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Massive Attack co writer & producer Davidge announces debut album & premieres title track, plus video

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Slo Light davidgeDavidge announces debut artist album and premieres title track, plus accompanying video trailer
Album: ‘Slo Light’
Released: 2nd March 2014
Label: 7Hz Recordings

7Hz Recordings / Shamrock Solutions Ltd. is proud to announce the stunning debut album by Davidge, AKA award-winning producer / musician Neil Davidge, renowned previously for his production, co-writing and sonic-sculpting of music for Massive Attack, David Bowie, Snoop Dog, Damon Albarn, Primal Scream, Elizabeth Fraser and Mos Def.

The album’s title-track ‘Slo Light’ launches the epic journey and clearly demonstrates Neil’s stamp on latter Massive Attack albums.

The video trailer was directed and shot by Gustavo Andrade for China Dolls Films and was co-directed and starred-in by singer and collaborator, Stephonik Youth (whose band Living Days are signed to Dave Sitek’s label Federal Prism).

An album deeply-schooled in Bristol beats, electronica, soundtracks, orchestral music and more, the ‘Slo Light’ album creates a fantasy world in which tension, darkness and beauty find the perfect equilibrium. The record is sky-high on production value with an unparalleled clarity and sonic depth typical of Davidge’s unique style and sound.

‘Slo Light’ full track listing:


  1. Slo Light featuring Stephonik Youth
  2. Gallant Foxes featuring Cate Le Bon
  3. How Was Your Day featuring Karima Francis
  4. Home From Home featuring Low Roar
  5. They Won’t Know featuring Stephonik Youth
  6. That Fever featuring Claire Tchaikowski
  7. Riot Pictures featuring Sandie Shaw
  8. Zero One Zero featuring Stephonik Youth
  9. Sleepwalking featuring Emi Green
  10. Anyone Laughing featuring Claire Tchaikowski
  11. Hummingbird featuring Patrick Duff  (Itunes bonus track)
  12. Sensor featuring Jhelisa Anderson (Digipak bonus track)
  13. Forty Days In The Wilderness featuring Patrick Duff (12” Vinyl bonus track)
  14. Slo Light Davidge vs. Rob Smith Lovas Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)
  15. Sensor Davidge vs. Quadrant, Kid Hops and Iris Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)
  16. Sleepwalking Davidge vs. Michael Mortlock Remix (12” Vinyl bonus track)

Pinch and JD Twitch Remix Mark Stewart vs. Primal Scream’s track

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Mark Stewart vs. Primal Scream Announce Release Of Pinch And DJ Twitch’s “Autonomia” Remix


Mark Stewart is back again, and this time he brings even more friends.  Here we have two heavyweight champions of the underground – Pinch and JD Twitch – offering up deliciously moody interpretations of  the Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream brand new single ‘Autonomia’.  The mighty Bristol dubstep veteran Pinch loads up on dark and brooding, with a stripped and dubby Shackleton-esque interpretation. Meanwhile, JD Twitch, one half of Optimo, opts for a warped and slo-mo, acid-licked stomp – a consummate exhibition of his musical breath and knowledge.

Check out the remixes HERE

Autonomia’ will be released through Future Noise Music on February 20th, a dense agit-protest superfunk monster with sirens and Bobby Gillespie’s frenetic ‘keeping the dream alive‘ call-and-response chant with Stewart.

Stewart’s new album The Politics of Envy cages, consolidates and hotwires the rampant barrage of elements which have infused Mark Stewart’s work since his first band, The Pop Group blasted the post-punk landscape.  The Politics of Envy is due outMarch 27th through Future Noise Music, and features a stellar cast, including cult film-maker Kenneth Anger, original Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, NYC punk innovator Richard HellLee ‘Scratch’ PerryGina Birch of the Raincoats, Slits bassist Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain bassist Douglas HartFactory FloorDaddy G of Massive Attack and all of Primal Scream. 

