotte Gonzalez from Paris.

Geste – Jaw Breaker from vincent bitaud on Vimeo.

Here are some REVIEWS
by soul seduction BUY HERE
What we have here could easily be the most adventurous IDM / electronic EP release this year. Before creating the glitchiest electronic music known to computers and men, Geste aka Francois-Charles Domergue was already an accomplished bass player in various bands, playing music from hardcore punk to post rock. Those influences are still alive in the ferocious energy of the music he does today, leading to a completely unique sound and approach that results in an astonishing 4 track debut. Introduced by a lullaby-like melody, the title track on this EP soon turns into a “Jaw Breaker”; in Geste’s own words: “a sweaty dance to save your life”. This is the one track that will make your speakers scream “LOUD!!!!”. While “Ohm Sick” continues in the same vein of “Jaw Breaker”‘s astonishing synth work, it takes Geste’s hardcore approach to song programming to a new level: the beat builds up tension second after second and every DJ will hear the crowd yearning for more. The next track “André (Part II)” is pure and raw beauty. Its edgy bassline challenges the spheric keyboard melodies to make it another incredible song. Finally, the new revised version of the thrilling “Octobre (Clouds Gone)” (previously released on the “One Year & A Day” compilation) was mixed differently, puts more focus on the drums and makes up a perfect ending for this EP. All four tracks prove that musically and technically Geste is at the forefront of today’s IDM producers and one of the most promising artists of the European electronic scene.

Germany’s leading electronica magazine De:Bug has just written a few nice words about Geste’s “Jaw Breaker“ release. It’s written in German and kind of difficult to translate, but here go with a portion of the review:
“Eleborately designed 12″ in milky transparent vinyl with a poster and tracks that live up to it’s name. Brutal breaks, mean baroque synth melodies, burring basslines and an exuberant terror flair which is almost making one weep for joy… Monster.”
If you can read German, check the original review right here:
Geste is featured on the new CD Compilation of the French Trax Magazine with one tune of his Jaw Breaker EP. Here is what they wrote about “Ohm Sick”:

“Electronica, post rock, résidus de rock noisy et de hip hop instrumental: geste navigue avec aisance entre les genres, évouqant parfois le talent d’un nathan fake.”

« Electronica, post rock, noisy rock & instrumental hip hop : Geste sails with ease around the styles, reminding somehow the talent of Nathan Fake »
Le calme avant la tempête et la tempête en elle même…Dj Scientist a trouvé avec cette formule, une accroche efficace pour qualifier la musique du producteur Geste, signé sur son label Equinox Record. Attention toutefois, si la tempête, de manière grossière, dévaste tout sur son passage, Jaw Breaker, le 1er Ep du français, tape fort et vise juste. Electroniques mais surtout électriques et survoltés, les morceaux voient mélodie et rythmique se courir après comme pour mieux s’entrelacer. Autant vous prévenir, pas le temps de s’ennuyer à l’écoute de ce ep prometteur…

the calm before the storm and the storm itself…
Dj Scientist found this moto to describe the music done by Geste, signed on Equinox Records. Be careful though, because if the storm destroys roughly everything on its way, Jaw Breaker, the first EP for the frenchie, hits hard and precisely. Eloctronic but really electric & wild, the songs show melodies and beats running after each others, in order to entwine themselves. Promising EP.

About the last London gig in Bardens Boudoir, 20th of August :

EXPERIMENTING : the RoundHouse

A contemporary art collective is organizing his “Premiere” transdisciplinary and transcultural event happening on two nights at the RoundHouse in London.
Chinese & European artists have been invited for this live improvisated night.
Based on their various skills and previous creations, each participant will bring his own brick to the experiment.
As Geste, I will be participating as well, for something brand new and impredictable.

(date to be confirmed : either mid-november ’09 or mid-january ’10)


A serie of 5 remixes have been confirmed for the end of the year for a set of various artists from plural music scenes and country.
Names are remaining secret at the moment.

A new EP will be released in March 2010 by Equinox Records. The release will be digital in a first place. But another vinyle is planned for later.


the 7th of October in Paris, at a brand new place called the 4elements. Last minute performance in the context of Vincent Bitaud’s next exhibition.
check out his works :

the 5th of December in Lille, at le Biplan

the 13th of January at the SONOR FEST 3, in Chaville (Paris southern Suburbs). Suprising program set up by the SONOR ASSO, more known for their events
happening usually in the alternative hardcore and underground scene.

End of March 2010 at Le Motel, in Paris

other gigs in negociation : France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia…
If you know any place where you’d like to get some vibes : feel free to contact: gestemusic(at)

work in progress with James Reindeer, James pHoney, Cocon, Ranelagh Strives, Jahan, etc…
watch out !

check for more
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Vitalic – Flashmob

Posted in Electro, Electronic, Reviews, Techno on September 25, 2009 by J.D.

You know how when you’re a kid, everything is absolutes? Modern dance music is kinda still stuck there, flipping between the night-and-day of dour seriousness vs. punch-your-mom-in-the-face party ethic. It makes it hard to find music that does more than soundtrack individual emotions.

Somewhere between the Juan Maclean’s raucous four-on-the-floor formula and chamber vox techno of the likes of Imogen Heap or Bat for Lashes, there lies a fabled land called subtlety. Most the time, only Brian Eno lives there. But for goddamn once in our lives, a new guy, Vitalic, nee Pascal Arbez, hits it. More than hits it. Owns it.

Vitalic’s debut full-length OK Cowboy made waves back in 2005 with its woozy blend of smarter-than-average synths and weirder-than-average samples. But there was this one track, “The Past,” that came on like an Adderall-powered freight train loaded with paperback copies of Steppenwolf. (That’s a metaphor for being rad and subtle at the same time.) And it left you being all “Why can’t he make a whole record like that?”

Wish granted. Our boy Arbez is back and he’s got a danceable Enola Gay filled with subtlety bombs. Eponymous cut “Flashmob” feels like the bastard child of Justice and Lindstrom—detuned and headfucked, but not too far gone to exude shy thoughtfulness.

“Your Disco Song”—the single—grabs a creepo Crystal Castles-style child vocal and forces it to smash through pane after pane of 8-bit glass. The cartwheeling bassline draws a stealth jet contrail across the background, again achieving the near impossible feat of being silly while staying somber, danceable but dingy. Likewise, slowburner “Alain Delon” is as implacable as its Le Samouraï namesake, playing quiet, razorgrooves close to the vest, giving it up without giving it away.

Basically I could rave retardedly about great dance like this until I have a nanotech beard, but why bother. Get this record and spin it til you’re tired of it, then go listen to some Berlin-era Bowie or early Roxy Music or something. Then put on Flashmob again and realize multi-layered paradoxical pop doesn’t come around that much anymore.(RA Review)

Title: Flashmob
Label: Different France
Cat: DIFB 1220CDX
Format: CD
Released: 28 September, 2009
Genre: Electro House
Listen/Buy at Juno

01. See the Sea (Red)
02. Poison Lips
03. Flashmob
04. One Above One
05. Still
06. Terminateur Benelux
07. Second Lives
08. Alain Dellon
09. See the Sea (Blue)
10. Chicken Lady
11. Your Disco Song
12. Station Mir 2099
13. Chez Septime

More at Myspace

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Makam – Deep Loving

Posted in Deep House, EP, Nu Disco, Reviews, Tech House on September 19, 2009 by J.D.

Young Dutchman Guy Blanken, AKA Makam, is on fire. With ashes still smoldering from his bomb “New York Hustler,” he landed an apt follow-up, Deep Loving, on Sushitech. Despite being a mere 22 years-old, Makam produces with the kind of natural talent you’d expect from people he has probably grown up admiring. His restrained and low-slung grooves chug expertly along the layers upon layers of filtered strings, keys and lush chord changes, creating unique, soulful tracks that feel as timeless as they do forward-bound. Makam’s tracks are a labor of house, the result of many nights not in a studio, but dancing worries away in a club.