To pre-order the single ‘Autonomia’ and remixes visit:

Mark Stewart vs. Primal Scream “Autonomia”Video Premiere

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Starting out as a teenager in the late 70s with the Pop Group and thru the 80’s with the Maffia up to his new solo record, Mark Stewart has led the attack on conformist reality. Mark is a constant inspiration and a true Thief of Fire. A poet of paranoia and a great laugh. What a guy.” – Primal Scream

 Approaching the release of his eagerly anticipated album The Politics of Envy (due out March 26th via Future Noise Music), Mark Stewart has joined forces with fellow subversive musical compatriot Bobby Gillespie and his band, Primal Screamto release the video for his first single ‘Autonomia.

Directed by Douglas Hart, founding member and bassist of The Jesus and Mary Chain, the video exhibits a raw, riotous & feverish vivacity infused with the artists’ trademark punk rock ethos to convey the song’s deep political message.

Written about Carlo Giuliani, an autonomist protestor killed in the 2001 G8 demonstrations in Genoa, ‘Autonomia’ features Bobby Gillespie‘s frenetic call-and-response chant with Stewart.  Stewart explains that when he started writing the song “it was kind of like a protest song … afterwards I started getting on with Bobby and I asked Adrian [Sherwood] about doing it.  It’s important that people hear about the story, it’s the message and the atmosphere as much as anything.”  ‘Autonomia’ the single will be released through Future Noise Music on February 20th.

Hart, who has been orchestrating music videos for over 30 years, has directed over 80 videos, including a number of videos for Primal Scream. Recently he directed a semi autobiographical short film entitled “Long Distance Information” which was screened at the 2011 London Film Festival.

Joining Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream on the album is cult film-maker Kenneth Anger, original Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, NYC punk innovator Richard HellLee ‘Scratch’ PerryGina Birch of the Raincoats, Slits bassist Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain bassist Douglas HartFactory Floor, and Daddy G of Massive Attack.

Mark Stewart (The Pop Group) Announces Release Date & Album Title ‘The Politics of Envy’+ Special Guests

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MARK STEWART (The Pop Group)
Announces Solo Album
‘The Politics of Envy
Out March 26, 2012 on Future Noise Music

Special Guests include:
Kenneth Anger, Richard Hell, Keith Levene (Clash/PiL),
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Gina Birch (Raincoats),
Tessa Pollitt (
Slits)Douglas Hart (Jesus And Mary Chain),
Factory Floor, Youth, Daddy G (Massive Attack),

Bobby Gillespie
 and all of Primal Scream.


Tracks:  1. Vanity Kills  2. Autonomia  3. Gang War  4. Codex  5. Want  6.Gustav Says  7.Baby Bourgeois  8.Method to the Madness  9. Apocalypse Hotel  10. Letter to Hermione  11. Stereotype
“The reality-subverting punk-and-beyond maverick returns with heavy friends.”
– Ian Harrison, Mojo

“Mark Stewart changed everything”
– Nick Cave

“Mark is my hero”
– Daddy G, Massive Attack

“I didn’t want that song to end ever! It’s crazy to get to play with one of my heroes, I kind of can’t believe it.”
– St. Vincent

“Mark Stewart has led the attack on conformist reality. Mark is a constant inspiration and a true Thief of Fire.”
– Primal Scream

Never has there been a better time for the return of Mark Stewart.
At the end of 2011, a year of riots, revolutions, occupations and increasing collapse of the global financial system Mark Stewart returns with the limited 7” of Children of the Revolution, perfectly capturing the restless mood on today’s streets worldwide to create the apocalyptic dancehall mutation of T. Rex’s glam classic.

His new album The Politics of Envy is due out 26th March, 2012 through Future Noise Music, and features a stellar cast, including cult film-maker Kenneth Anger, original Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, NYC punk innovator Richard HellLee ‘Scratch’ Perry,Gina Birch of the Raincoats, Slits bassist Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain bassistDouglas HartFactory FloorDaddy G of Massive Attack and all of Primal Scream.

All roads have been leading to this. The Politics of Envy cages, consolidates and hotwires the rampant barrage of elements which have infused Mark Stewart’s work since his first band, The Pop Group blasted the post-punk landscape.