Deep Loving is three tracks of bliss, nicely diverse and full of Makam punch. “When You Love Somebody” is a hypnotic big room groover. New York-style deep house vocals smooth out the punchy rhythm as it subtly builds—leaving you lost in a haze of clubbing memories. It’s the kind of track that falls and rises so perfectly that it could easily have run on and on without tiring. “La Fem” is more of a DJ tool; a vocal loop and simple Rhodes-style keys play out over a chunky groove. Title track “Deep Loving,” meanwhile borrows directly from the funk of The Temptations “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone,” which is a surefire pleaser for the local disco. This EP, though, is all about “When You Love Somebody” and shows real promise for Makam’s forthcoming album, due to hit later this year.(RA)

Artist: MAKAM
Title: Deep Loving
Label: Sushitech Purple
Cat: SUSHP 0146
Format: 12″
Released: 7 September, 2009
Genre: Deep House
Listen/ Buy at Juno

Tracklist: Makam – Deep Loving

A When You Love Somebody
B1 La Fem
B2 Deep Loving

thanks 2 dk
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Joy Orbison-Hyph Mngo+BSRkR01+…

Posted in *Favorites, Dj Mix, Dub Step, Dubstep Atmospheric, Funky, Grime, Interview, Reviews on September 12, 2009 by J.D.

Joy again at emn,first at summer selection,now very hype,everybody is talkin about-Another stunning Hotflush release!ANTHEM 2009
Here it is all about Joy Orbison

Fact Magazine
Joy Orbison still hasn’t released his debut single, but already there’s more hype about him than there are 90% – if not more – of people making dance music in the UK right now. That’s mostly due to the strength of said forthcoming debut single, ‘Hyph Mngo’.
Leading dubstep commentator Martin Clark refers to it as an anthem in the making, Energy Flash author Simon Reynolds calls it a ‘talisman’ (albeit not in a particularly positive way), and it’s garnered massively positive reviews from FACT, Pitchfork and Resident Advisor. On Monday, ‘Hyph Mngo’ will finally be released on dubstep veteran Scuba’s Hot Flush label – but who is Joy Orbison?

Well, as FACT found out when we spoke to Joy this week, he’s actually 22 year old Peter O’Grady, the well-mannered nephew of drum ‘n’ bass legend Ray Keith; he grew up in South London listening to garage icons Todd Edwards, Groove Chronicles and Zed Bias, he’s got future singles coming out on Aus Music and his own fledgling label, and he’s a big fan of emotion in music.
Check Fact Interview: Joy Orbison here

Pitchfork Best new Music,rated 9!
Dance music trends tend to move in such quick arcs that we rarely think of the involved artists as “craftsmen”; there is merely time to define a genre and then advance it. It’s a little bit surprising, then, that the most trenchant, relevant thing to say about Joy Orbison’s* “Hyph Mngo” (first mentioned here by Martin Clark) is that it’s a spectacularly well-crafted dubstep song in the same manner that, say, Spoon writes well crafted rock songs: shaping familiar, predictable ingredients into a unique, easily identifiable whole.

The product of 22-year-old South Londoner Peter O’Grady, “Hyph Mngo” finally sees release after months of streams and samples (that its lock-job successfully kept it out of the hands of chatty internet dance geeks for so long is itself a marvel). High-strung and tense, “Hyph Mngo” relies heavily on a distorted, two-chord organ progression that trails the beat by a half-step. The hook is supplied– and supplied and supplied and supplied– by a popping, looped soul vocal, a woman feverishly repeating, mushmouthed, “I do,” her near-indecipherable syllables justifying the track’s oddball title. O’Grady lets the track build naturally, foregoing any discernible crescendo for sturdy, quick repetitions spiced with increasingly space-y synth noise. The track is self-contained, simple, and weirdly uplifting. If you ever thought claustrophobia could feel triumphant, “Hyph Mngo” is your floor-filling jam.

Find Out more,listen at myspace


Hot Flush
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: HFT009
Where to start with this incredible record? Justifiably, more has been written about this 12″ than practically any other bit of vinyl in the dubstep/post-garage arena this year, with writers at Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Fact Magazine and any other publication of note queuing up to drape compliments over it’s shiny chassis. We’re not going to hold back on the hyperbolics either, heck no! This IS one of the finest records you’ll hear this year, reflecting the mood of the times with an exothermic blend of Funky functions, Dubstep futurism and studied house classicism that touches on everyone from Carl Craig to Todd Edwards, to Martyn and Shed while weaving through the crowd to the front left, just by the speakers to hold it’s arms up high and swing like it’s loving it. ‘Hyph Mngo’ is just pure, transcendental rave feeling concentrated into 5 minutes of bliss, from the teasing intro crafted to feel like you’re walking into a swinging mass of beaming dancers, to the agile 2-step flex and supple subbass push, this record has nailed the feeling directly onto the ‘floor. ‘Wet Look’ on the flip may not be as well known, but slides out a slippery groove of immense proportions. Orbison splices elevated Detroit sophistication with European technical execution and the requirements of UK dancefloors to result in a stunning riddim that makes us want friday nights to come so much sooner. Suffice to say, we’re addicted to this record and predict great things from this young producer who already has records lined up for his own Doldrums imprint, and possibly Night Slugs so really, watch this space. Essential purchase and, needless to say, hugely recommended!(Boomkat)

Artist: ORBISON, Joy
Title: Hyph Mngo
Label: Hotflush Recordings
Cat: HFT 009
Format: 12″
Released: 14 September, 2009
Genre: Dubstep/Grime

1. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
2. Joy Orbison – Wet Look

Or Listen Buy at Juno herepreorder asap,already @ nr.1 bestsellers charts!

Joy Orbison – BSRkR01 mix
Thriller – Genie
Floating Points – Love Me Like This
C.O.M.B.I. – It A Late
Eddie C – Make It Better
The Revenge – Night Flight
B.W.H. – Stop
James Pants – We’re Through
Alicia Meyers – I Want To Thank You
Fudge Fingas – DinsDins4Dada
Bumblebee Unlimited – Lovebug (DK Edit)
Arthur Russell – Hop On Down
Nite Jewel – Weak For Me
The Samps – Traincummings…..
C.B. Funk – Subway To Cologne
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Joy Orbison – DLDRMS001(right click save as)

1. Pearson Sound – Indelible // Aus
2. Karizma – Drumz Nightmare // R2
3. Nu-Birth – Anytime // Locked On
4. Tonya Renee – About You (Karizma Boucha Remix) // Home Recordings
5. Altered Natives – Rass Out // Fresh Minute Music
6. Joy Orbison – Smother // DOLDRUMS
7. Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn Remix) // Curle
8. Shed – Selection One // Soloaction
9. Ultramarine – Hooter (Carl Craig Remix/JORb EdiT) // Real Soon
10. Joy Orbison – Tentative Bidding // DOLDRUMS
11. Martyn – Hear Me // 3024
12. Joy Orbison – J. Doe // DOLDRUMS
13. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo // Hotflush

thanks 2 john
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*ExtraPromo* F.r.a.c.t.a.l EP-Paperboy 4 free

Posted in *Introducing, Crunk, Electro, French, Promotions, Reviews on August 31, 2009 by J.D.

F.r.a.c.t.a.l is a French electronic musician.

His self-titled debut EP will be released via ModyWorks, and available in stores in early October.

Download F.r.a.c.t.a.l -Paperboy 320 for free Here

About F.r.a.c.t.a.l

From hard and unapologetic club bangers to sweet and crunchy electronic ballads, this relentless iconoclast seems able to do it all within a half nuts, half dancefloor lo-fi setting.

F.r.a.c.t.a.l is the project of Paris-based producer Jérémie Kaminski, a self-taught musician and mad sonicist who thrives on always re-inventing himself and exploring new grounds.

“I’m always looking for new ways to create music,” he says. “That’s why I always use exotic controllers like the Percussa AudioCubes, Lemur, Tenori-On etc… to manipulate sounds.”

Kaminski was not born into a musical family but the fanaticism of an uncle towards the Purple Funk of Prince and a passion for skateboarding, that opened up his ears to Hip Hop, with acts such as Naughty by Nature and Public Enemy, were a good place to get an early education.