“The whole thing grew out of some art thing I was trying to do with Kenneth Anger, some kind of avatar…it’s passing it on but also paying homage. Anger’s spirit kind of hangs over the whole thing,” explains Mark.

Vanity Kills kicks off the resulting LP with Kenneth Anger on Theremin, plus Richard Hell and Bristol new blood Kahn. Followed by Autonomia, featuring Bobby Gillespie’s frenetic call-and-response chant with Stewart, who wrote the song about Carlo Giuliani, killed at the 2001 G8 demonstrations in Genoa. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry guests on Gang War, spitting diamonds, with Tessa Pollitt blanketing the dense, heavyweight urban dubscape, before Stewart takes us into the slo-mo coldwave ofCodex. Joined by Factory Floor and Youth for Want, Stewart then hits us with the album’s fine example of 21st-century schizoid wall of sound Gustav Says.

Railing against “corporate cocksuckers” and declaring “sanity sucks” on the cool disco electro Baby Bourgeois, we’re then taken into the huge, seething synth-crawl of Method to the Madness, providing one of the album’s atmospheric highlights, gouging beyond industrial or dubstep to create a frightening new take on modern mood music. Daddy G’s unmistakable deep-throat intonations make the perfect garnish for the bleak, heaving whale of a tune, that is Apocalypse Hotel. Being mutual fans of their work, Stewart gives us his version of David Bowie’s Letter to Hermione, now a spookily-orchestrated, beat-less lament. Stewart turns on the light and lets Keith Levene unleash some of his inimitable metal guitar jangle on Stereotype. They are joined by Factory Floor and Gina Birch on this slice of gorgeously-melancholic brilliance, an effortless modern pop classic, which provides the perfect end to this intoxicatingly provocative set of songs.

Continuing an unmatchable track record of anarchic pioneering and seismic influence, Mark Stewart is back with his eighth album and what must be his most high profile project to date, reasserting him as one of the great volcanic creative minds.

Check out the video for “Nothing is Sacred”

CSS Release New Single, “Hits Me Like A Rock”ft. Bobby Gillespie

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CSS Share New Single “Hits Me Like A Rock”

(Feat. Bobby Gillespie) Off Upcoming New Album

Download it for Free from
“Hits Me Like A Rock” 
is the first single to be taken from CSS’s forthcoming new album La Liberación and features guest vocals from Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie.  The full-length album, the band’s third, is a true melding of their debut’s riotous anarchy and their sophomore album Donkey’s grungy maturity. This single is bubbling over with some serious pop energy, something the band have always had in bucketloads but now feel newly empowered to express fully and freely.
Lovefoxxx attributes their new zest for songwriting to being relaxed and at home, explaining  “Being in São Paulo helped a whole lot. I don’t like being a foreigner for too long. I was in love with my life. Feeling energetic. I was feeling inspired and happy.”
Regarding the new single, Lovefoxxx elaborates “ ‘Hits Me Like A Rock’ is a song about another song.  It’s about the power of music to date our lives.
You know when you listen to a song over and over again over a certain period of time and later, for a while, you simply forget that song ever existed…
But then when “shuffle” choose to use it’s power and bring back that song to you, you listen to it again and everything you’ve felt hits you ever so strong and the music becomes physical.”
The full “Hits Me Like A Rock” single comes complete with remixes from Dillon Francis and Mad Decent’s digital dance purveyors Depressed Buttons.
Overall, LaLiberaciónfinds the band at the peak of their powers, pushing past everything that has come before into an exciting new future.
“I think it’s a celebration of our friendship,” says Lovefoxxx. “I think that this album has a ‘finding your gang’ feel.”

autoKratz – Becoming the Wraith (Featuring Peter Hook) (Video)+Info

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Joy Division and New Order man joins the London duo on their new single
taken from the band’s second album ‘Self Help for Beginners’

Release Date: Monday 13th June


1. Becoming The Wraith (Featuring Peter Hook)
2. A-Train

3. Becoming The Wraith (Alex Goper Remix)
4. Becoming The Wraith (Savage Skulls Remix)
6. Becoming The Wraith (Attaque Remix)

With their long awaited second album also set to drop on 20th June, autoKratz new single Becoming the Wraith is a modern electronic indie anthem. With an epic chorus and emotive melodies underpinned by autoKratz signature driving synths, it’s a track that is perfectly suited to a collaboration with New Order’s Peter Hook.