Where most teenagers aspire to be in a band and play guitar, Kaminski was interested in drum machines and synths. Upon hearing Wish by Nine Inch Nail his fate was sealed.

He became a member of a local band, Insekur, that toured a lot around Paris. But the urge to make his own music soon forced him to go solo, the creation being a solitary thing for Kaminski, and thus was born F.r.a.c.t.a.l.


F.r.a.c.t.a.l -F.r.a.c.t.a.l EP
1. Obsolete
2. Arise
3. Paperboy
4. Battlefield
5. Resurrection

Produced by F.r.a.c.t.a.l
Executive Producer: Almamy

what we think:
Its time for changes
Probably you had enough of same electro sound!Big surprise,probably next big thing is F.r.a.c.t.a.l. thanks to ModyWorks we have this EP,all tracks are very innovative
Obsolete -is more moody
Arise -Electro Disco,Crunk with acid,perfect for clubs!
Paperboy-You can have it for free for a taste of what to expect!
Battlefield is more then Battlefield

French Electro its not dead thanks 2 F.r.a.c.t.a.l)-we have a Resurrection (Track nr.5 )!
All this tracks are already at myspace(below)
Contact F.r.a.c.t.a.l. to remix your tracks asap!

F.r.a.c.t.a.l on MySpace
F.r.a.c.t.a.l on Facebook
F.r.a.c.t.a.l on Twitter
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Geiom/ Spamchop – Cave Rave / Sirius Star

Posted in Dub Step, Electronic, Grime, Reviews on August 25, 2009 by J.D.

Geiom’s productions fuse an organic ethnic vibe with synthesized electronic manipulations built upon a dubstep-inspired blueprint. The latest 12-inch on his Berkane Sol imprint features two upbeat numbers that elegantly weave together bass, beats and melody. Geiom’s long engagement with electronica is apparent in the subtle electronic tinkering that detail the songs, hiccupping and stuttering beats, twittering tics and swirling synths among them.

The amusingly titled “Cave Rave” is set off by skippy but rolling staccato synth stabs that are soon replaced with a growling but restrained bassline and a light but solid backbeat. This rhythm and bass combo underpins echoing synth sweeps and reverberating rhythms that airily and effortlessly blend together. “Sirius Star” is in similar territory: The beat is a garage meets techno stomper, limber but strong, driving and soothing at the same time with piano licks dancing melodically around synth bleeps and squeaks.

The beauty here is in the arrangement: Each twist and turn of the tunes offers new combinations and versions of their respective building blocks, making the progression fresh but familiar. Paradoxically though, these switch-ups, while keeping things fresh, also deprive the tunes of the grabbing memorability that would have made this good release great. (RA)

Title: Cave Rave
Label: Berkane Sol
Cat: BRK 012
Format: 12″
Released: 10 August, 2009
Genre: Dubstep/Grime

Tracklist: Geiom + Spamchop – Cave Rave / Sirius Star

A Geiom + Spamchop – Cave Rave
B Geiom – Sirius Star

Listen/Buy HERE

thanks 2 dk
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New Hockey "Too Fake" Video

Posted in News, Promotions, Reviews, Video on March 4, 2009 by J.D.

Portland, OR based buzz band Hockey has just released this video for their song “Too Fake” from the upcoming Capitol Records release Mind Chaos. Hockey will be playing at this years SXSW festival.

“Hockey is a new signee that plays unbelievably unself-conscious, balls-out pop-rock that you want to hate yourself for liking. But just try to resist the chorus of its song “Too Fake.” See, you can’t. Their debut album, Mind Chaos, due midyear, is likely to be big, so see them now while they’re still playing small rooms.” – Time Out New York

“These scruffy bike-riding vegans could easily be enjoyed by fans of Dylan, Springsteen and the Hold Steady as much as they could by devotees of LCD Soundsystem” – The Guardian

“The band who might just provide the soundtrack to 2009.” – Arena

Youtube Link:

Music from EMI
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