Of the collaboration Hooky said “I was delighted to be asked by autoKratz and knowing their music I understand why. The song was great before I even touched it. I just put the icing on the cake so it was a real pleasure.”

On having Hooky in the studio, autoKratz returned the compliment; “It was really inspiring to work with Hooky on this track as someone whose legacy has had such a profound impact on us, and the music we make. As soon as he picks up the bass it sounds like no-one else, and he brings a unique melody to the track in a way no-one else could.”

Pioneering French producer Alex Gopher leads the pack of remixes, whilst there’s a big rework from the super hot Savage Skulls, coming off the back of releases on Switch’s Dubsided imprint, Diplo’s Mad Decent and recent collaborations with the likes of Crookers. The package is completed by Attaque, a very promising young British producer who is one of the first signings to autoKratz new label Bad Life. In the band’s typically schizophrenic style, the B-side is A-Train and it’s an insane club banger described by Etienne D’Crecy as ‘It’s a hit!’ and by Mixhell as “A-MAZING!”

The album Self Help for Beginners follows their outstanding 2009 Kitsuné debut Animal and the worldwide success of Always More and Stay The Same. This time round the band take you on an innovative journey through dark electronic pop, hands-in-the-air garage techno and some very carefully nurtured moments of beauty.

There are also further collaborations with more of their heroes including Primal Scream guitarist Andrew Innes and Primal Scream & Kasabian producer Jagz Kooner.

The first glimpse of the new record came in January through the radio 1 supported ‘Opposite of Love’. Jaymo & Andy George described it as “bringing together all the elements of Autokratz we love, effortless vocal & the soul shaking electro they’re renowned for.” With the rest of the LP ram packed with high energy electronic rock and roll, 2011 will without doubt be the band’s most exciting year yet.

More info about album HERE

The Bug-Infected EP(Catch A Fire Video+ Skeng (Autchre Remix)Preview)

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Released Date:  15th Nov
Artist: The Bug
Title: Infected EP
Format: 2 x 12″ –
Cat no: ZEN12273
Label: Ninja Tune

1) Catch A Fire feat Hitomi
2) Tune In feat Roots Manuva
3) Skeng (Autchre Remix) 
4) Poison Dart (Scratcha DVA Remix)

Long awaited double vinyl EP from critically acclaimed Ninja Tune artist The Bug. Featuring Roots Manuva and remixes from Autechre and Scratcha DVA, plus vocalist Hitomi, the Infected PR is one of The Bug’s most accessible records to date. The EP also features high profile artists including Roots Manuva, Autechre and K Funky’s rising star Scratcha DVA . Killer live show – the Bug sells out large capacity venues. One of his most accessible records to date, featuring King Midas Sound vocalist Hitomi .The EP released in the run up to forthcoming dub battle between the Bug and legendary producer Adrian Sherwood. The Bug has been personally asked to remix Thom Yorke, Grace Jones, Einsturzende Neubauten and Primal Scream, and has compiled jazz & dub compilations for Virgin Records. The Bug fans include – Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Adrian Sherwood, Andy Weatherall, Kid 606, Jerry Dammers (The Specials) amongst others

Radio Support: Radio 1 Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Rob Da Bank, Benji B, Nick Grimshaw, Ras Kwame, Seani B, Toddla T, INMWT 1Xtra – Mista Jam  6 Music – Nemone, Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson + widespread support XFM – Xposure, The Remix Kiss 100 – Sinden.

Video for ‘Catch A Fire

The Bug – Skeng (Autechre Dub)